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A Big Radroach
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A Big Radroach
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Posted on 19 July 19 at 11:46
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Mind blowing but not graphic concept of playing as a refugee in a foreign land. Your task is to gain asylum by earning various documents. You write to your sister back home via post boxes, who both you and your sister are left unnamed. Purposely and cleverly designed to confuse you and make you feel lost, almost helpless. Not much makes sense in this world.

North is a very honest and upfront game. At the beginning, admitting no main menu, saves and being a 'one session' game. Estimating to take less than a hour to complete. You're also instantly told that Letters are a opportunity to write home to your sister about your experiences in the city, writing home offers a more enlightening experience. Assuming you read and write at every opportunity. There is no replayable content.

You are very limited of actions. No controls, subtitles, voice, jump or hints. Typically. All interactions are "A" or "B" whilst the rest of the buttons remain unused. Minus the directional and D-pad.
I believe the design is to be stripped to your basics and left without a clue. It's a ingenious ploy.

How does it play?
In a short. It's mind boggling. You have to find and guess as you go but it's not a entirely frustrating experience. Cautious, confusing, surreal? Yes. It's a dark horse on your gamertag and I'd recommend picking it up just for the experience. Although I believe the lack of clarification when it comes to direction or objective, the lack of controls, the clunky controls that you do have is why the reviews for North are disappointingly low. It, simultaneously is why the games' message hasn't been picked up upon. The biggest let down of the game is that there was room for a obvious, powerful story for the average gamer to clearly pick up, enjoy and learn from but sadly the road taken by the developers was sadly too vague and risky this time.

The Brief:
- Just because it's a subtly powerful game. That doesn't automatically make it a great game.
- A ridiculously fast completion of up to a hour and Ratio of just 1 got TA users.
- For £3.99 and the games' open honesty. I say it's worth a buy. But does often go on sale in Store/Not Currently on Game Pass.
- 1.39 GB Surprisingly big download for such a short game.
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TA Score for this game: 1,019
Posted on 01 April 18 at 17:01
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Solid game! It's indie. Honesty played it to get the achievements. I heard about this games from an article by True Achievements; Easiest Games of March 2018. I decided to give it a go and i am glad i did! It has a sad but very true message. Only con is it can be difficult to understand the gameplay/objectives.
Pros were an easy 1000g, a game that is "woke:", only $5, and a cool and creepy atmosphere.
Like i said, only bad thing was it was a little difficult to know what exactly to do, BUT I think as people we are impatient and want everything spoon-fed to us.
Overall: great game!
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