• Spring ShieldsSpring Shields397,339
    18 Jan 2020
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    I initially picked this game up on sale for super cheap and the game's cover art also caught my eye.

    It's a fun, challenging 2.25D action shooter with cover mechanics. You unlock more characters as your progress through the game and each one has their own style of combat. The characters themselves are pretty great; Cletus has already become my personal favourite, ya numpties!

    The game's art direction is great. Strong pixel art design, cool looking levels, vibrant colours and great gore effects. I wish I could get the game's cover art on a t-shirt.

    The controls and combat are both pretty straight forward, so it's pretty easy to pick up and play, while also adding a bit of challenge to the game.

    The game is still on the short side in terms of play length, I was there were more levels that were larger in scale. I want to see more of this game because I find it that fun to play.

    All hail Bunny Lord!