N.O.V.A. 3 (WP)

Windows Phone

N.O.V.A. 3 (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Close Call
Close Call5 (5)Have your HP reduced to less than 10%, avoid dying and recover to full HP
Headhunter8 (5)Get 10 headshots with the sniper rifle in a Campaign level
Blind Shot
Blind Shot8 (5)Kill one enemy with the sniper rifle without using the aim
Flawless18 (10)Complete a campaign level without ever retrying

Least Earned

Collector40 (10)Buy all the upgrades available in the campaign mode
Lightning Fast
Lightning Fast17 (5)Complete level 2 in under 20 minutes
Humanity Saved
Humanity Saved32 (10)Complete the campaign mode
Bullseye15 (5)Finish a level with an accuracy higher than 60%
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