N.O.V.A. 3 (WP) Achievements

Full list of all 20 N.O.V.A. 3 achievements worth 200 gamerscore.

  • Full Armory

    Wield 7 weapons in a match.

    2 guidesDiscontinued
  • Slick

    Capture 3 flags without dying in a match.

    1 guideDiscontinued
  • Lightning Fast

    Complete level 2 in under 20 minutes

  • Headhunter

    Get 10 headshots with the sniper rifle in a Campaign level

    1 guideDiscontinued
  • Flawless

    Complete a campaign level without ever retrying

  • Blind Shot

    Kill one enemy with the sniper rifle without using the aim

    1 guideDiscontinued
  • Close Call

    Have your HP reduced to less than 10%, avoid dying and recover to full HP

  • Bullseye

    Finish a level with an accuracy higher than 60%

    1 guideDiscontinued
  • Lone Ranger

    Complete an entire level using only the pistol

    1 guideDiscontinued
  • Collector

    Buy all the upgrades available in the campaign mode

    1 guideDiscontinued
  • Versatile warrior

    Kill at least one enemy with each weapon of the game in the same level

    1 guideDiscontinued
  • Humanity Saved

    Complete the campaign mode

    1 guideDiscontinued