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Now That’s What I Call Sing
Type Game
Publisher Ravenscourt
Developer Voxler
Discovered 22 Nov 2016
Last check 15 Oct 2021
Last on sale -
Release date 23 Oct 2015

Start your Next Gen Karaoke Party with the exclusive Playlist from “NOW That’s What I Call Sing”! Plug in your microphones, sing together with your friends or have a solo session to train your Karaoke skills.
Discover 7 exciting game modes that are quick and easy accessible via the new and user-friendly interface which gives you direct access to the playlist.

Sing a song solo or play against your friends. The Player with the highest score wins.

Like ‘CLASSIC’ mode but some of the lyrics will disappear during the round.

Multiplayer only. Sing a real duet with your friends where each player sings their part.

Test your memory in the ‘EXPERT’ mode which has no on-screen lyrics or visual cues.

Let’s you play with a partner sharing one mic. During the round, a signal will tell you when to pass the mic to your partner.

FIRST TO 20,000
Multiplayer only. Compete against your friends and gain points. The first person to reach 20,000 points wins.

Multiplayer only. Start with a full bar of energy which depletes with every wrong note. If you lose all your energy, you’re out. The last Player standing wins.

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