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Posted on 08 July 11 at 21:29, Edited on 08 July 11 at 21:29
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National Geographic Quiz: Wild Life is a hard game to review. It’s a quizgame and people tend to not like quizgames. I mean, a quizgame never gets a 5-star rating. And why is that?
Probably because most of the time there is no story in the game that pulls you in (like Bioshock/Alan Wake). The graphics don’t really matter and are mostly practical in nature (no pun intended) in quizgames, so it’s no Battlefield 3 that pulls you in with the wow-factor.
The lifespan of a quizgame is pretty limited to how many questions there are in the game. There are a lot of questions in the game. If you are going to play this game through all difficulties you are looking at 5000 different questions. Not too shabby.

I have to say that I enjoyed the game for 50% of the time. The 50% of the time I didn’t enjoyed was because I was going for all the achievements. And I can tell you that you’re in for a boring ride if you’re going for the 100% completion. It’s not difficult but it is extremely boring. If you like to spend/sacrifice your ‘gametime’ to something utterly boring...well...have fun!

If you like to learn stuff about the earth and every living thing on this game. It has a lot to offer on very different subjects. This is why I liked the first 50% of the game. I learned about nature with a lot of funny facts.

There’s not only quiz-action, but if you like to puzzle (FYI...I’m not) you’re in for a treat. You have normal puzzles, squares and the frustrating (at least for me) sliders.


Graphics: 55%
Let’s be honest; you don’t buy this game for the graphics. It’s all clean and neat though and the High Definition movies are very appealing if you’re into nature and stuff.

Gameplay: 65%
A mix of games into one, but not too groundbraking if you’d ask me.

Lifespan: 60%
If you play every aspect of the game on every difficulty, you’ll have around 75 hours to burn on this game. After 10 hours want to put the disc in the toaster.

Overall: 60%
Nothing new but I had fun playing and learning from this. in the beginning. Eventually it gets boring in every aspect of the game.
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