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  • buttnpresserbuttnpresser174,749
    22 Jul 2010
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    Unleash the Naughtiness Within

    Enough is Enough, Naughty Bear! They laughed at you, played pranks on you, and even insulted your good gestures when you attempted to do a good deed. Naughty Bear, the residents of Perfection Island must pay for the things they did to you. Tear the Island apart! angry

    Naughty Bear is an third person action game that feels very similar to Manhunt and even Hitman, as you will stalk and kill your enemies while completing short objectives to advance to the next level. A score based system doles out points for just about everything you do, and rewards for creativity, combos, and speed. If you’re connected to Xbox Live while you play, your friends score is displayed in the top left corner, and adds a little competition the single-player portion of the game.

    The Campaign consists of episodes, seven in total that feature Naughty Bear’s key enemies as the main Bear you must take out at the end of each mission. Each episode has a few objectives along the way like collecting props and reaching a minimum score to complete it, and all the episodes feature a new type of bear to meet like the Zombie bear, Military Bear, Alien Bear, and Ninja Bears. Each story episode goes by quickly, and each has challenge episodes that you must beat in order to unlock the next story mission. The Stories themselves can be beaten pretty quickly, so the re-playability in this game comes from racking up a nice score, unlocking new costumes, and the online multiplayer.

    Multiplayer is pretty basic in this game. There are a few modes to play with up to four players, but connections problems occurred many times when I was trying to play in a match.

    As for the achievements, there not too hard to gain, they will just take a while. Once you learn the best way to rack up points, most of them will be pretty easy. There is multiplayer achievements, but thankfully only two, so you and an friend could play a match together and obtain them.

    The game is actually pretty fun, but there are a few things that can be major downers. The game would constantly freeze at the very end of episodes and the Bears would get stuck a few times around the level resulting in me not being able to gain certain achievements. The level design as well was a negative factor since there are only three unique levels that get recycled during the seven episodes.

    Overall this is a pretty fun game , but there are a few technical errors that get in the way of that fun too often. 3/5
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    varrvatos vexxAfter playing to the 5th stage out of six I like it but the camera angles change so much, the game me a headache but took some advil and I was good. Past the camera issues with the game, its ok but in my opinion it should be on the xbl arcade not a full $50+ game.
    Posted by varrvatos vexx On 24 Jul 10 at 18:24
    buttnpresserThanks for the comment. I agree with you that it should have been an Arcade game. $10-15 would be a better price than $50. I borrowed it from a friend and beat it in about a day!
    Posted by buttnpresser On 24 Jul 10 at 20:18
    olde fortran 77This game is so full of bugs that I can't even get the last few achievements. It either freezes when I try to enter Naughty's cabin for the last time, or enter the cabin for the last time only the game never ends (I just stand there in an underpopulated cabin area with no way out), or the controls stop responding when I try to deal with a "jammed" bear. This game isn't worth $5.
    Also, the controls are poorly thought out. I'm quite tired of trying to sabotage something but instead exit through a window or swap an item that is nearby.
    Posted by olde fortran 77 On 08 Sep 12 at 15:21
  • DavieMarshallDavieMarshall228,288
    11 Oct 2010
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    Naughty Bear is a title which ensnared many gamers during it's pre-release promotional phase, but quickly died a death upon release with players citing glitches and general repetitiveness as reasons to turn it off and give up.

    Having stuck to my guns and tried it out for myself, I can say that whilst the game is repetitive, I haven't had any trouble of glitches or freezing when playing it via a HD installation.

    For what it's worth, I'm playing this game coming off a trio of 'serious' titles; Splinter Cell: Conviction, SAW and Alan Wake. It's perhaps for that reason that I've enjoyed this game. I can see why to the gamer coming in expecting a 'proper' gaming experience would be left disappointed, whilst someone looking to use it as a 'breather' would be able to get behind it more.

    The game essentially revolves around point scoring by wreaking as much havoc as possible. Scaring bears, sabotaging equipment and smashing up things all go toward earning you points. The more points you earn in quick succession the higher your score multiplier will rocket.

    Earning a high score is the key to unlocking trophies for each level (bronze, silver, gold and platinum), and unlocking trophies is the key to unlocking more levels and more costumes (which grant extra abilities or weapons).

    This is where the first slight problem begins. Because the game is so rigidly based around scoring highly (and for the platinum cups, VERY high) a game which could be a touch of carefree and whimsical fun rapidly descends into a mathematical challenge of MENSA proportions. Rather than joyously killing all in your path and turning your hand to destroying anything possible, you'll be forced to follow a fairly rigid routine aimed at milking the level dry of points.

    It worsens when you enter into a level which requires you to score massive points but not to be seen, or hit by another bear. The frustration can run high here, and what might look like a child's game becomes vaguely irritating, and soon after a prime example of 'rage quitting'.

    Repeat this around forty times, and you've experienced all the game has to offer. It should also be mentioned that every level is identical. Throw in a few different coloured bears, but in essence the whole game features around four different 'areas' of the island. And these aren't massive. Not even close.

    Given that you're being repeating your scoring routine like a well practised routine and the fact that the locations of objects and pick ups don't often vary either, and you'd be forgiven for dropping out of the game with RSI.

    So why am I enjoying it, for what it is? The main reason is, as I say, it's a 'pallet cleanser' before I dive into my next blockbuster title. For this reason, and this reason alone it would seem, I can stomach the blandness of the title. Otherwise this is a true example of a game 'made for XBLA burned to disc'.

    If you're an achievement aficionado then there's some easier achievements to pick up, but some requiring you to earn a large amount of platinum trophies will take some doing indeed.

    In summary, if you're looking for something to break up your flow, rent it or borrow it from a friend. If you were hoping for a whimsical game that you could get some life out of, such as Banjo Kazooie: Nuts n' Bolts, then avoid it. You'll despise it.
  • DewbersDewbers153,336
    14 Jul 2010
    12 7 6
    Admittedly, I was one of those gamers who saw the preview videos and thought, I have got to get this. It looked violently funny, how can you not love the idea of beating up cuddly teddy bears.
    On my first play, I found myself laughing out loud at the crazy ways you could remove the stuffing out of these bedtime comfort toys.
    After a few hours though, the initial joy became repetitive and I was becoming annoyed at the random freezes that bugged the game. Although to be fair to that comment, i did play for a few hours yesterday and did not experience any glitches.
    The premise is loosely story based with seven chapters being unlocked as you progress. Whilst high scores are your personal aim, you must also turn your score into respectve trophies, the standard array of Bronze, Silver, Gold and the much harder platinum.The trophies allow you to unlock the sub challenge episodes of each chapter.
    Each episode has sub achievements to try to attain, ie trying to ultra kill certain characters in certain ways using an array of props.
    The weapons and traps allow for alot of variety in the disposal of your enemies.
    It is also worth noting that killing the bears is only half of the game, by scaring them to insanity allows them to run around scaring and worrying the other bears which adds to your score and multiplyer.
    This is not a GTA game, however the graphics suit the genre and whilst this perhaps could have been a premium xbox live arcade game. It is one of those games that you will want to load up for some arcade killing fun for an hour or two.
    To sum up if this was an arcade title it would have scored higher review scores.
    Fun in small doses, if you go round just beating up your foes you are missing out on the main strengths of this game.

  • Sonic SleuthSonic Sleuth295,184
    18 Apr 2011
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    Who doesn’t love cute cuddly teddy bears? Naughty Bear – that’s who! While his fellow bears enjoy parties and disco dance parties, Naughty is never invited, and it's time for revenge. In this hack and slash horror challenge, gamers play as the dastardly Naughty Bear. Reminiscent of Fairytale Fights, Naughty Bear is colorful and playful... but where Fairytale Fights gave us arterial spray far and wide, Naughty de-fluffs the other bears in Teen-rated violence.

    Each of Naughty Bear's seven episodes features four separate missions, and a bonus eighth episode is available as free downloadable content. Each episode features a different theme, from government bears (Big Ted is Watching), zombies (Night of the Living Ted), and aliens (When Aliens Attack). Within each mission, there are challenges that Naughty Bear must complete to beat the mission. Beware though, if you fail one of these challenges, gamers are taken back to the beginning of the mission... complete with load times, re-selection of your bear costume, and so forth. DO NOT FAIL THESE CHALLENGES! Players with patience will fair well, as strategy and forethought are required to complete some of the challenges.

    Challenges come in the form of seven different game types: killer, friendly, insanity, untouchable, speed run, invisible, and top hat. Killer mode is probably the easiest, and will be enjoyed by all the button-mashers out there. In a friendly match, Naughty Bear cannot hurt another bear, which means players cannot hit or punch them; however you can still trap them in bear traps and drive them insane. Of course, there's also an insanity game type, and it's probably the most fun you'll have. By repeatedly scaring the other bears, you'll drive them insane, eventually committing suicide in the most horrific ways... plunging a machete into their chest, whacking themselves over the head with a bat, ore one shot to the temple. Gruesome.

    The most annoying game type is untouchable, where players must complete the mission without incurring any injuries... Naughty can hide in the woods, but one shot from an Army Bear and you're back to the loading screen. In invisible mode, make sure you are not seen more than five times. Speed Run is obviously a timed mission, so speed is of the essence. Top Hat mode is the hardest game type, with stronger bears who are armed with laser guns. In order to get through some missions and pocket a couple achievements, Naughty Bear may need to hide in closets for lengthy periods of time waiting to scare the other bears. This is where a gamer’s patience comes into play.

    From a presentation standpoint, Naughty Bear looks and sounds exactly how it needs to, and while nobody will be wowed by the graphics (except maybe the creepy title screen flip), the art design and animations are a lot of fun to watch. Naughty Bear’s music is the same in each episode which can get repetitive, but the individual bears’ sound effects provide amusement and variety for your listening pleasure.

    Naughty Bear has a lot of faults – the storyline is nothing to speak of, with a simple “Naughty is left out... time to die!” theme in every episode. There are bugs – once in a while a bear will get stuck in a doorway, or Naughty will get pushed into a room while performing an assassination. Also, the rotation of the mini-map makes it difficult to gain your bear-ings while tracking down elusive challenge elements... you may find yourself re-walking the same turf over and over in search of one collectible.

    But... while Naughty Bear got slayed in the reviews, it's really not a bad game. You will absolutely have fun driving the other bears insane, flushing their heads in toilets, or hacking them to death with a hatchet. What's more, the game updates you with the next gamer's high score as you continue to move up the leader board, so there's always a feeling of accomplishment. Plus, the more you win, the more costumes you unlock, and each costume looks different and provides different abilities and weapons. If you want to play as a ninja bear, you can do it, and you're stronger, faster, and more undetectable.

    Finally, there's a lot of horror-based strategy in beating the challenges, so if you ever wanted to cut someone's phone lines, disable their car, then climb into their wardrobe and scare the life out of them... do it! Well, in the game, anyway. The booby traps are a lot of fun to set and wait, and they're a great way to maximize points and get quick kills/insanities. If that sounds like fun to you... it is. Lots of fun. Forget the review scores and know that renting or picking up a cheap copy of Naughty Bear will give you hours of laughs and a unique game experience.

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  • Muzzer 7Muzzer 7390,836
    30 Jul 2010
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    Really good fun to begin with but now I'm getting annoyed with it as there are a lot of glitches. I've been stuck in the map between 2 objects, entered the next stage and there's no enemies, windows on buildings, cars/boats, birds or anything so I've had to restart the game and about 4 times now after performing an ultra kill Naughty Bear has froze, unable to move, Boo or swing my weapon hence standing there and being killed.
    This has pissed me off for the last time now, keeps happening on the only level I don't have gold on, I get to gold and the game just freezes angry
  • varrvatos vexxvarrvatos vexx230,595
    25 Jul 2010 25 Jul 2010
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    Ok first off if you intend to play this game you got to have patience for all the glitches like when the sound cuts out, or it freezes when you go through a door, and don't forget some Advilheadspin because the camera angles in the game spin all the time it will make your head hurt. I picked this game out of good faith because I read all the reviews and figured i would try it for myself well the vote is in this game is trash it could have been a great game if they would have taken more time to develop it properly. Game play is fun but all the neg's that are in the game make it a headache so if you get anything out of reading my B.S. don't buy it its not worth the money I feel the game is XBOX live arcade worthy but not a disk quailty game.angry

    I hate this game and went to take it to game stop the following day got offered a whopping $13 in store credit, in my opinion a fair price for this crap.angry