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    19 Aug 2011 27 Jun 2012
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    Naval Assault: The Killing Tide is an obscure stealth/action based submarine game. Is it a great, unique game or an embarrassing mistake that discourages any future developer from trying anything like it?

    Concept Score: 3/10

    You (the player) take control of an unnamed American submarine captain in a fictional world with a twist on WWII. In this universe, Russia signed a treaty with Germany and thus, the extremely powerful Axis became a juggernaut that engulfed all of Europe (excluding the United Kingdom). The UK was (and is, at the time of the game) blockaded completely by the Axis, effectively preventing anything (or anyone) from going in or out of the country. The United States and Canada in this alternate scenario did not declare war on the Axis until this blockade started. This is where the game starts. While playing the game your overall purpose will be uncovering and destroying (or stop from being built) a German "wonder weapon" that Germany plans to use.

    The story gets a 3 out of 10. Although it may be a relatively interesting and unique story, the story is not prevalent throughout the game. To further this point, the reviewer below did not even understand the story whatsoever. The story is only fully explained in the prologue mission's cut scene. Overall, it doesn't play much of a roll, anyway.

    Gameplay Score: 6/10

    Note: The majority of the "gameplay" section is more of a detailed analysis of how the game operates, since it isn't something comparable to many other games

    The single player campaign consists of 5 chapters (and a prologue chapter that consists of a tutorial and prologue mission), which each consist of five missions (excluding the prologue chapter) totaling the game to 27 missions total. Each mission (excluding the tutorial) has five stars next to it. The stars will be grey in the beginning but will turn gold with your respective highest rating in the mission (one, two, three, four, or five stars). I will explain the rating system in more detail after the mission structure is explained.

    When a mission is first selected, you are given the options of three difficulties: easy, normal, or hard. The harder the difficulty, the more damage your submarine takes when shot at by an enemy vessel or plane. There is no reward for the harder difficulties (in game or achievements) other than your score being submitted to its own difficulty leaderboard (more on that later).

    You then are asked to select a submarine. There are four submarines in the game: the Sentinel, the Patriot, the Victory, and the Stingray. In the beginning only the Sentinel is available but the others are unlocked with stars (again, more on that later) . To unlock the Patriot, you must obtain 35 total stars. To unlock the Victory, you need 45 total stars. Finally, to unlock the Stingray, you need 65 stars. The ships are (for the most part) ordered in order of ships that clearly better than the last. The exception is the Victory, which is slow and has only one torpedo slot, but has very tough defenses.

    After you have selected your ship, the game brings you to a loading screen. The loading screen takes approximately 15 seconds to load. Once it is finished loading you will be brought to one of the following maps: the North Sea, Cape Farewell, Bay of Biscay, English Channel, or U.S. East Coast All the missions really only take place on one of these five maps so there is one for each chapter (the tutorial and prologue missions take place on the North Sea and U.S. East Coast, respectively), however, most missions only take place on a quarter or a third of the maps to help the missions seem fresh because it appears you are playing on a different map. However, the maps do not really effect the combat at all except for the minefields (more on that later).

    The actual gameplay is rather simple. Your submarine has 3 forward gears, 3 reverse gears, and a neutral gear (switching the gear to a higher gear is done by tapping rb; it is done with lb to switch into a lower gear). The higher the gear, the faster it travels in that direction. The submarine can, of course being a submarine, travel to different depths.

    The game allows three depths. The first and uppermost level is the surface. On the surface, you can fire the deck gun (with the right trigger) and fire torpedoes at ships (left trigger), but you are extremely vulnerable and obvious. The next level is periscope depth. In this level, you can still fire torpedoes, but you need to bring up your periscope (b) to be able to correctly fire the torpedoes. Otherwise, the torpedoes will go under the ship. The only exception is if another submarine is also at periscope depth; in that case to hit the submarine you CAN NOT use the periscope if you wish to sink the submarine. You aren't as obvious at this level, but you are just as vulnerable to fire. The final level is approximately 50-100 feet down (16-33 meters). At this level, you are even less obvious and most fire can't hurt you, however, depth charges are now a threat. The only way to be detected at this level is to have your engine on while traveling under a ship or have your engine in the highest gear while travel near a ship. At this level, the only ship you can sink are enemy submarines at the same depth as you.

    The mission objectives themselves are typically simple. Most are for destroying a ship/ships. Often they are spiced up a bit (a chase, have to make it through mines first, etc.) but the overall goal remains the same. Sometimes there are other objectives such as intercepting transmissions (more about that in the multiplayer section. Ugh! roll)

    On occasion you will encounter mines in the missions. Mines damage you ship if you hit one, so you either have to destroy them or avoid them. On the surface you can destroy them with either the deck gun or torpedoes. Submerged, you can destroy them only with your torpedoes. Mines are marked as red stripes on your map (press back to look at the map).

    Most missions you can either be stealthy or aggressive, however, the game promotes being aggressive. When you destroy ships, you get a certain "tonnage" for destroying it. How much you get depends on the ship. How much "tonnage" you get is actually your score. You must reach a certain amount to get stars on a map. On most maps, this requires you to destroy all or most of the ships in a single game. Just to make it clear it is NOT total tonnage across all playthroughs of a mission, rather, it is like a high score. This, therefore, rules out stealth as a viable option if you want to unlock all the ships and/or get the achievements.

    There are leaderboards in the game. There are leaderboards for each mission on each difficulty. Their are also leaderboards for wins on specific maps in multiplayer. These are split up into player match map wins and ranked match map wins. Due to the obscurity of the game it is not difficult to get to the top of some of the leaderboards (especially the multiplayer ones).

    The gameplay gets a 6 out of 10.. The game benefits from the fact that most gamers have never played anything like this. However, although unique, it does get repetitive after a while, partially because you are forced to be aggressive rather than stealthy. Fortunately, the game adds in the aspect of teammates mid-way through the game (something what most of the early game lacks) which keeps things interesting for a little longer.


    Score: 2/10 Note: this section of the review does NOT affect the overall score. Voice acting and music are irreverent to a game's overall value

    The main theme of the game is decent, but, well, that is its only redeeming quality in the sound department. The voice acting is pretty terrible. I looked in the instruction booklet's credits and they are not even in there so I presume the programmers and designers did the voice acting.shock That is somewhat disturbing. All of the games' voices are really annoying with annoying accents.The music for when you are detected is EXTREMELY repetitive and annoying. The only thing that saves the sound rating from rock bottom is the title screen music. You are better off leaving your TV muted while you play the game.

    Multiplayer Score: 1.5/10

    The multiplayer for the game is very poor. Thankfully, there are not many achievements in this mode (back to that later). This mode consists of five maps (each one a segment of their full campaign map), but only one game mode that the developers like to pretend is actually two. One "mode" makes it so you must play until one player reaches a certain score and in the other "mode" the players play until time runs out. Both the "modes" are only really game options

    Once a session starts you can get points either by sinking another player"s sub or "intercepting a transmission". This requires going broadcast towers and rapidly pressing different buttons until the bar reaches max. The towers change position when they have been intercepted or it has been too long without an attempt. This is not a very fun mini game and causes the main point of the game to be to stay on the surface and go full speed ahead to the objective rather than submerge.

    It is almost impossible to find legit players. Most likely, you will find someone to boost with and will boost until you get the achievements and never player again. The multiplayer is definitely the weakest point of the game.

    The only way this section even got a 1.5 out of 10 was because matchmaking works and you COULD ignore the towers and just pretend to play deathmatch with your friend if you played this legitimately. Which you won't.

    Achievements Score: 7/10

    Note: this does influence the final score slightly in a positive way

    Most of the game's achievements for doing a variety of things on a variety of missions. For example, one achievement is for shooting down 8 bombers in chapter 1 mission 5. These type of achievements comprise 33 of the game's 47 achievements. There is one for every level and some levels have 2, 3, or even 4 achievements for them.

    The next set of achievements are for completing certain parts of the game. There is one for the tutorial, then there is one for the first 4 of the chapters and a achievement completing the entire game (this essentially substitutes for a chapter 5 achievement).

    The last set of single player achievements are for getting a certain total amount of total stars; there is one for 75, 90, 110, and one for all 130 of them. Finally, there are the multiplayer achievements. Fortunately, there are only four achievements for the multiplayer, and they are all pretty easy.

    If a score had to be given to the achievements, it would probably be a 7 out of 10. None may be clever or original, however, the achievements that encourage you to replay the levels are a nice touch that allows the players to play a level in a way they might not have before (and the relatively easy 4,200 TA score, that's nice toowink). Unlike many games with this high of a TA score, it is neither frustrating nor difficult.

    Conclusion Score: 6/10

    Naval Assualt is a unique game that may not be sub-genre starting or amazing, however, it is unique, fun (if you enjoy it), and (most important of all) has a really high TA score smile ! It is definitely worth checking this game out if you are curious, interested, or want to increase your TA ratio. However, if you tend to get bored with games that are not necessarily fast paced or action packed, you may want to borrow it or rent it (and play on another profile to prevent completion problems, of course) and see what you think. Whatever you do though, do not get the game expecting a multiplayer that is by any means fun.
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    11 Jun 2010
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    I've invested a few hours into this game so far and although I have not finished the game yet, I thought I would provide some of my initial impressions.

    Game Play:
    Overall the game is kind of boring. The amount of realism that was invested in the gameplay makes the game really slow. The subs turn super super slow and really don't go very fast even in a straight line. There are only three depths to play at, Surface, Periscope and Deep which can make some of the missions rather frustrating at first. Also there are only two weapons, torpedo and the deck gun. The torpedo's can be steered a little bit but mostly they just go straight out and the deck gun is more versatile butt does less damage. There is a limited range for both as well. The game can be extremely difficult at times, even on the easiest setting until you figure out the necessary tactics needed to complete each mission. It took me three tries to figure out the thread the needle achievement because I didn't know that you could shoot the mines. The game is also very time consuming because of the slow pace of gameplay. You can expect to take at least 20min per mission when looking to get some of the chievos.
    2 out of 5

    Dark, dark and more dark. There is no adjustable brightness so expect to turn the brightness up on you TV set in order to see during many missions. Generally the graphics are believable and the individual ships, mines and airplanes look like what they are supposed to be but don't expect in your face realism during this game. The explosions and sinking boats are kind of hokey pokey and repetitive in their look.
    3 out of 5

    After only a couple hours of playing I had nightmares about the repetitive soundtrack. As I write this review I have the crappy piano music playing in my head and it is so irritating. The sound during game play is the same, over and over again with the crew-mates yapping all the time about meaningless drivel. Sound effects of the boat and weapon systems are also uninspired and unimpressive.
    1 out of 5

    There seems to be a storyline that has been carrying through the 9 missions that I have completed so far but the missions are so long that I forget what it was before I finish each mission. Sometimes the crew members make comments regarding the storyline to help remind you of what your purpose is.
    2 out of 5

    Some of the game progression achievements are going to be hard to get. The gameplay is difficult so proceeding through missions is going to take a lot of time to get through the entire game. Most of the side mission chieves are manageable especially when you go back and replay the missions a second or third time to pick up what you might have missed.
    3 out of 5

    I was looking forward to playing this game at first but after a night of being kept awake with nightmares filled with repetitive piano music, I can't wait to finish the game and be done with it.
    2 out of 5
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