1. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (WP) Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hello, and welcome to another Walkthrough. This time, I’ll be guiding you through the 20 achievements of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (Windows Phone). The game is somewhat like a shortened version of the Xbox 360 version of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. The game is divided into 2 careers, namely the Cops career and the Racer career. Besides that, there is an option to start a “quick race”, but this option does not feature any achievements. Both the Cops career and the Racer feature 10 achievements for 100 Gamerscore, adding up to the 20 achievements for 200 Gamerscore this game has. Each career has 4 tiers, each consisting of 6 races/pursuits(events). Each event has to be 3-starred, which means you’ll need to complete 48 races/pursuits on 3 stars. Doing so will unlock 8 achievements. Besides those, there are 12 miscellaneous achievements, which you will work on by doing these races. I’m starting off with the cop career in this walkthrough, as I found playing as a cop more joyful, though you can start off with the racer career if you prefer to do so, or switch between the two careers.

Note: Cop-related achievements and progress towards Cop achievements can only be earned in the Cop Career, and vice versa for the Racer-related achievements.

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