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As mentioned, all achievements have to be earned in career mode. There are 24 Cop events and 24 Racer events.

The cop power-ups are:
Road Block: 2 or 3 cop cars will block the road a few hundred meters ahead. I always call them in once they become available.

EMP-Strike: You have to be less than +- 100 meters behind a racer. When you’ve striked successfully, the racer will not be able to accelerate and steer effectively for a few seconds. Effective when a racer is getting away from you, but still in range for the EMP-strike to hit. It takes about 5 seconds for the EMP-strike to hit, once the power-up is activated. Make sure the rectangle around the racer is green. When it is red, you’re not in range, and the EMP-strike will miss.

Spike Strips:
Your car will drop spike strips. When the racer drives over the strips, their car will take some serious damage. Be sure to drive in front of the racer when deploying spike strips. I found that spike strips will hit more often when you drive about 50 meters in front of a racer, and deploy the strips on the side of the road where the racer will most likely drive (e.g. Inner side of a curve and middle of the road when on a long straight piece of road). It takes a couple of seconds for the spike strip to be dropped, once the power-up is activated.

The racer power-ups are:
Oil Slick: A line of oil will be dropped from your car. Effective when you use them in curves, while driving in front of other racers. When other racers or cops drive over the oil, they will that to slip, and they will hit the railing. This power-up barely has any effect on a straight piece of road. Oil will immediately be dropped once the power-up is activated.

Jammer: When you activate your jammer, cops are not able to use their power-ups. Effective when you get a message saying that a cop is using an EMP-strike or a spike strip. The jammer is immediately active once the power-up is activated.

Overdrive: Somewhat like nitro. This power-ups will boost your speed for about 5-8 seconds. Effective when you encounter a road-block, because when you use overdrive, your car will smash through the police car in the road block. Besides, I often use overdrive on straight pieces of road, just to boost my speed and get to the finish faster. It takes 1-2 seconds for the overdrive to start, once the power-up has been activated.

Some notes regarding the power-ups.
- It differs per event what type(s) of power-ups you are able to use.
- You can see on the minimap where, road blocks, spike strips and oil slicks are situated.
- When playing as the Cops, the racers will use their 3 power-ups, and vice versa. The use of power ups by your opponents will increase in higher tiers.

Bounty, ranks and cars
Each race (and achievement) will earn you bounty, both for the Cops as for the racers. When you reach a certain amount of bounty, you will get a new rank. A new rank means a new car. When you find it difficult to complete a certain event, simply do a couple of other events and increase your rank. With a new car, which is often faster, it will be much easier to complete an event. There is a total of 15 ranks for both the cops as for the racers. In the Tier 1 races you will get very little bounty for a race. It will increase per tier, and also when you earn more stars in a race. Besides, actions such as using power-ups, nitro, drifting and taking down and nudging racers will earn you bounty. Also the first ranks require just a little bounty, whereas rank 15 requires a total of 6 million bounty. Fortunately, you don’t need to reach rank 15 to earn all achievements, though better cars will make 3-starring events easier.

You’ll learn how to drive your car in the tutorial, but I’ve listed the controls anyway:

Accelerating: You car will accelerate automatically, though you can change this to manual.

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Steering: Tilt your phone to the left to steer to the left, and to the right, to steer to the right. Tilting your phone further means your car will turn further as well.

Braking: Press the left side of your screen.

Nitro: The nitro bar is located in the top right hand corner. To use nitro swipe upwards on the right side of your screen. Nitro is more effective when your nitro bar is filled entirely.
Drifting: Steer heavily, and your car will automatically drift(if you have decent speed).

Handbrake 180: You only need this for an achievement, I never used it after earning the achievement. Reach a decent speed (100 Miles Per Hour or more), then swipe down on your right side of the screen and turn your phone sharply. A bonus message with bounty will appear, when done correctly.

- Avoid hitting traffic at all cost. Crashing into a car will slow you down drastically.
- Avoid drifting as well, when you don’t have to. It does earn you some bounty, but it also slows you down. Do drift when you need to slow down a little to be able to drive through a curve without hitting a railing.
- Always use a new car, when you unlock it. Apart from the last 3 cars(rank 13, 14, 15), a new car is always better. My favourite car was the Lamborghini Murcielago. You will unlock this car at rank 13, for both the cops and the racer career.
- You do have a brake, though I barely use it. The main thing you’d want to do is gain speed, not lose it! You can drive through most curves with just steering or drifting.
- Make sure you can see the events, which occur during nighttime well. I played quite a few levels outside in the sun. It was sometimes hard to see the levels occuring night. It was much easier to complete these with a higher brightness of my phone, and when I played them in the shadow.

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