Nefarious Achievements

Full list of all 44 Nefarious achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • War Machine

    Buy every upgrade in the upgrade shop.

  • Buster Run

    Beat the game without buying a single upgrade.

  • Stick and Move

    Defeat Guryon in Winterdown without getting hit once.

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  • Talk to the Hand

    Defeat Mack at Adept Co. without getting hit once.

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  • Scrooge

    Counting any amount spent, gather a grand total of 10,000 lucre.

  • The Purple Pauper

    Beat the game having collected less than 1,000 lucre.

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  • Up close and personal

    Beat any stage by only punching, without firing a single long ranged weapon.

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  • Technological Superiority

    Beat Dash, Guryon and the 8-bit heroes without dying or taking damage at the Bramble Flats.

  • Butterfingers

    As a result of being defeated, dropped a princess.

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  • Feeling Motivated!

    Listened to the heroes entire motivational speech at Bramble flats.