2. Neon Chrome General hints and tipsUpdate notes


  • Heavy rifle + Assassin is OP
  • When you have found all unlockable in a chapter you will be given an option to earn $500 instead, take it! This can easily add +12k currency a run.
  • If you find the heavy rifle too slow I have been told a faster shooting weapon works well in combo with a more active attacker. This guide was written under the assumption that you have chosen the assassin + heavy rifle combo.
  • At the end, if you are looking for a specific special level then I suggest save/quit if you find the wrong one. There is a chance that when you reload the game that the special level will change


  • Red key - Red doors
  • Yellow key - Yellow doors
  • Purple key - Purple doors (may require more than one key)
  • White key - Opens a special door after hover tank boss fight. Acquired during the first boss fight against spiderbot


  • Regulars (Blue): Low HP, Low damage and easily thwarted
  • Brown Spiders: Low HP, Low damage and easily thwarted
  • Regulars (orange): Medium HP, Medium damage and still easily thwarted.
  • Brown Spider Spawner: Looks like a vent on the wall and it spits out spiders. Will see many against the first boss.
  • Purple Spiders: Die and release multiple mini versions. Usually 2 but sometimes more if it says so
  • Explosive sentry: They spin in a circle and heat seek you if they see you. One shot kill
  • Turret: Only shoots if it sees you. Can be killed with explosives if you are invisible but not able to shoot while it is inactive
  • Wall turret: Look like a nipple on the wall and can be annoying. Stand up against the same wall and shoot sideways to void any counter attack
  • Big Cannon: Either shoots rapid fire machine gun or rockets. Can't always shoot if it isn't targeting you. Explosives work well on them
  • Brutes: Like regulars only carrying 2 handed weapons like a rocket launcher, mini gun, or a rail gun.
  • Regulars (yellow): Upgraded version of the orange regs
  • Land mines: Blow up if you step in the range. Quickly step in and out to explode without repercussion
  • Spinning laser bots: They will spin and heat seek you if they see you. Shoot while backing up because if they get beside you they do massive damage


  • Techie
  • Hacker
  • Assassin
  • Corporate Soldier

Enhacement Boxes:

pic 2

Use these to add more enhancements while running through the levels

Upgrade Boxes:

pic 4

These give almost all the unlockables but the yellow/gold ones are needed for 8 items.

pic 5

Special level specific unlockables:

  • * Fireworks (1st floor) - Laser pistol
  • * Locked Out (2nd floor) - Gauss Gun
  • * Triple Towers (2nd or 3rd floor) - Piercing Pulse
  • * Exordium Imports Inc. (3rd floor) - Antioch Grenades
  • * HOVERTANK BOSS FIGHT (3rd floor) - Blowtorch
  • * Welcome Back? (4th floor) - Heavy Rifle
  • * Commuter District (4th floor) - Duramax Wall Smasher
  • * Emergency Accommodation (5th floor) - C4

See WT for an indepth explanation of each.

Suggested Loadout for 20 levels without dying and complete a level without being seen:

  • Clone: Assassin (invisible when in shadows)
  • Special: Laser Pulse
  • Starting Enhancements: Omnitech Floor Bonus/ Omnitech Energy Compensator (these will bring in some good coins)
  • Found Enhancements: Anything with health, damage or reload upgrades. These are my favorite - Duramax Titanium Cranium, Chiphow LoaderArt, NanoEdge Symbiote, Neurocore Reload Booster, NanoEdge SkinWeave, Duramax Bone Lacing and ChipHow Weapon Master.



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