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Neverwinter is an addictive MMO based on the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game. If you have ever played D&D, you will be familiar with many of the terms, areas, characters, and campaigns. Neverwinter has a low barrier of entry for newer players, and can be easy to learn. Like most MMO's, you can get through most of the content without much planning as to how your character is laid out, however when you start reaching the most recent content, you're going to need to do more outside research into character builds, what equipment is best to use. This walkthrough is designed around getting all of the achievements as efficiently as possible, as well as explaining many of the general tips and tricks available to all classes. Because Neverwinter is a frequently updated game, with content coming out on average every 3-4 months, information has a potential of becoming obsolete. This walkthrough will avoid giving a suggestion on the 'best class to play' or 'what the top endgame gear looks like', because that information is typically the quickest to become outdated. The achievements can all be acquired regardless of what class decisions you make, and equipment largely only matters when you start getting into the endgame and newer content.

Neverwinter is NOT a quick or easy completion, but it is also NOT as difficult as the ratios imply. Because Neverwinter frequently adds new content, and that new content is classed as a Title Update, this game shares a similar situation with Minecraft, where many of the newer achievements aren't difficult, they just have high ratio because people stopped playing before that title update came out. This creates a situation where an incredibly easy achievement from the newest update, such as finding three scrying stones in a zone, could have a 15.0 ratio, even if the achievement just requires you go to three coordinates on the map and interact with one thing. That all being said, if you're expecting to get a full completion of this game, be prepared to put a significant amount of time into it. A few of the achievements actually are difficult, if only because they require an organized group or involve a lot of Random Number Generator 'luck' to getting an item to drop. Many of these achievements also involve campaigns, which will only allow you to advance so far each day, so some title updates won't be completed for at least a month after you started them. If you're someone who only does owned DLC, it is possible to avoid starting certain title updates that will make your completion easier, but you will need to be careful with it.

Overall, Neverwinter can be a very fun game for a free MMO. Although there are microtransactions, buying them largely only makes you advance faster in the game instead of providing you with special content others can't get. If you haven't been scared off already and are still interested, let's begin.

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