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Storm King's Thunder is a large campaign, and one that you will be spending the most time doing. This campaign was released in two parts, and so the campaign is split up into two pages within the walkthrough. Part One consists of Bryn Shander, Lonelywood, and Cold run, which are treated as linked areas for one of the dailies. Part Two consists of Sea of Moving Ice. Both parts give the same types of currency towards the Storm King's Thunder campaign, so should be done at the same time. Bryn Shander and Sea of Moving Ice are both unlocked from the beginning of the campaign. Lonelywood and Cold Run are unlocked as you progress through the campaign. This page of the walkthrough will explain how to complete the daily associated with the zones on this page, as well as the achievements related to those zones.

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The daily, Defending the Dale, changes depending on how many areas you unlock and becomes easier when all three are unlocked. Each related zone has three daily quests associated with them. If you have Bryn Shander unlocked, the daily will require you complete three quests within Bryn Shander. If you have Lonelywood unlocked, the daily will require you complete two quests in Bryn Shander and one quest in Lonelywood. If you have Cold Run unlocked, the daily will require you complete one quest in each area. You will run all three dailies in Bryn Shander and Lonelywood, each day, or at least enough dailies to complete the Defending the Dale daily.

When you unlock Cold Run, your daily routine will change to a different, much simpler technique. Set aside a day as a 'Gather' day. On this day, you will do all three quests in Bryn Shander, Lonelywood, and Cold Run. When you have completed three in an area, you only turn in ONE. You will hold the other two quests in your journal as completed, but not turn them in. In addition, when you have completed the quest to the point where it requires you return to the NPC who assigned it, you can delete any quest related items in your inventory to free up space. With this method, the day after 'Gather' day, Day 2, and Day 3, are 'Turn-in' days. On these days, all you need to do is go back to Bryn Shander, pick up Defending the Dale, then turn a single quest in for each area to complete that daily. After the third day, the cycle will start over. With this method, you only need to fully complete all three areas once every three days.

Start with Bryn Shander and the intro quests until you can start doing the area dailies like normal. To get all the achievements, you must fully complete the entire campaign, all main tasks and boons, so it will be a long road. To begin, complete the tasks Liberate Bryn Shander, Secrets of Ostorian Relics, and Restore Bryn Shander's Economy to unlock access to the Archaeologist's Trowel, which will be very important for Voninblod farming later on. Afterwards, complete Save Lonelywood Refugees and Scout Cold Run to unlock their related areas.

Skip down to the section on Relic Farming and Daily Routine, and read each additional section when it becomes unlocked for more information. Fangbreaker Island won't be unlocked until after Cold Run is unlocked.

Bryn Shander

Bryn Shander is the first area you will have access to when beginning the campaign. The area is relatively straightforward in the quests it provides and the achievements it contains. You're going to be spending a lot of time in this area, as the beginning will require three quests completed each day. Yeti's and Polar Bears can be tricky depending on how well geared you are from doing other campaigns. This area has an NPC to provide the main daily quest as well as a weekly quest Blizzard's Return.

The only achievement located within Bryn Shander is finding all three Scrying Stones. The three stones are located at (1339,2301), (1018,2021), and (1378,1068). Grabbing all three will unlock:


Lonelywood is the second area you unlock, and alters your daily Defending the Dale requirements. This area also has its own weekly, 'Tending the Shrine', which can be done for additional currency. This area has multiple achievements, one being a standard Scrying Stone achievement and two others related directly to specific daily quests.

To start, explore the area looking for the three Scrying Stones. You'll find them located at (1229,1600), (2130,720), and (2228,2625). When you interact with the third one, you'll unlock:

The first daily quest with an achievement attached is 'Before the Mast', which tasks you with chopping down five trees out in the forest. The trees are uniquely designed and stand out in the environment, but if you're struggling to find them, directly next to each one is a lit torch that helps illuminate the tree. For the quest, you need five trees, and for the achievement you need twenty-five total. Once you chop down your fifth tree, the quest is completed and you can't chop any more down. You have two choices on how you want to get the achievement. You can go slow and wait, chopping down five trees each time you get the quest. You will get this done by the time you complete the campaign if you're doing your dailies. If you want your achievement as soon as possible, however, there is a trick you can perform. When you chop down your fourth tree, enter your inventory and discard all the logs you've accumulated. This will reset your counter to zero and allow you to continue chopping down trees. Eventually, you'll run out of trees, and to refresh them you can either switch instances or leave the area and come back. On your twenty-fifth tree, you'll unlock the achievement:

The second daily quest with an achievement attached is 'Give a Man a Fish', which tasks you to catch 200 weight of fish. When you accept this quest, you also get a fishing rod which allows you to fish at the shore. Each fish has a different weight involved, with old boots not weighting anything. With the achievement, however, you need to catch 200 fish total, regardless of weight. Much like the other achievement, you have two choices on how to proceed. Your first option is, when fishing, to delete your fish similar to how you could delete the lumber in your inventory. Do this once each time you do the quest around when you reach 150 or over in weight. If you do this once each time you do the quest, you'll eventually receive the achievement. Your second option is to run up and down the shore grinding out as many fish as you want at once, continuing to empty your inventory of fish whenever it reaches above 150 weight. Either way, make sure you delete your inventory around 150, as once you reach 200 the quest will complete and you can no longer fish. Either way, when you finally reach 200 fish, you will get the achievement:

Cold Run

Cold Run is the third area you unlock, and once more alters what your Defending the Dale requires. Once you've unlocked the area, make sure you understand the trick to holding your quests so this campaign becomes easier. This area doesn't have any achievements tied to quests, but it does have several exploration based achievements that can be obtained once the area is accessible.

The first thing to do is find the three Scrying Stones like normal. One of them is on the side of a cliff and requires jumping from a nearby thingie (1965,2993), (1345,1273), and (380,1917)

The next achievement is also straightforward, and essentially boils down to 'explore the map'. You need to head around until you've entered each of the 'areas' of Cold run, which are: Calder's Creek, Dead Man's Point, Gulbrand's Gorge, Hakon's Fjord, Lone Man Overlook, Ragna's Ridge, Roald's Bluff, Storvald's Breach, The Bitter Shore, and Valley of the Frostworm. When you've entered each of the areas once, you'll unlock:

The next achievement requires you discover a bit of an easter egg. Head to coordinates (2152, 2085) on the east side of the map. Your ultimate goal is to get to coordinates (2264 2393). To do this, you'll head up a little path along the side of the rock wall you're nearest to. When you make it to the top you'll find a little hideaway and an NPC named Caliban. Go up to him and he'll 'banish' you by teleporting you to a various point in the map. When he does, you'll get the achievement:

This next achievement is another easter egg, and there's a chance Caliban might banish you directly where you need to go, so that's helpful. If he doesn't, you can head there yourself. You need to go to coordinates (119, 1881) on the west side of the map. You'll find a broken tower. Inside the tower is a skeleton which you can interact with. When you do, you'll get the achievement:

Relic Farming for Voninblod

Farming for relics is a very important part of completing the Storm King's Thunder campaign. Relics are the best mechanism towards obtaining Voninblod, which is required in significant amounts to complete the tasks in the campaign. Bryn Shander, Lonelywood, Cold Run, and Sea of Moving Ice all have relics scattered around the map. These relics are plentiful and respawn very quickly, though where they respawn on the map is random so you need to keep running around looking for them. The below picture shows an example of two relics, one that's highlighted to be collected and another at the top of the picture sticking out of the snow.

Example of Relics

Start by collecting a Trowel from the box near the Ostorian Relic Vendor. This will give you a trowel for 2 hours, after which the trowel will disappear. You will use this trowel until you've completed the tasks 'Secrets of Ostorian Relics' and 'Restore Bryn Shander's Economy'. When you complete those tasks you can buy an Archaeologist's Trowel, which both comes with charges instead of a timer and improves the chance of collecting a higher quality relic when farming. Ideally, you always want to have a good amount of charges on an Archaeologist's Trowel when farming or doing quests.

A common relic is worth 75 Voninblod, with a green relic being worth 150, a blue relic being worth 375, and a purple relic being worth 750. When you're low on the currency, a solid hour of riding around collecting relics can net you all that you might need. Bryn Shander or Cold Run are the best areas to farm relics. Lonelywood has too many trees which makes it difficult to spot relics in the ground.

Daily Routine - Storm King's Thunder Pt.1

  1. Begin by collecting the quest 'Defending the Dale' from Duvessa Shane in Bryn Shander.
  3. Option 1-If you only have Bryn Shander unlocked: Collect three available quests in Bryn Shander and complete them.
  4. Option 2-If you have Lonelywood unlocked: Collect three available quests in Bryn Shander and in Lonelywood and complete them.
  5. Option 3-If you have Cold Run unlocked: If this is a Turn-in day, go to each area and turn in one completed quest that you're holding to complete Defending the Dale. If this is a Gather day, go to each area and complete three quests in each area, but only turn in one to complete Defending the Dale and hold the others as completed.
  6. WEEKLY - Complete Blizzard's Return in Bryn Shander. If you have Lonelywood unlocked, complete Tending the Shrine. If you have Cold Run unlocked, complete Out of Supplies.

The currencies that will limit your progress within this campaign are Secrets of Ostoria and, to some degree, Bryn Shander Reputation. Your first priority in doing this campaign is to move up the tree to 'Scout Cold Run' as fast as you can. This is important for the reasons mentioned earlier. It's also important to unlock the bottom of the main tree so you can unlock the Archaeologist's Trowel and make farming relics much simpler and faster. After that, you will want to unlock Fangbreaker Island so you can have access to that achievement, and then near the top you'll want to unlock Svardborg (Master). To get the campaign completion achievement, you must unlock all the boons as well as the main story tree, which is why overall Secrets of Ostoria is what will mainly limit your progress. Don't worry too much about reputation, you'll have the maximum of 800 long before you have enough Secrets of Ostoria to unlock all the boons if you're doing your dailies as often as you can.

Daily Currency Totals

  • 10 Ten-Towns Supplies (From Completion of 'Defending the Dale' which includes completion of 3 quests in applicable areas)
  • 3 Secrets of Ostoria (From Completion of 'Defending the Dale')
  • 150 Voninblod (From Completion of three quests required to complete 'Defending the Dale')
  • 9 Bryn Shander Reputation (From Completion of 'Defending the Dale')

Weekly Currency Totals

  • 48 Ten-Towns Supplies (32 with only 2 areas unlocked, 16 with only 1 area unlocked)
  • 18 Secrets of Ostoria (12 with only 2 areas unlocked, 6 with only 1 area unlocked)
  • 54 Voninblod (36 with only 2 areas unlocked, 18 with only 1 area unlocked)
  • 12 Bryn Shander Reputation (8 with only 2 areas unlocked, 4 with only 1 area unlocked)

Fangbreaker Island

Instructions Coming Soon!

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