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Sea of Moving Ice Title

Sea of Moving Ice is an extra area for the Storm King's Thunder campaign. This area was added on after the other three on the previous page had been released, and also added on other campaign tasks on top of it. This area uses and grants the same currencies needed to complete the Storm King's Thunder campaign as the previous page, but is available from the beginning of the campaign. Going through the introduction for this area also grants you a Khyek, which is a boat that lets you travel around on water, and a fishing pole, which will allow you to access the new fishing system while you're in your Khyek. The fishing in this area is different from the fishing in Lonelywood where you just interact and wait, this one is more complicated. Sea of Moving Ice also introduces Treasure Maps and Treasure Hunting, which will be a system you will see in other campaigns like Chult and Omu.

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General Zone Achievements

To start out, our first achievement is the same as our first achievement in many other campaigns, collecting the Scrying Stones. Sea of Moving Ice is a very large map, and you want to make sure you have a Khyek before you start roaming around in the waters, otherwise you'll die rather quickly. Start off by heading to coordinates (3753, -706), (2069, 58), and (6449, 2346) to collect the three scrying stones for an achievement:

The next achievement is cumulative, and will likely be achieved over the course of the campaign dailies you'll be doing, as well as the amount of fishing you're going to need to do, and just generally searching for treasure. You just need to be in your boat on the ocean for five hours. If you want it quickly, you can just sit around and wait. The only thing worth mentioning is that your companion is unsummoned while you're on the boat, so if you queue into a dungeon directly while in a boat, you'll need to remember to resummon your companion. Occasionally, your boat just won't spawn for some reason. To fix this, try to jump a few times in the water to trigger it. Or, die with honor and remember it happens to everyone. If you're looking for a faster boat, one of the rewards from treasure maps is a Dragonbone Khyek, which goes at +110% movement speed. After five hours with one character, the achievement will pop.


Sea of Moving Ice introduces a new fishing system to the game, which is done when you're on your Khyek. You'll notice when sailing that your normal interface is changed, and your slots are changed to fishing powers, including arrows and a hook. The process of fishing is rather simple. You bait your hook with cn_LB, which selects from your available bait. In this case, Krill is the bait you want to use. You will then find the appropriate spot to fish, and use cn_RT to set your line. Make sure you don't move while fishing or it will cancel and you will lose your bait. When a fish is hooked, you will see in the middle of your interface bar either a -, which indicates you've hooked a Map in a Bottle, or a roman numeral, either I, II, III, IV, or V. The higher the number, the better the fish you've hooked. When you hook a -, you should always reel it in, as those will become valuable to you. When doing your fishing quest, the higher rated the fish, the more it will weigh. Once you've hooked your fish, one of three of your encounter power arrows will light up, either cn_X, cn_Y, or cn_B. When it does, you must press and hold the button and the progress bar will rise. Which arrow is lit up will switch, and you must switch which button you're holding. The only exception is when you've hooked a map, you can choose whatever button you want and hold it down until the progress bar is all the way. Once the progress bar is full, your cn_up action button will start to glow. Quickly press this while still holding down whatever button you were holding, and you will be able to catch the fish.

Fishing Ring

It's important that, whenever you're fishing, you only fish within the marked ring. This mark might be different from the 'zone' your quest tells you to fish. The above picture shows an example of a fishing zone. This zone changes and moves around the map, so it's not always in the same spot every time. You'll be able to see where the zones are from a distance by looking for seagulls in the sky above it, a marked ring, and fish jumping in the water. Always fish in this area if you want a chance at higher rated fish, otherwise you'll only ever see I rated fish.

In the beginning, it is going to be very difficult for you to catch a tier V fish. You only have so long to catch a fish before it gets away, and with just a standard fishing rod you have a very small window for mistakes. What you need to do before really grinding is get a better fishing rod, which can be obtained from two different ways. The first option is by completing the campaign task "Supply the Elk Tribe" near the top of the Storm King's Thunder campaign, which will give you access to a store item 'Ice Hunter's Fishing Rod'. This will allow you to reel fish in 20% faster. The best option, and one that makes fishing significantly easier, is to collect a purple fishing rod from the treasure maps. What map you get is random from the Bottles, but when you find a treasure chest you have a chance of collecting an Enchanter's Fishing Rod, which helps you reel 50% faster. This makes catching Tier V fish very simple.

For the achievement, you're going to need to catch 50 Tier V fish on one character. This is going to take a while, and will take over 1000 Krill overall in bait. You can get 25 Krill a day from doing the dailies in SOMI, and you get Krill from collecting the treasure chests. Don't worry too much about catching Tier V fish until you've built up a large stockpile of Krill, then carve out some time to fish. When you're ready to start grinding for Tier V fish, you can begin cancelling your catch, by casting your line, waiting to see if it's a Tier V or -, and moving your boat a small bit to cancel the catch and save time so you can cast again. It's still important to reel in the Bottles while grinding, because they can be sold on the Trade House for Astral Diamonds if needed. Eventually, when you catch your 50th fish on your main character, you'll unlock the achievement:


While fishing, you'll come across the item 'Map in a bottle'. These can also be bought or sold on the Trade House. Upon opening a bottle, you'll receive a map, with a picture on it. The picture corresponds to a location within the Sea of Moving Ice where there is buried treasure. You can only hold one map at a time in your inventory, which ends up meaning a lot of travelling back and forth when doing multiple maps. These are important, as they might give you a good fishing rod and a faster boat, but they also give you relics and Krill. Consult the image below, which has coordinates for all the potential pictures you might receive and where the treasure can be found. When you get to the coordinates, run around and look for disturbed ground that can be interacted with. Your character will dig up the ground and then you can grab the chest.


(Image courtesy of @imgeneralwei)

Daily Routine - Storm King's Thunder Pt.2

  1. Begin by collecting the quest 'Readying for Invasion' from Artus Climber in Sea of Moving Ice
  2. There will be three quests from different NPC's around Artus, including some potentially from Artus himself. Collect all of these quests.
  3. Easiest path is usually starting by going west and working your way clockwise around the map, as there is typically one quest to the west of this starting island, and one quest on the east
  4. WEEKLY - Complete The Runestead from Princess Serissa in Sea of Moving Ice.

The currencies involved are the same as in Pt. 1. Sea of Moving Ice is done concurrently with the other areas from the beginning and doesn't need to be unlocked.

Daily Currency Totals

  • 8 Ten-Towns Supplies (From Completion of 'Readying for Invasion' which includes completion of 3 additional quests.)
  • 1 Secrets of Ostoria (From Completion of 'Readying for Invasion')
  • 5 Runic Pieces (From Completion of 'Readying for Invasion')
  • 4 Bryn Shander Reputation (From Completion of 'Readying for Invasion')
  • 25 Krill (From Completion of 'Readying for Invasion' and additional quests.)

Weekly Currency Totals

  • 4 Ten-Towns Supplies (From Completion of 'The Runestead')
  • 2 Secrets of Ostoria (From Completion of 'The Runestead')
  • 18 Voninblod (From Completion of 'The Runestead')
  • 8 Bryn Shander Reputation (From Completion of 'The Runestead')
  • 8 Runic Pieces (From Completion of 'The Runestead')

If you're doing SOMI from the beginning, you'll have all the runic pieces you need long before you reach the top of the campaign tree where they're required. Collecting the Krill is important towards fishing and the related achievement for it. The daily quests also give you reputation with the various zones which you see at the top of the campaign window, and these relate to opening chests within the trial Assault on Svardborg. Each time you collect enough to increase one of the numbers, you get another chance to open a chest.

Campaign - The Easy Way

Currently, Storm King's Thunder is the longest campaign in the game from start to finish, which also makes it people's least favorite campaign. Because of that, it's worth making a note on the 'easy way out', and why overall you likely shouldn't do it. Like most F2P MMO's, there are micro-transactions that can be bought, and one of them is a full campaign completion for SKT, listed under services in the zen marked as 'Storm King's Thunder Campaign Completion'. Purchasing this will complete the campaign, but you will then need to spend considerable amounts of AD to obtain all the Krill you need to complete the Fishing achievement, either by buying Maps in a Bottle off the trade house or doing the SOMI dailies anyway. In the end, it's not really worth it to purchase the full campaign completion.

Instead, if you're looking for smaller jumps, you can purchase Genie's Gifts from the Trade House under the Misc. category. These are much cheaper, and each one gives 10 Bryn Shander reputation, 100 Voninblod, 15 Ten-Towns Supplies, 15 Secrets of Ostoria, and 5 Runic Pieces. You still won't get any Krill for fishing, but it will help give you a boost after you've worked on the campaign for a while and stocked up on Krill.

The downside to both of these strategies is they have a cost, either Zen and RL money or Astral Diamonds. While yes, it will mean you have less work to do in the short term for SKT, the trade off is that the AD you'd be spending on Genie's Gifts could be put towards upgrading your character and making them stronger, which is required if you want any hope of completing the other harder campaigns and content. You'll need that AD invested towards making your character better, not just taking the easy way out. The sacrifice isn't really worth it.


Don't Die. More Instructions Coming Soon!

To receive the only Svardborg related achievement, you need to 'Unlock Assault on Svardborg' at the top of the SKT campaign tree, and then complete the Master version of this trial without anyone in the entire trial dying. On the surface, this is one of the harder achievements to obtain in the game, but the difficulty is more based on collecting the right group of people strong enough to do it than actually doing it without dying. Often you will see this achievement advertised as a 'Banner Run' or 'MSVA Banner Run', because completion of this achievement gives you access to a banner in the game. The guild and alliance you're in will play a large part in getting this achievement, as it's much easier to get a good guild that will help take you through a run than assembling a group of random players. For the purposes of this walkthrough, though, we'll assume you have no choice but to try and gather a random group.

To start, don't even bother trying to queue for this Trial and hoping you get a banner run from it. It won't happen. You will need to gather a queue using the LFG channel and zone chat, preferably in wherever the endgame areas are where a lot of stronger people accumulate, which currently is Port Nyanzaru. Survivability is much more important to this run than DPS, so having Oathbound Paladin tanks that can use Shield of Faith is important. Having Divine Oracle Clerics is important as well, in addition to Anointed Champion Clerics. For DPS, it's important to have around 3 or 4 strong classes with high item level, though it's more important to get the strong support characters that help everyone stay alive. Note that the Soulforged Armor Enchantment, if activated, will invalidate this achievement and count as a death, so it's best to not have anyone running it.

The Actual Fight

The trial takes place in a relatively small square arena. For most of the fight, everyone will stay gathered on the brown rug directly in the middle of the arena. This is important because group composition largely demands that everyone stay close to everyone else to receive each others buffs, but also spreading out risks people getting caught alone and killed. If everyone is gathered in the middle, there is less chance of someone dying.

Phase 1

The fight begins with groups of enemies unfreezing and moving to attack the groups. Stay on the carpet and let all of the enemies come to you. Don't try to rush out and meet them, just let all of them come to the middle and meet them there. If anyone in the group gets frozen, the rest of the group can dps them out of the hold. Tanks should be using Shield of Faith and such to keep everyone from taking damage. On the right hand side of your screen is mission objectives, and it will show you a percentage of the 'army' that has been defeated. When the counter reaches 90%, get ready for phase 2.

Phase 2

Once the counter reaches 100%, everyone must immediately begin running towards one of the two pillars at the front of the room. If you choose the right pillar, stand on the right side. If you choose the left pillar, stand on the left side. Your verbal clue to this phase will be when the boss yells 'ENOUGH'. Anyone caught outside of the pillars after a short period of time will be instantly killed, and the run will be ruined. You will see him break both of these pillars in a shockwave, which is the conclusion of Phase 2.

Phase 3

Right after both pillars are broken, everyone should go back to the main area in the middle and stand on the rug. The boss, Jarl, will begin heading down the stairs. Whoever the strongest and main tank is needs to grab the boss while the rest of the group waits, and turn him so that he faces the stairs he just descended, with his back to the rug. The tank wants to hold him far enough from the rug to give the DPS space to attack, but far enough away from the stairs so no one gets hit by the hurricane that spawns. This will take some finesse from the tank, and having an experienced tank during a banner run is important. This phase is largely just DPSing the boss, and everyone but the tank should try to remain together. This phase will continue until about 25% of Jarl's health has been removed.

Phase 4

During this phase, Jarl will spawn a hurricane and two sub-boss mobs. Everyone should retreat back to the main rug, and both tanks should pick up one of the manticores that charges in. Just like in Phase 1, let both manticores come to the group in the middle, don't try to split up and charge them. This way everyone's AOE attacks are hitting both manticores if possible. Make sure you stay on the rug, and keep attacking until the manticores leave.

Phase 3 and 4 repeat until Jarl is at 25% Health.

At this point, when the Manticores respawn, you have to kill them as fast as possible before the next phase, as the next phase has another instant kill moment. This shouldn't be a problem if you've gathered the right group with strong enough DPS.

Phase 5

After the Manticores have been killed, Princess Serissa will appear and move to the rug. Everyone must gather up next to her in order to survive. She will protect the group from one of Jarls attacks, and when it's done she'll leave, and everyone will kill Jarl as normal. When Jarl is dead, the instance will be completed. You can check on the scoreboard by scrolling over to see if anyone got downed. The achievement won't necessarily pop immediately, sometimes you need to go back to the entranceway for it to unlock, or open a chest, or sometimes leave the instance entirely. Usually when you return to the entranceway and the chests and no one has gone down, the achievement will pop.

A Few Notes

During a Banner run, if at any point anyone goes down once, it's best to just wipe and start over. If you do start over, Make sure everyone leaves the instance completely and totally before you queue again. If you try to queue again and people are still there, the game has a chance of carrying over the deaths from the previous attempt into the new attempt, which invalidates the next run. Make sure everyone has left before you queue again. When you succeed, you'll get a mail from 'An Admirer' with a banner in it, an in game title, and the achievement.

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