15. Neverwinter The Jungles of ChultUpdate notes

Jungles of Chult Title

The Jungles of Chult is the mod 12 expansion that brings a combination of dinosaurs to the game, which are usually good, and RNG based achievements, which are always bad. If you're planning on fully completing Neverwinter, this is where you will be spending a disproportionately large amount of your time, mainly for one achievement. This mod includes a new area, Chult and Soshenstar River, as well as a new general hub area similar to Protector's Enclave, in Port Nyanzaru. This campaign is also directly tied towards Mod 13, The Temple of Omu, and completion of this campaign is required to begin that campaign. So if you're planning on skipping this specific Title update and achievements, you will also need to prepare to skip the Temple of Omu as well. This campaign also introduces a new Weekly Haul system, which changes the format of other campaigns where you must do things every day into a 'Do so much in a week' setup.

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Campaign Explanation and Location

Begin the campaign by visiting Sgt. Knox and accepting the quest 'Dark Tidings', which is the introduction quest to allow access to Chult. This extended quest will take you to a cathedral and then towards a boat, where you will crash into Chult and have to make your way to Port Nyanzaru through the jungle. If you're not yet strong enough, these quests can be challenging, so prepare to ask for help from a guildmate. Eventually, you will arrive at Port Nyanzaru, where you will need to speak to Prince Wakanga to receive permission to enter Soshenstar River. The intro quests will continue, and you'll be directed to light torches through Soshenstar River and head towards a camp. You will then need to complete two more quests, 'Dead Reckoning' and 'Fallen Templars'. Both of these quests are examples of what type of repeatable quests there are in Chult, with the former taking you around the area to consecrate remains, and the latter taking you to a Yuang-Ti camp and having you rescue templars. When you have completed those two, you will be told to visit the 'Old Crone', Nanny Pu'Pu. It is only when you are able to access Nanny Pu'Pu through the green mist that you can access all the scrying stones. She will then send you to the final introduction quest, which is to visit the Batiri camp to rescue scouts and a 'Lost Expedition Member', which can be found in the middle of the camp, in a cage near several tents.

At this point, you can officially begin collecting daily and weekly quests from Prince Wakanga and eventually Celeste to fill up your weekly haul. First, however, you should run through the zone and grab the two collectible related achievements, Scrying Stones and Boo Sahha Balls. There is a third, killing Lions, Tigers, and Bears, but isn't always available.

Soshenstar Collectibles

There are three Scrying Stones as shown on the map above. The one in the Northwest is directly next to a spawn of Batiri's, so be careful when you choose to grab it. You may have to kill the group yourself, or wait for someone else to help you, but the scrying stone is just sitting in the bushes. The SouthWest one is in the area with Nanny Pu'Pu, and requires you travel through the Green Mist. The stone itself is up on a branch that you can run and jump along to access. The one in the SouthEast is directly on top of a temple in the Yuang-Ti area, and is slightly trickier to get jump to. When facing the temple, go to the right side of it and you should see a long looping green vine. Jump onto the vine and continue jumping up until you reach the face of the cliff. Run along the cliff face until you can jump up onto the top of the temple, where you can grab the last scrying stone and the achievement.

The Boo Sahha balls are much easier to acquire. There are five of them throughout the map, usually just sitting in a bush or hidden in a crevice. Consult the map above for the five locations and interact with each ball to receive the achievement.

The final collectible achievement has to do with killing a Lion, a Tiger, and a Bear. While the tigers are very plentiful, and you will surely kill at least one while going for other achievements, you might miss the Lions and the Bears. The map above shows their potential spawn locations, but whether they spawn in those spots isn't guaranteed. You have to kill whatever is in that spot, then wait for the enemies to respawn. It has a chance of respawning as lions or bears. If it doesn't, kill the enemies again and wait for the respawn. Eventually it will be lions or bears. This principle will be used frequently in hunting and farming, explained below. When you do eventually kill at least one of each, you will unlock the achievement.

Campaign Completion

The Jungles of Chult campaign has three paths after you complete the first task. The Left path, which is for creating Lures, the Middle path, which advances you through the campaign and increases your weekly haul, and the Right Path, which unlocks boons. You absolutely want to advance up the middle path all the way as your first task. The reasoning for this is that each time you unlock a new task up the middle path, you increase your weekly haul by 25, allowing you to gain more totems each week. You also unlock a new weekly quest to do which will help you in collecting your haul. Advancing up the middle path first will also help you unlock the dungeon Tomb of the Nine Gods, as well as unlock the area Omu, which is required for a different title update that has other achievements. You can not access Omu on your first character until you have completed Blessings of Ubtao. Omu has a similar weekly haul system, so unlocking it so you can start filling your weekly haul there as well is a priority.

At first, you will only have one weekly quest available, 'Merchant Prince's Bounty', which gives you 25 totems upon completion. This quest requires you kill a hunt mark, which can be any rare creature such as a Rex or an Ogre, or any lure boss, like Karkinos or Hedetet. This quest also requires you complete any random daily mission from Soshenstar, which can be found in the camp and may include saving the templars, the scouts, or consecrating more remains. The quest also requires you complete the quest 'Chultan Trials', which you will likely collect just from being in Soshenstar for any period of time and doing the other quests. When you complete the campaign task 'Dangers of Chult', your weekly haul will increase by 25 totems and you will unlock the weekly quest 'Heroic Endeavors', which gives an additional 25 totems and requires completing the heroic King of Spines once. The same haul increase will happen when you complete the next two tasks up the middle tree, up to a maximum of 175 totems a week. When you complete the task 'Shrines of Ubtao', you will receive a single yellow story quest from Celeste 'Shrines of Ubtao', which upon completion will also unlock the blue weekly version with the same requirements. This quest gives you an additional 25 totems each week. Completion of the campaign task 'House of the Crocodile' does the same as well, increases your haul, gives you a yellow quest, which upon completion gives you a blue weekly quest. Completion of this task also unlocks the intro quest to Omu from Celeste, and allows you to access that area and begin that campaign.

For the campaign to be completed, just like in Storm King's Thunder, every campaign task for Chult must be completed, including both the left and the right paths. This will take 1,725 totems. If you follow the weekly routine this walkthrough suggests and do everything you can to maximize your haul, you can complete the middle tree in your Third Week. You can then start going up the left path to unlock the ability to craft lures, and the right path for boons. As long as you completely maximize your haul via the weekly routine in the walkthrough, and don't spend any totems on keys for Soshenstar Adventures at the top left of the campaign window, you will need an additional 5 weeks to complete the campaign. It seems rather long, but you're going to be playing this game for much longer if you're trying for a full completion. Eventually, you will unlock each task, and receive the campaign completion achievement.

Weekly Routine

To best maximize your haul for each week, you need to be aware of the two pools. The first pool is your standard Weekly Haul, which you can see at the top of the campaign window and increases based on how far you've progressed. The second pool is for Hunt Lures. You can accumulate 25 additional Totems each week from using hunt lures and killing bosses. T1 bosses give 1 totem, T2 bosses give 2 totems, and the T3 gives 3 totems. You don't need to get the final hit, you only need to be in the group with whoever uses the lure. The game will tell you when you have reached this hidden cap. With all this in mind, your weekly routine takes this shape:

  1. Begin by heading to Prince Wakanga in Port Nyanzaru and collecting all quests that you can, including all available Patrols, the quest 'Patrolling Chult', Merchant Prince's Bounty, Chultan Trials, and Heroic Endeavors (if you've progressed far enough).
  2. Head to Celeste, also in Port Nyanzaru, and collect Shrines of Ubtao and House of the Crocodile (If you've progressed far enough up the middle tree).
  3. If you have 'Shrines of Ubtao' - Head to Soshenstar River and start travelling around the outskirts of the map, killing the group of enemies next to each shrine and consecrating it. Once all three are consecrated, the quest is completed.
  4. If you have 'Heroic Endeavors' - Wait for people to call out in zone chat that a KOS is up in whatever number instance. Switch to that instance if possible. If the instance has 20 people in it, ask for an 'invite to he' from whomever called out the KOS. Accept any invite and switch to that persons instance. This method works for getting into an instance that has 20 people in it, but 25 is the overall maximum for an instance no matter what. Head to the King of Spines HE and complete the encounter.
  5. If you have 'House of the Crocodile' - If you're strong enough, you can complete the instance on your own. If you need help, however, wait for someone advertising 'Hoc' or 'House of Croc' in zone chat, or advertise yourself, and join a group to complete the instance.
  6. As you are travelling around Soshenstar, keep an eye out for hunt marks. These are the 'rare' versions of creatures that potentially drop trophies. The easiest ones to kill and find are Rotting Ogres near Camp Vengence. Killing one completes part of the Merchant Prince's Bounty quest, even if it drops nothing.
  7. Pick up one of the daily quests at Camp Vengence, which either involves Saving Templars, Saving Scouts, or finding Chultan Treasures. Complete one of these quests to complete 'Merchant Prince's Bounty'
  8. Do 6 Patrols. You can repeat patrols if you want to, but you can only have one of each type of patrol in your quest log. There are 6 patrols overall, with 2 spawning from Prince Wakanga each hour. What many people do is collect all 6 patrols throughout the week even after completing them, and holding them in their quest journal until the next reset, so they can just do all six without having to worry about waiting for the quests to respawn. Patrols are all instanced quests, and you can bring help. They usually follow the format "Go in, kill 5 groups of enemies and find 3 hidden treasures in the blue zones". While you can keep doing patrols as many times as you want throughout the week, only 6 count for the weekly and give you Totems, so there is no real reason to do more than 6 in a week.
  9. By now, your weekly haul is pretty close to full, but you'll still have some space left. At this point, queue for the skirmish 'Merchant Prince's Folly'. Getting a gold in this skirmish gives you 10 Totems, and a silver gives you 6 Totems. You also get potential salvage awards at the end. If you're a weaker character, it's easier filling up the remainder of your weekly haul this way as the rest of the group can typically carry you.
  10. OPTIONAL: Fill up your second background pool of 25 totems from opening the treasure chests you got from your maps, or completing hunt lures. Completing a T1 lure gives you 1 Totem, a T2 gives you 2, and a T3 gives you 3. The game will notify you in red lettering when you have filled up this background pool, as it's hidden and you can't view it otherwise.

Because this campaign is a weekly haul, you can do this checklist all at once, or throughout the week if you wish. This campaign gives you much more freedom for your available playtime.

Patrols, Maps, Treasure, Voodoo dolls

One of the weeklies in Chult requires you complete six patrols. Each hour, Prince Wakanga offers two patrol quests. These patrols are instanced quests that can be found within Soshenstar River and Port Nyanzaru, and task you with going in and killing five groups of enemies and finding three collectibles within the instance. These collectibles can sometimes be well hidden, but after a while you'll start learning their locations. There are six unique versions of patrols, and you can only have one of each kind in your active quest log at a time, but you don't have to do each unique version of the six throughout the week. You can repeat a patrol if you pick it up again to have it count towards the six weekly. You just can't have the same patrol twice in your quest log.

Each time you turn in a patrol, the 6x Weekly will also complete, and you can turn that in as well. If you haven't done six yet, the 6x weekly will become available again, and you can pick it up again. Each time you complete the weekly, you're given one treasure map, so you can get up to six treasure maps a week. You can hold any number of maps in your inventory, and maps of the same location will stack. These maps work similar to Sea of Moving Ice. When you look at them, you're shown a picture, and you have to find where the location is in Soshenstar River. When you head to that location, you'll see disturbed ground that you can interact with, dig up the treasure chest, and get the treasure. Below is a picture of all the possible map variants and their locations:

Chult Map Locations

These chests have the potential to drop a Ring of the Hunter, a refinement item, additional Forgotten Totems that count towards your Hunt pool, and a voodoo doll. These dolls are required for a couple other achievements as well, so you're going to want to start collecting them. There are five types of voodoo dolls: Dinosaur, Batiri, Undead, Yuang-ti, and Chicken. For the achievements, you will need one of each of the first four listed, and four chicken voodoo dolls. As the drops from the chests are random, this will take at least a couple weeks of patrols and some luck with the dolls. The voodoo dolls can be equipped to your potion tray, and when used, can instantly kill standard mobs of the following creatures:

  • The Dinosaur Voodoo Doll works on Compys
  • The Batiri Voodoo Doll works on Batiri Darters
  • The Yuang-ti Voodoo Doll works on Yuan-Ti Swordsman
  • The Undead Voodoo Doll works on Skeleton Archers
  • The Chicken Voodoo Doll works on each of the above mobs, turning them into an adorable chicken

For the first voodoo doll achievement, you need to use each type of voodoo doll once on their appropriate target. Doing this will net you:

The next doll related achievement requires four chicken voodoo dolls. You need to use a Chicken Voodoo Doll on a Compy, a Batiri Darter, a Yuan-Ti Swordsman, and a Skeleton Archer. When you've used a chicken doll on each one, you'll unlock:

Hunts and Farming

The main system that was added to the game with the Chult expansion, and carried forward in other mods, is the Hunting system. The process of hunting in theory is simple, but in practice can be arduous given the high factor of RNG (Random Number Generation) that is added to the game. When people refer to RNG, they mean anything where "There's a CHANCE that X will happen". Another example of this is the lockboxes within the game, where you have a RNG chance of getting something good, but a much higher chance of getting something mediocre. Hunts takes this system to a new, depressing level, for anyone that is considered unlucky.

For our example explanation, we will use the mob group Crabs, the Hunt mark Big Claws, and the Hunt Lure, Karkinos. When you go into Soshenstar River and head down to the actual river, you will find groups of crabs. When you kill a group of crabs, they will eventually respawn. When they respawn, there is a Chance that they will respawn as a different creature, Big Claws. These are the rare Hunt Mark form of crabs that you will be 'farming'. When you kill a Big Claw, there is a Chance that it will drop a Big Claw Pincer, which is called a Hunt Trophy. When you take this trophy and combine it with a Tyrannosaurus Rex Fang, another trophy that drops from a different hunt mark, you can receive a Hunt Lure for Karkinos. When you head to Karkinos's location, you can summon him. When you kill Karkinos, he will drop one ring, whether that ring is +1, +2, +3, +4, or +5, and a Chance at another purple gear piece and a Chance at a Karkinos' Carapace Fragment, a Tier 2 trophy. You need to collect so many Tier 2 trophies to get the Tier 3 trophy to do the Tier 3 hunt. Essentially, you work your way up the chain.

As you can see, chance plays a heavy role in hunting, farming, and getting the related achievements. It's not so bad for getting most of the achievements, but it really doesn't start becoming a major problem until you go for all the +5 rings. Trophies can be traded, but as of July 2018 they can't be sold on the Trade House or mailed. So instead, an exchange has popped up where people use Marks of Potency to buy and sell trophies and lures, as MoPs are rather plentiful and normally consistent in their value. So another path to avoid farming is simply spending Astral Diamonds to buy the Potency marks, and buying the trophies or lures you need.

The only exception to the chance rule in Farming are Tyrannosaurus Rexs. The standard mob is a Tyrannosaur, and the Hunt mark mob is the Tyrannosaurus Rex. When you kill a Rex, you are always going to receive a Rex Fang drop. Rex Fangs are used in combination with all other T1 Trophies to create the lures, so their guaranteed drop rate makes things easier. They are very difficult, though, and usually are farmed with a large group in a specific instance.

An important thing to note is that you do not need to be the one to kill the creature to get a drop. You only need to 'Hit Into' it by attacking it once for a chance at a drop. This allows multiple people to farm the same group of mobs. As long as everyone gets a hit on the hunt mark, everyone gets a chance at a drop. If you're farming with other people, it is important you do not group up into an actual group. The reasoning for this is that outside of a group, every person that hits the creature gets an individual chance at a drop. Where as, if you're grouped up, only the group itself gets a chance at a drop. So normally people will decline any group invites that are sent, but sharing a farm is fine, and farming with another person just kills the enemies quicker.

Once you have collected the trophy you want, as well as the trophy that is combined with it, head to the SouthEast of Port Nyanzaru. There you will find several vendors that will exchange your trophies for lures. Note that to use these vendors, you need to have the appropriate campaign task unlocked on the left side of the tree. If you don't, you can trade your trophies to a trusted guild member who has the tasks unlocked, they can interact with the vendors, and give the lures back to you. Another reason why having a good guild is important.

Below are the two pictures that show all the locations of standard mobs and the hunt locations, as well as instructions on what to farm for each one. For the Guide to Monsters achievements, you only need to kill each hunt mark once to receive the lore for each one, and when each lore is collected, the achievement will pop.

Chult Creature Locations

Chult Hunt

T1 Hunts:


Farm River Crabs for a chance at a Bigclaw spawn, which has a chance of dropping a Bigclaw Pincer. Combined with a Rex Fang creates a Sailor's Shroud lure. Use it and defeat Karkinos, who has a chance of dropping a Karkinos' Carapace Fragment trophy.


Farm Batiri for a chance at a Batiri Brave spawn, which has a chance of dropping a Batiri Brave's Trinket. Combined with a Rex Fang creates a Batiri War Mask lure. Use it and defeat Clawgraze, who has a chance of dropping a Clawgraze's Saddle trophy. Note: Batiri groups surrounding a lost scout will never spawn a Brave. Braves can be found in groups of Batiri that are glowing red, which indicates the presence of a Brave and all creatures get a damage boost.


Farm Undead for a chance at a Rotting Ogre spawn, which has a chance of dropping a Rotting Ogre's Femur. Combined with a Rex Fang creates a Preserved Heart lure. Use it and defeat Spli-Ti, who has a chance of dropping a Spli-Ti's Rotten Rib trophy.

Fang of Dendar:

Farm Deinonychus for a chance at an Eotyrannus spawn, which has a chance of dropping an Eotyrannus Talon. Combined with a Rex Fang creates a Bottled Terror lure. Use it and defeat Fang of Dendar, who has a chance of dropping a Fang of Dendar's Staff trophy.


Farm Giant Scorpion for a chance at a Venomtail spawn, which has a chance of dropping a Venomtail Poison. Combined with a Rex Fang creates a Flask of Sulfur lure. Use it and defeat Hedetet, who has a chance of dropping a Hedetet's Searing Core trophy.


Farm Chultan Tiger for a chance at a Smilodon spawn, which has a chance of dropping a Smilodon Tooth. Combined with a Rex Fang creates an Embroidered Cloak lure. Use it and defeat Arachne, who has a chance of dropping an Arachne's Spinneret trophy.

There is a potential that this achievement will glitch and not unlock, even after killing each hunt. If that happens, there is a rather strange fix for it. Find a Clawgraze's Saddle, the trophy from the T1 hunt, and have it in your inventory. For some reason, that usually fixes the glitch and the achievement will unlock right after. For extra safety, make sure you are the one that's summoning the boss and using the lure. This problem only seems to happen with the T1 Chult hunts.

T2 Hunts:


Farm Karkinos and Clawgraze for a Karkinos' Carapace Fragment and a Clawgraze's Saddle. Combine these two for an Eotyrannus Horn lure. Use it and defeat Sirrush, who has a chance of dropping a Sirrush's Bloody Incisor trophy.


Farm Spli-Ti and Fang of Dendar for a Spli-Ti's Rotten Rib and Fang of Dendar's Staff. Combine these two for an Ensorcelled lure. Use it and defeat Thazar-De, who has a chance of dropping a Thazar-De's Enchanted Amulet trophy.


Farm Hedetet and Arachne for a Hedetet's Searing Core and an Arachne's Spinneret. Combine these two for a Jewel-Studded Collar lure. Use it and defeat Bachho, who has a chance of dropping a Bachho's Giant Claw trophy.

T3 Hunts:

The King of Spines:

Farm Sirrush, Thazar-De, and Bachho for Sirrush's Bloody Incisor, a Thazar-De's Enchanted Amulet, and a Bachho's Giant Claw. Combine these three for a Tribal Yklwa lure. Use it and defeat The King of Spines.


There are two ring related achievements in the Chult update. One is rather easy to get, while the other is currently very difficult to obtain. Each hunt boss drops a specific ring, called a Slayer ring. This ring has a chance of being +1, +2, +3, +4, or +5. For the first ring related achievement, you need to collect any +# version of each ring available. There are 5 rings in total you must collect, dropped from the following bosses.

  • The Undead Slayer Ring drops from the Spli-Ti hunt, or the Thazar-De hunt.
  • The Goblin Slayer Ring drops from the Clawgraze hunt.
  • The Beast Slayer Ring drops from the Karkinos hunt, the Hedetet hunt, the Arachne hunt, and the Bacco hunt.
  • The Yuang-Ti Slayer Ring drops from the Dendar hunt.
  • The Dinosaur Slayer Ring drops from the Sirrush hunt.
  • The King of Spines hunt is unique, in that it has a chance of dropping any of the five variations of ring at random.

For the first ring based achievement, you only need to collect any version of each type of ring. This achievement can be done while you're going for the achievement to kill each hunt mark once, as long as you're needing on the ring and winning it. Each hunt lure is guaranteed to drop a ring each time, though the # on the ring can be anything between 1-5. When you collect each of the five rings, you'll receive the achievement.

As of July 2018, this is the achievement that will make or break whether you complete Neverwinter or not. This next achievement is hard, very hard, because it is entirely dependent on RNG. You need to collect the +5 version of each ring that drops from a hunt lure. These rings have a remarkably low drop rate, and acquiring them is down to sheer luck, ridiculous grind, or a ridiculous amount of money. You could be lucky, and get the ring in 10 lures as some people have, or incredibly unlucky, and be 250 lures in with no ring to show for it. It is entirely based on RNG, but there's at least some strategies you can employ.

  1. It might be coincidence, but the Yuang-Ti +5 ring seems to have the best drop rate out of all the rings. More people seem to have gotten that ring as their first drop versus other rings.
  2. The easiest ring to farm for is the Undead Slayer +5. This is because collecting Rotten Ogre Femurs is incredibly easy compared to every other Tier 1 trophy. Ogres are the weakest characters and have the most spawns, mainly around Camp Vengence.
  3. Farming Batiri Trinkets for the Goblin Slayer ring can be difficult for weaker characters considering how tough Batiri Braves can be. Consider farming an easier T1 trophy instead and trading for Trinkets unless you have someone farming with you.
  4. When all you need is the rings, farming Big Claw Pincers is the best way for the Beast Slayer +5, as the Carapace Fragment is half of what you need for the Sirrush Lure and the Dinosaur +5. Likewise, when going for the Goblin Slayer ring, the Saddles that drop is the other half needed for the Sirrush lure.
  5. The Dinosaur +5 Ring is probably the worst, as it's only available from the King of Spines T3 lure, or the Sirrush T2 lure, while all the others are available from T1 lures. If you manage to nab this one, you have a much smoother path towards the achievement.
  6. Many times, people will advertise 'selling' a ring. While you can't directly trade the rings themselves as they're account bound, what this typically means is someone has quite a few lures needed. You'd join that person and, if the +5 ring drops, you would get to need on it, for whatever price is agreed upon before the lures are done. Typically this price is in Superior or Ultimate Marks of Potency, and can get expensive.

When you finally manage to collect that last +5 ring, enjoy the sweet feeling and the achievement.


There are five Armor related achievements in Chult that require you collect a combination of Head, Arms, Legs, Chest, and occasionally Ring of each type of armor. Each type of armor has different methods to acquire.

The easiest armor to acquire is the League Elite armor. This armor is crafted with a high enough profession, however each piece needed is also available for a reasonable price on the Tarmalune Trade House. Open the TH, go to Equipment, and search for 'League's Elite'. Change your default view to 'Buyout'. When you can afford it, buy the cheapest Feet, Arms, Chest, and Head that you can. You're allowed to mix and match classes. The game doesn't particularly care too much if they're all the same class, just that you have had, at some point, each piece in your inventory. You don't even need to have them all in your inventory at the same time. Once you've gotten them out of your mailbox and the achievement has unlocked, you can decide to wear them if they're better than what you have, or list them back up on the market for whatever you bought them for. Once you've gotten the last piece, you'll see the title unlock, and then the achievement.

Sadly, despite not being the best armor set, this is actually one of the more expensive sets to acquire. To unlock this set, you will need to buy two pieces directly from the Tarmalune Trade Bar merchant, and either buy a Helm pack and a Feet pack from the Tarmalune Trade House or off the Zen Market. We'll go piece by piece. To pick up the Chest piece, you need to pay 80 Tarmalune Trade Bars at the Trade Bar merchant. To get the Arms, you need to pay 65 at the same merchant. These can be found under equipment. The only way to get Tarmalune Trade Bars is by opening lockboxes, either by using a free enchanted key you get by being a VIP every day, or buy spending Astral Diamonds at the exchange, converting them to Zen, and buying keys from the market for Zen. Each lockbox gives a small amount of trade bars, with a chance at a 'jackpot'. This means to get these two pieces, you need to invest in keys. The ideal method would be to buy a month of VIP outright, as there are additional bonuses that come from being a VIP. You do this by either spending real money and buying Zen, or converting your Astral Diamonds to Zen and spending the Zen that way.. Just having a 1 month VIP subscription will give you 1 Enchanted Key per account per day, which will allow you to open lockboxes.

The Helm and Feet are, obtained either off the Zen market as parts of a bundle, or directly off the Trade House. The Helm is (as of July 2018) far cheaper than the Feet. Go to the Trade House and search for 'Pilgrim', and the helm pack should pop up for a AD price. You can also purchase it as part of an 'Enchanted Keys & Pilgrim Helm' bundle off the Zen Market, though that would only be if you also wanted to buy the enchanted keys with Zen. The Pilgrim Footwear Pack is significantly more expensive on the Trade House, but can also be purchased as part of the 'Chultan Hunter Bundle' under Companions, in which you get the footwear pack and a companion. Either way, if you aren't willing to spend real currency on the game, you'll want to be saving up your Astral Diamonds for these pieces.

Once you have bought the Head and Arms off the Tarmalune Trade Bar Merchant, and chosen a Helm and a Feet out of their respective packs, you will receive the achievement. You do not need a ring for this collection.

To unlock this armor set, you need to use the currency 'Pioneer Riches' at the armor vendor in Port Nyanzaru. This is an achievement you won't need to actively grind for, as you collect Pioneer Riches doing from almost everything in Chult. You'll receive some when completing each patrol and each weekly, you'll receive some when opening treasure chests and killing hunt lures, and you'll receive some when running Tomb of the Nine Gods. You will guaranteed have enough for buying a set by the time you're finished with most other achievements in Chult. Just keep returning to the vendor and buying a chest, arms, feet, and head. When you've had all four at some point in time, the achievement will unlock. The rings are not required for this collection.

To complete this armor set, you need to collect Seals of the Brave and turn them in at the armor vendor in Port Nyanzaru. Overall you will need 1800 seals, 600 for the Chest and 400 for each of the other three. Changes were made to the game that makes Seals of the Brave much easier to obtain. You can now get these seals from completion of T9 and Cradle of the Death God, but you can also get these in the area Barovia, and they are awarded from completing the Heroics. You can also get these upon completion of older content, either via the random dungeon queue or various other rewards. The rings are not required for this collection.

I've put this armor achievement after the others because it's very likely you will get this achievement while running through Tomb of the Nine Gods for your Primal armor. Huntsman gear has a random chance of dropping from the T9 bosses Orcus and Withers, and drops from the two chests and envenomed cache after defeating Ras Nsi. Just like the others, you don't have to have each piece in your inventory at the same time, just have collected one of each piece at some point in time. If you're also doing Cradle of the Death God, Huntsman gear also can be found in those two chests at the end. The rings are not required for this collection.

Tomb of the Nine Gods

Tomb of the Nine Gods (T9, or T9G) is a 5 player dungeon that was released with Chult. Due to the structure of the dungeon, T9 is typically run with a different structured group than the normal 3 DPS, 1 Healer, and 1 Tank. Typically the dungeon is run with Two DPS, one being a primary DPS and the other being a supporting DPS, 1 Tank, and either an Anointed Champion Divine Cleric (AcDc) and Divine Oracle Divine Cleric (DoDc), or a Temptation Scourge Warlock (Templock or Temp) and Master of Flame Control Wizard (Mof). There are two achievements directly related to completing T9, and an ancillary achievement related to completing a Primal set, due to T9 dropping Seals of the Brave. The first achievement requires you go through the entire dungeon killing every Tomb Dwarf that you find, and the other achievement requires you go through the entire dungeon while not killing any Tomb Dwarf. Obviously, these two achievements can not be gained in the same run, so pick which one you want to do when the run starts. The walkthrough will point out where the Tomb Dwarves are, and depending on which achievement you are going for, you will choose whether to kill them or not. It's best that you let your group know when the instance starts whether you want to kill the dwarves or keep them alive, so your group knows what achievement you're trying to get. T9 contains a lot of puzzles, although each one is fairly simple and will be explained

Puzzle 1: Choosing a Path

The instance starts out with the first puzzle right away, giving you three possible directions to go; Left, Middle, and Right, with Middle and Right being towards the right from where you start, and left being towards the left. To figure out the correct direction, look for a stone demon head with an open mouth on the wall near the entrance to each path. Whatever path has the stone demon head is the correct direction to go. Continue down the path and through the door, killing enemies along the way.

Puzzle 2: Opening the Tombs

Eventually you will come to a large + shaped room with a sarcophagus directly in the middle surrounded by four large staircases. On three sides of this sarcophagus is a picture on the ground of an animal. The direction you entered the room does not have an animal. On the three sides of the room you will see a set of three tombs. Each tomb has a picture directly above it. To solve the puzzle, you need to open the tomb with the picture that matches the picture next to the sarcophagus for that side. So if you run up to the sarcophagus, and to the right of it is a picture of a snail, go up the right staircase, find the tomb that has a picture of a snail, and run up to interact with that tomb. If you choose wrong, spiders will come out and attack you. Once all three of the correct tombs have been opened, a door will open and your group can proceed. Continue through the dungeon and down a grand staircase, turning right towards another room.

Puzzle 3: Random Puzzle

This room contains the first random puzzle and also two Tomb Dwarves. If you are choosing to kill all the dwarves, you must quickly enter this room and run to the back, as there will be two dwarves walking away from you. If they both escape out of the room without being killed, you will not get the achievement for killing all dwarves. The puzzle within this room is random, and can be one of three options. For that reason, each option of what it could be will be listed out here.

Option 1: The Shell Game

When you enter the room, if you see three chests in a row on the right side, you will have gotten The Shell Game. When you run up to the chests and interact with them, they will all start moving. You will see a purple object be passed from chest to chest at random as they all move around. Keep your eye on the purple skull and which chest it's in. They will keep passing it back and forth and moving around, until they finally settle. You will be given a choice at the end of which chest contains the object. Choose the correct chest, and the puzzle is solved.

Option 2: The Six Objects

When you enter the room, if you see three pedestals on each side with an object above them, you will have gotten The Six Objects. When you run up to each pedestal, there will be two options for which interact phrase you will get. Either a pedestal is a 'Hidden Switch' or a 'Manipulate Object'. There will be four hidden switches and two 'manipulate objects'. Your goal is to find the correct five part sequence and interact with each of the correct pedestals in the right order. Begin by interacting with one of the hidden switches. If you are successful, you will see a notification on the left pop up saying that the object you chose (Whether it be Shield, Helm, Sword, Scepter, Chalice, or Vase) is the first part of the sequence. Then, go and attempt another hidden switch. Either it will tell you that's the second part of the sequence, or you will get 'Try Again'. If you get 'Try again', you need to start the whole sequence over, so remember which object is first, second, third, and fourth. Eventually, when you have gotten the four hidden switches in the correct order, you will then try one of the 'Manipulate objects'. If you're correct, the puzzle will be solved. If you're incorrect, you will have to start over, but you will know what the correct object was. Typically, two people in the group will do this puzzle so that when both reach the fifth option, one person will try one and, if they fail, the other will try the second and succeed.

Option 3: The Colorful Potions

When you enter the room, if you see a table with potions on it and three open spaces on either side of the room, you will have gotten The Colorful Potions. This puzzle requires communication between the group, and can be tricky the first time seeing it. Each potion needs to be drank before you can exit the room. When you drink a potion, you will suddenly see six creatures lining the room, three on each side, each colored either Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, or Red. You will have a colored animal on you as well, however you can not see it. Only your group can see what color is on you, and they need to tell you which one it is so you know which spot to run to. If you aren't in a party, this is typically done by either someone jumping near the spot you need to run to, or putting what color you have in the 'Say' chat. So for example, if you drink a potion, other people might see you have a purple scorpion. They will then either jump near where the purple scorpion spot is, or put 'Purple' or 'P' in the say chat. You will then run to where you're supposed to, and you'll see a little burst of light on you that indicates success. If you run to the wrong spot you'll be thrown backwards, but you won't die or fail. Continue doing this until all the potions are gone and the puzzle is completed.

Afterwards, move on from the room and head to the right, clearing the next room in a counter-clockwise fashion until you arrive at the first boss.

Boss 1: Avatar of Orcus

As you move counterclockwise around the arena, you will eventually come to three pedestals of skeleton keys. Each of these pedestals grants a different buff to a member of your group. Each pedestal has a specific role within the fight, so who chooses what buff is important. The left pedestal gives you a significant increase in temporary hitpoints, but removes your ability to be healed. The middle pedestal gives you a significant increase in damage to the zombies that will spawn, but will decrease the damage you do to the boss. The right pedestal significantly increases your damage done to the boss, but also puts a bleed on you, forcing you to take damage. Your best DPS will always take the right pedestal buff. Typically, if you're running with two divine clerics, the Anointed Champion will take the left pedestal buff, and the Divine Oracle will take the middle pedestal buff.

The actual fight itself is straightforward, Orcus stands in the middle, tank keeps him facing away from the group, and everyone attacks him trying to kill him as fast as possible. The only complicated part is that, in a way, this fight has a timer involved, and Orcus has a significantly high amount of health. This is why this dungeon is usually run with one main strong DPS, and another DPS class that's in a supporting role, like a Hunter Ranger with Longstrider's Shot, that can help boost the damage of the primary DPS. The only mechanic worth mentioning is the Death Spheres. Every so often, a green orb will spawn in one of the corners of the room, with a line connecting it to one of the players. Whoever took the buff from the left pedestal, giving temporary hit points, must quickly run directly into the orb, absorbing the damage from its explosion. If they don't, the orb will strike whatever player its connected to, instantly killing them and taking them out of the fight. So whoever took the temporary health points is tasked with running around the arena, absorbing the balls whenever they spawn before they kill anyone.

The orbs is the reason this fight has an artificial timer in place. You only have so long to kill Orcus before the person runs out of temporary health points. At that time, they won't be able to absorb the damage anymore, and the orbs will kill the remaining players. Simply put, if you don't have enough DPS to kill Orcus before temporary hit points run out, or you have an inefficient group composition, you will not proceed through this dungeon, and your run will end. If you do manage to kill Orcus in time, congratulations, and you can proceed.

The Second Grand Staircase:

Directly after Orcus, you will come to the second large staircase. There is a single Tomb Dwarf on the right at the top of this staircase. If you are killing all the Tomb Dwarves during this run, make sure you kill him. You will proceed down this staircase and into another room, where you will group up and kill an annoying teleporting Gravemaster. Directly after this room, through a door, is a room with another Tomb Dwarf. This dwarf will stay where he is fixing a broken door on the right, and you can easily kill him or avoid him depending on what run you're doing. When you do, continue on.

Puzzle 4: Random

Once more, you will reach a puzzle room. Again, the puzzle you receive is random, and refer to the explanation above depending on which one you get. You'll never get the same puzzle twice, so this room will have one of the puzzles you didn't get in the first random room.

After this puzzle room, you will want to go towards the bridge, but don't go directly on the bridge. Instead, jump to the left of the bridge, and then fall down. If you go onto the bridge you trigger another group of enemies, and nobody wants that. When you fall down, there is a Tomb Dwarf directly behind you, and a significant amount of dinosaurs will spawn and attack you. If you are killing dwarves, make sure you kill him, but if you aren't, try to fight away from the dwarf so a companion doesn't run over and attack it. This is the dwarf most likely to be killed accidentally.

Puzzle 5: Random

After you survive the ambush, climb up the broken bridge and continue on. You'll reach the last of the puzzle rooms. This room will contain whatever puzzle the first two rooms didn't have. Again, refer up above for explanations. Solve the puzzle, and continue on down a staircase, through a room with three sets of enemies, and up to a door where the next boss is.

Boss 2: Withers

The second boss in this dungeon has several mechanics to him, but absolutely no one does them. Instead, everyone just runs up to the control console in the middle where the boss is, stacks up, and attacks him. As you destroy him, parts of his tower will break off, and he will get closer and closer to the ground. During the fight, he will knock you back, and he has a chance of spawning large fire chutes, or filling the room with sludge, or filling the room with electric water that will keep paralyzing you in a remarkably annoying fashion. Just keep killing him, then when his console is broken kill the person within, and the boss is defeated.

After Withers, you will proceed through another room, and then you will enter a room with a massive amount of Tomb Dwarves. If you are killing, you need to kill all of these dwarves, but you will not receive the achievement until after the final boss is defeated. Be warned that if you fail on the final boss, you need to return to this room and kill all of the dwarves again, as they will have respawned. These are the last dwarves to worry about.

Boss 3: Ras Nsi

The final boss is heavily mechanics based, and has several moves you'll need to be aware of. This time, you'll be facing Ras Nsi on a large rectangular platform, one that you do not want to fall off of. The tank will want to make sure to pull Ras Nsi away from the edge, and everyone else will want to make sure they stand on the opposite side of the tank, as Ras Nsi has a deadly overhead swipe attack that can instantly kill everyone else. Ras Nsi will move through several mechanics that will repeat.

Mechanic 1: Hands

Throughout the fight, a large ghostly figure will put his hands on the rectangular platform. When this happens, you need to run to the opposite side of where the ghost is holding the platform. What he's going to do is 'flip' the platform, and when he does it's going to pull everyone towards him. If you're not on the other side, you might be pulled completely off the platform and instantly killed, so make sure you keep an eye out for when this happens and ensure you're on the correct side of the platform.

Mechanic 2: Souls

Every now and then, a massive red AOE will cover the entire platform except for a small circle directly surrounding Ras Nsi. It's important that everyone tries to get within the safe area around Ras Nsi as fast as they can. He's going to spawn enemies on the platform with him, but he's also going to spawn Souls, which are large green ghostly figures. Everyone needs to quickly kill these souls as fast as possible. The first time he creates souls, there will be two, and every other time he will create three. The reason everyone wants to get into the safe zone when he creates the large red aoe is that the more people caught in the red aoe, the stronger the souls are, and the harder they are to kill. If you don't kill these souls in time, his meter on the right will fill up. You don't want this meter to fill up.

Mechanic 3: The Instant Kill

When Ras Nsi reaches 30%, you will start seeing 0's pop up for damage, and he will start speaking. At this point, your survival is based around how full his meter is on the right. The more full it is, the more damage he's going to do to you, so it was important to kill the souls when he spawned them so his meter wouldn't fill up. If it's completely full, you will all permanently die. If it's mostly full with at least some left, you still still likely die, but you will be able to scroll to revive and continue. If his bar is empty, you won't take any damage. After he does this move, you no longer need to worry about killing souls, and you only need to worry about Hands flipping the board and possibly knocking you off.

At this point, just keep killing attacking him until he runs out of health. When he's low enough, you will start to hear more speaking, and the ghost will return. There is one more Hands, but this time the boss will be on the same side as the hands. The conclusion of the fight is Acerak flipping the board and dragging Ras Nsi off, while you want to make sure you are still opposite the ghost as normal. When Ras Nsi falls to his death, three chests will spawn and, depending on whether you killed the dwarves or left them alive, you will get an achievement.

If you avoided killing any dwarves through the whole dungeon, you will receive:

Merchant Prince's Folly

Merchant Prince's Folly is a fairly quick 5 player skirmish. For an achievement, you need to achieve a gold medal. You'll be doing this skirmish multiple times each week to fill your weekly haul, so you'll have plenty of opportunities. Getting Gold is based on how fast you can complete the skirmish. The better you do, the better rewards you again.

The skirmish starts by having you clear an inner courtyard of enemies. Afterwards, you will have to a rouse the guards and repair the weapons. Usually one person covers one side of the doors, another covers the other side of doors, while one more does the weapons and the other two head outside to begin clearing the other courtyard. When all the doors have been knocked on and the weapons repaired, everyone heads to the courtyard and clears it.

The next step involves building barricades. There are four potential paths, three in front and one off to the left. One of these paths will be chosen at random, and the other three will be able to be interacted with. The middle will always require a barricade. You must head to the wooden planks in the corner, pick up a plank, and go to interact with one of the barricades. When enough planks have been delivered, the barricade will be completed. Complete all three barricades while surviving the waves of enemies to complete this stage.

Afterwards, you will need to interact with the Engineer and escort him towards whichever path was left remaining. Every time the engineer gets too close to enemies, he will start to cower in fear. The goal is to get him towards whatever gate he's heading for as fast as possible. One thing to note is that you don't need to actually clear all of the enemies, like the Rex. One person can pull the rex away from the engineer so that the engineer can continue moving. All that matters is the engineer gets to the gate. When the engineer reaches the gate, another group of enemies will spawn. These enemies MUST be killed. Once this group of enemies is killed, the skirmish is over, even if the rex and other enemies are still alive.

Receive a gold medal by completing the skirmish in a good time, and you will receive an achievement:

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