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Omu Title

Mod 13 expands on Chult and introduces The Lost City of Omu. While this does count as a new mod, an easier way to look at it might be Chult Part 2. This is largely because this campaign is just a continuation of the Jungles of Chult campaign, and most of the achievements and design of the area are similar to Soshenstar. You must complete the middle tree of the Jungles of Chult - Soshenstar campaign to be able to access Omu. You gain access to Omu on your first character after you have completed House of the Crocodile in the Chult campaign. Because this campaign is so similar to Chult, and because Chult is required to begin this campaign, the achievement explanations on this page will assume you have read through that page first. Click HERE (LINK) to go back. While Soshenstar and Omu share the same structure, Omu is much easier to complete due to it's lack of ring and armor achievements.

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Campaign Explanation and Location

The Omu campaign is located in the Jungles of Chult section of your campaigns, above where the Soshenstar campaign is. The method of progression is the same, in that there are three paths, middle for campaign progression, left for hunts, and right for boons. To progress up one of the three omu paths, you must have completed the same Soshenstar path before it. So if you want to start getting the boons in Omu, you have to already have gotten all the boons in Soshenstar as well. This means to get the achievement for this campaign completion, you have to already have received the achievement for completing Soshenstar's campaign.

Omu is broken up into two sections, the overworld and the undercity. The overworld is the main map you see when entering Omu, and is where the patrols, the heroic encounter, most of the treasure maps, and most of the repeatable quests are located. There are three seperate Undercity maps, the West Undercity, the Northeastern Undercity, and the Southeastern Undercity. Each of these undercities have multiple entrances all connected to the Overworld. View it as one main map with subsections, as you will often have to travel into the undercity for yellow story quests and when you search for shrines.

The first thing you should do when entering Omu is familiarize yourself with the map by going and grabbing the three scrying stones. Two are located in the overworld, one is in the southeastern undercity. The first one in the overworld is at (-3507 -1264), which is located at the back of the large temple on the east side of the map. You'll need to jump up a part of the wall to reach it. The second one in the overworld requires a few Dungeoneering Kits, because you have to use a 'shortcut' to get there. The shortcut is located at (-4447, -1257). Head there and use the kit on the piece of wall that's shimmering, and when successful you'll be teleported directly to the stone. The third stone is in the undercity. Go to the Southeastern entrance at (-3429, -1760) and enter into the big cave opening. When you're in, head west towards (-3542, -1865), which is down the stairs, then past the shrine, then up more stairs and into an entrance, then all the way back and turn left. Once you've gotten the last scrying stone, you'll unlock the achievement.

Omu has nine shrines spread out among the overworld and the undercities. The yellow story missions will often take you to these shrines, and one of the repeatable missions requires you go and sacrifice a trickster talisman to the shrines. Trickster talismans are purple drops that come from random creatures, and you will see them often when fighting enemies within Omu. Make sure you pick them up when you do. For the achievement, you are required to visit all nine of the shrines and sacrifice a talisman to it. You can see which shrines you have already made an offering to in your journal, under 'Achievements --> Special --> No God Too Small'. All nine of these shrines are located in the undercity, with two in the Northeastern Undercity, three in the Southeastern Undercity, and four in the Western Undercity. You don't need to maximize their bar, you only need to sacrifice one talisman to each. You can see where all the shrines are on your map when you are in the undercity and highlighting them with your cursor. Either do all nine at once, or wait until the 'Little Gods' repeatable quest randomly takes you to all nine, and you'll get the achievement.

Just like Soshenstar, Omu has a requirement to complete a heroic encounter as part of its weeklies. The heroic encounter in Omu is called Tyrant, and has an achievement related to it. The best time to get this achievement is on Monday after reset, when the most people are doing the encounters. The achievement requires you keep all five beast cages alive during the event, which means you'll need a significant amount of players doing the encounter to kill fast enough. There are five cages to protect, and during the first wave dinosaurs will be attacking the cages at random. You need to split up and attack the dinosaurs as fast as possible to keep the cages alive. The second wave has undead attacking the cages, but it is much easier to protect the cages against them than the dinosaurs. Usually, if you get past the first wave with all five cages intact, you're fine. At the start of the heroic encounter, try putting 'Protect the Cages' in say chat a few times. People usually work harder to protect the cages if you do. When you do a heroic encounter and protect all the cages for the first time, then defeat the tyrant, and you'll unlock the achievement.

Just like with Chult, you need to complete every task at the top of the Jungles of Chult campaign to complete the Omu campaign. This achievement will take you a while, and can only be done after fully completing the Chult campaign completion achievement as well. When the last box is completed, the achievement will unlock.

Weekly Routine

Omu follows the same formula that Chult does with its weekly haul, adding the currency Lost Idols instead of Forgotten Totems. Even the weeklies themselves and their setups are very similar, so you should be familiar by now with what the process is. You start out with Patrols and the Gladiator's Bounty, requiring completion of an Omu quest, a hunt mark kill, and the completion of Omu Trials. After you progress up the middle tree once, you unlock the weekly for completing the Heroic Encounter. After another completion you unlock the weekly involving picking up supplies and delivering them to Camp Vengence and then Omu itself, and after the final completion up the middle, you unlock Fane of the Night Serpent, which is an instanced quest similar to House of the Crocodile. The main difference currently is that there is no Merchant Prince's Folly to help complete your weekly haul, and no Stronghold Siege quest to help add additional currency. Very similar to Soshenstar, your weekly checklist will look like this:

  1. Begin by heading to Ekene-Afa in Port Nyanzaru (Next to the Prince) and collecting all quests that you can, including all available Patrols, the quest 'Patrolling Omu', Gladiator's Bounty, Omu Trials, Camp Resupply (If you've progressed far enough), and Ruinous Heroics (if you've progressed far enough).
  2. Head to Eku, located in the mission area of Omu, and collect Fane of the Night Serpent (If you've progressed far enough up the middle tree).
  3. If you have 'Camp Resupply' - Head to the docks of Port Nyanzaru and interact with the box, then head to Soshenstar River. Travel all the way to Camp Vengence and talk with the man to deliver supplies. Then, head to Omu, head to the rest area, and talk to the other man to deliver the supplies and complete the weekly.
  4. If you have 'Heroic Endeavors' - Wait for people to call out in zone chat that a HE is up in whatever number instance. Switch to that instance if possible. If the instance has 20 people in it, ask for an 'invite to he' from whomever called out the instance. Accept any invite and switch to that persons instance. You need to head up to the Tyrant and complete the heroic encounter. If you have not yet received the achievement related to this HE, put in 'Say' chat asking people to protect the cages. The best time to do this heroic is on Monday when the reset happens.
  5. If you have 'Fane of the Night Serpent' - If you're strong enough, you can complete the instance on your own. If you need help, however, wait for someone advertising 'Fane' in zone chat, or advertise yourself, and join a group to complete the instance.
  6. As you are travelling around Omu, keep an eye out for hunt marks. Hit into one and kill it to complete another portion of Gladiator's Bounty.
  7. Pick up one of the daily quests at the rest area. For weaker characters, the easiest ones to complete is 'Lost Translations', which has you going around collecting 6 objects, and 'Royal Recovery', which involves taking a scroll and going to the blue areas, finding a small marker and activating it, then holding jump to fly up in the air and collect a royal scroll.
  8. Do 6 Patrols. You can repeat patrols if you want to, but you can only have one of each type of patrol in your quest log. Same as with Chult. While you can keep doing patrols as many times as you want throughout the week, only 6 count for the weekly and give you Totems, so there is no real reason to do more than 6 in a week.
  9. By now, your weekly haul is pretty close to full, but you'll still have some space left. At this point, all you can really do is continue completing repeatable blue quests. One that I would mention as being the easiest involves the wayward child soul that appears randomly around the map. If you come across him or see a random repeatable quest icon on your minimap, you should grab it. The quest involves escorting the child back to the palace, which is the large circle on the east side of the map. If you stay on your mount and go quick enough, you can reach the palace before the child stops talking. This prevents him from getting 'scared' and stopping, and allows you to quickly complete the quest. If he does get scared, you have to go up to him and 'beckon' to get him moving again.
  10. OPTIONAL: Fill up your second background pool of 25 totems from opening the treasure chests you got from your maps, or completing hunt lures. Completing a T1 lure gives you 1 Totem, a T2 gives you 2, and a T3 gives you 3. The game will notify you in red lettering when you have filled up this background pool, as it's hidden and you can't view it otherwise.

Patrols, Maps, Treasure

Patrols in Omu share the same format as patrols in Chult. You can get 6 treasure maps a week, and each patrol gives you 5 idols towards your weekly haul. The treasure chests that you dig up also contain voodoo dolls, in case you are still going for those achievements, as well as rings, refinement items, and additional idols. Below is a picture for all the map locations in Omu:

Omu Treasure Maps

Hunts and Farming

Exactly like Soshenstar, there are regular mobs that, when killed, have a chance of spawning rare mobs that, when killed, have a chance of dropping a T1 Trophy. When combined with a Razortyrannus Rex Spine this creates a T1 Lure which summons a T1 boss. When killed, that boss has a chance to drop a T2 component, etc. It really is basically the same as you've already seen. Just like with Chult, these achievements are much easier to get with assistance from your guild. You only need to be in the group when someone spawns it and it dies for the lore to pop up and for it to count towards the achievement. So if your guildmates are also farming for trophies, ask to come along with their hunts so you can get credit. This makes the achievements much easier. The following pictures show where the standard creatures to farm are located, as well as the locations of the hunt marks.

Omu Mob 1

Omu Mob 2

Omu Hunt 1

Omu Hunt 2

For the first hunting achievement, you need to be in the group that summons and kills each T1 hunt lure. To craft the lures, you must have the appropriate campaign task in Omu unlocked, or pass the components to a member of your guild who can craft them and give them back. The following are the creatures you need to farm for the rare creature spawn, and the trophy you need to drop. All T1 trophies are combined with a Razortyrannus Rex Spine that comes from a rare spawn of a Razortyrannus in crafting.

T1 Hunts:


Farm Sun Bears for a chance at a Rotting Sun Bear spawn, which has a chance of dropping a Plagued Paw. Combined with a Rex Spine creates a Bloody Giant's Cloak lure. Use it and defeat Polaris, who has a chance of dropping a Hoary Paw trophy.


Farm Thayans for a chance at a Magebreaker spawn, which has a chance of dropping a Magehunter's Helm. Combined with a Rex Spine creates a Horn of the Eotyrannus lure. Use it and defeat Musshussu, who has a chance of dropping a Musshussu's Talon trophy.


Farm Yuan-Ti for a chance at a Mind Whisperer spawn, which has a chance of dropping a Chipped Kris. Combined with a Rex Spine creates a Horn of the Ape lure. Use it and defeat Kutlass, who has a chance of dropping a Blood-caked Cutlass trophy.


Farm Undead for a chance at an Ancient Will'o'Wisp spawn, which has a chance of dropping a Sealed Wisp. Combined with a Rex Spine creates a Chultan Spirit Ward lure. Use it and defeat Malta, who has a chance of dropping a Cold Stones trophy.


Farm Lizards for a chance at a Beasttalker spawn, which has a chance of dropping a Driftwood Shield. Combined with a Rex Spine creates a Tyrannosaur Tail Meat lure. Use it and defeat Redfang, who has a chance of dropping a Redfang's Spear trophy.


Farm Spiders for a chance at a Red Recluse spawn, which has a chance of dropping a Red Recluse Venom. Combined with a Rex Spine creates a Giant Spider Pheromones lure. Use it and defeat Chitters, who has a chance of dropping a Chitter's Spinneret trophy.

Once you've killed each T1 Hunt boss for the first time and unlock the lore for each one, you will receive the achievement.

T2 Hunts:


Farm Polaris and Musshussu for a Hoary Paw and a Musshussu's Talon. Combine these two for a Giant Arrowroot lure. Use it and defeat Gigantopithecus, who has a chance of dropping a Gigantopithecus Tooth trophy.


Farm Kutlass and Malta for a Blood-caked Cutlass and a Cold Stones. Combine these two for a Soul in a Jar lure. Use it and defeat Erjelle, who has a chance of dropping a Severed Eyestalk trophy.


Farm Redfang and Chitters for a Redfang's Spear and a Chitter's Spinneret. Combine these two for a Thayan Enchanter's Rod lure. Use it and defeat Rasalas, who has a chance of dropping an Ensorcelled Manacles trophy.

Once you've killed each T2 Hunt boss for the first time and unlock the lore for each one, you will receive the achievement.

T3 Hunts:

The Tyrant:

Farm Gigantopithecus, Erjelle, and Rasalas for a Gigantopithecus Tooth, a Severed Eyestalk, and an Ensorcelled Manacles. Combine these three for a Rotten Flesh lure. Use it and defeat The Tyrant.

When you defeat The Tyrant lure, you will unlock the lore and get the achievement. You will not get this lore upon defeating the Tyrant Heroic Encounter, as he retreats before he can be killed.

In case you were never able to find Sun Bears or Lions in Chult, there are several consistant spawns of them in Omu. Lions can be found up near the Heroic Encounter for The Tyrant. Killing a Bear and a Lion, as well as the Chultan Tiger in Soshenstar, will get you the achievement:

Cradle of the Death God

Cradle of the Death God is a 10 player trial that is heavily mechanics based. The trial itself is relatively easy, and only becomes challenging if people don't understand the mechanics. You will find many groups asking only for experienced players when forming groups, but you will also see people doing 'practice' runs. It is strongly recommended you complete a few practice runs until you are completely fine with the mechanics. If you try to join an experienced group without experience yourself and fall off at the end, there is a high chance you will be kicked from the group. Cradle has three phases involved, with multiple phases within them that we'll go over. Note that, while reading about the mechanics and even watching a video will help prepare you, it does not compare to actual experience doing the trial. That being said, to unlock the achievement, you only need to complete the trial Once, and it's possible to be carried if you do fall at the end. Your best bet is to work with your guild and your alliance to get into a practice.

Phase 1A: The Elevator - Skulls

The first phase involves being on a descending elevator. Everyone groups up in the middle of the elevator, and enemies spawn that should be defeated. Eventually, a health bar will appear. At this point, if you look at the four sides of the elevator, you will see a large ghost head. On the opposite side of that ghost, a glowing skull will spawn. This skull will attach itself via a line to the nearest player when it spawns. That player must guide the skull across the elevator (Usually taking a half circle route that keeps the skull directly out of the middle) and stand on the edge that the ghost head is on. Everyone else must DPS the skull, keeping the skull between the DPS and the Ghost head. When the skull is 'defeated', it will be sent flying in whatever direction was in front of the last person that hit it. This works exactly the same as the runestones in FangBreaker Island, so when you're attacking the skull, you want to make sure you're 'aiming' it towards the ghost head. Positioning is Key to aiming. You will see the health bar lower when the skull hits the ghost head. If you wait too long to kill the skull, the skull will explode, and potentially knock someone off the elevator. Repeat this twice more to complete this part of the Elevator.

Phase 1B: The Elevator - Cubes

Everyone should collect back into the middle of the elevator, and two more waves of enemies will spawn. Defeat these enemies, and then everyone will move to a specific corner of the elevator. You will hear audio prompts from the Ghost head to indicate the next phase, where he will say 'Now, Fall!'. At this point, Phase 1B begins. The gears on the elevator will break, and a time limit will start. Enemies will start to spawn, but so will Gelatinous Cubes. Like the skulls, the cubes will attach themselves via a line to the closest person. You must pull the cube to the corner of the elevator, and THEN kill it, so that the goo will get 'stuck' on the gears and slow them. Killing the cube before it has moved close enough to a corner will waste a cube. You will be able to see that you were successful because the two gears at the corner will become sticky with a green goo, and your mission progress will go up by 2. The group will then move clockwise, another cube will spawn, and repeat. Your goal is to have a cube die in each corner so that it hits two gears at a time. If you fail too many times and the timer runs out, you will fail the trial. The only thing to worry about in this phase is if someone attacks the cube in the middle and kills it before it can be pulled close enough to the corners.

Phase 2: The Chords

After the last cube is killed and all the gears are stopped, the next phase will begin. You will be in a + shaped platform. On each side of the + is a Soulmonger's Chord, one on each side. As a group, you will focus on one chord, and then the other, before the whole group moves clockwise around the arena to the next two chords. You have a fairly generous amount of time to do this, but not an unlimited amount, as you will eventually be wiped if you don't kill all 8 chords fast enough. When running, keep an eye out for purple hands that can spawn and grab players, trapping them until either the player is killed, or the hand is. Be careful when running, as you do not want to fall off the platform. Only get as close to the Chord as you need to. Be warned that there is a lengthy cutscene after killing the 8th chord that, as of July 2018, can not be skipped. So if you die right before this cutscene starts and don't manage to scroll in time, you will be dead when the cutscene ends.

Phase 3: Giant Upset Demon Atropal

After the cutscene ends, the real fight begins. You will find yourself on a fairly narrow circular platform running all around the boss in the middle. If you fall off this platform, you are dead and completely out of the fight. The most important part of this trial is not falling off of the platform. So be careful about movement buffs that might make you run faster than you're expecting too, or attacks that might dash you forward off the platform and make you fall off, or any other number of things. This boss has multiple mechanics to try and kill you, so we will go over each one individually.

Mechanic 1: The Swirly Debuff

Throughout the fight, two players will receive a set of Double Arrows above them, and a large red circle underneath them. When you see this happen, wiggle your character to check if the arrows are on you. If they are, pull them towards the right and away from the group. Most of the group will be stacked up on each other, so it can be difficult to tell if the arrows are on you. If the debuff drops, the ground will have a white and blue swirled formation where the player who had the arrows was standing. Standing in this debuff lowers the amount of damage you do, so you do not want to be standing in this debuff. If someone doesn't pull the circle away and the debuff drops on the group, everyone in the group should shift to the left away from the swirl so they can continue doing their maximum damage. These debuffs will eventually fade away, but new arrows will spawn on players throughout the fight.

Mechanic 2: Hypothermia

The next mechanic Atropal will do is put Hypothermia on a player. You can tell this has happened by a set of four arrows in a North, South, East, West formation around a player, moving inwards and pointing towards them. This indicates that player has Hypothermia, much the same as in the Svardborg trial. Hypothermia does a significant amount of damage that is negated by having other players standing next to the person with Hypothermia. The more players they're standing next to, the less damage they take. This is why the group largely remains stacked up as often as they can, to prevent taking damage from Hypothermia.

Mechanic 3: The Pull/Push

This is the hardest mechanic involved in the entire trial, but becomes much easier when you have practice. This is the mechanic people refer to when requiring experienced players, sometimes referred to as PushPull, or p/p. At 75% health, you will suddenly start seeing 0's on your damage to Atropal. This indicates that a Pull/Push is about to occur and that you need to prepare for it. You usually have a good four to five seconds to prepare. There are multiple strategies to survive this mechanic, and practice makes perfect, but I will go over the strategy I use. When you start seeing 0's, start heading a little ways clockwise around the ring, and then move towards the outside edge of the ring, facing your character away from the boss. Moving away from where you were standing before helps avoid any red circles that might knock you around. The boss is going to duck down within the middle of the ring. Suddenly, he will start Pulling your character towards him with a suctioning force. Begin running directly away from the boss against the force of the pull. This will keep your character on the platform and avoid being pulled off. When the pull begins, start counting to 4. At 4 seconds, you will feel the force of the pull weaken compared to what it was when it started. You have about a half a second to immediately start running towards the boss, trying to get as close to the inner edge of the platform as you can. 4 seconds after the pull begins, the pull will weaken, and then the boss will Push everyone away from him. This forces you into a balancing act, where you want to be far enough away from the boss when the Pull starts so you don't get sucked off the platform into the middle of the ring, but you also want to let the pull take you close enough to the inside of the platform so that when he pushes, you won't be pushed off. If you fall, you die and are out of the fight. This is why practice and experience are necessary, as almost everyone falls their first time into Cradle. If too many people fall, there won't be enough remaining to survive Hypothermia, or continue the fight. Currently, if you wipe, you have to start completely over. Afterwards, everyone remaining on the platform groups back up and continues fighting like normal. The Pull/Push is guaranteed to happen at 75% and at 50% health.

Mechanic 4: Acerak

Continue fighting the boss like normal. He will do a Pull/Push at 75% health, then you can continue attacking, and then he will do another one at 50% health. At 25% health, the boss will start to dip down again, and Acerak will spawn on the platform. Everyone needs to kill Acerak as fast as you can. If his soul meter fills up completely, he will instantly kill everyone. How fast you kill him is usually dependent only on how many people managed to survive both Pull/Pushes. If you have over 7 people that remained on, you're usually fine as long as you have the DPS there, but if too many fell off, you won't kill him in time and he will kill everyone. You can tell you have defeated him as you will hear that Acerak has fled. At this point, an orange protection bubble will spawn where Acerak was, and everyone needs to stand in the bubble. If you don't stand on the bubble you'll be hit with a shockwave and killed.

Phase 4: Infanticide

After Acerak, Atropal will return, and the fight will continue. The main thing at this point is to just kill Atropal. He will continue doing all the same attacks he did before as usual. The only difference is that now, the Pull/Push is on a timer. After a certain period of time, Atropal will begin another Pull/Push that you need to survive. He will then return and, if once more you haven't killed him in time, he will do another Pull/Push. You have about a minute to a minute and a half to DPS Atropal down between each Pull/Push. He will keep doing this forever until you've finally defeated him, or he's managed to kill everyone in the group. Continue attacking him until he dies, and the trial is completed. The title should pop up as unlocked, and you'll successfully get the achievement. As of July 2018, if you all die at any point in Cradle, you must restart the entire trial, including the elevator and the chords.

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