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Mod 14 introduces the mystical land of Barovia, and another campaign with achievements for us to collect and complete. Mod 14 introduces a few changes to the game that are important to us, largely by making Seals of the Brave the default seals currency, which will greatly reduce the difficulty in getting the achievement for collecting all Primal Armor, as well as boosting up the ease at which new level 70 characters can gain gear. We also see a change to the amount of rough astral diamonds you can refine each day, and changing it so that it's per account, not exactly per character. There is also a (still contentious) change to the Need or Greed system, which introduces settings that automatically roll for you now on weaker gear. On the plus side, you won't have to roll so much anymore, but on the downside, there's no ability to pass on worthless items, so you might find them going into your inventory more and more.

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If you've already gone through the farming annoyance to complete all the hunts in Chult and Omu, then breathe easy. The achievements in this campaign are significantly easier to receive. There are 7 new achievements associated with Barovia, and 4 of them can be achieved relatively quickly all on your own, with the hunts related one being much easier with a solid group of guild mates or friends. The other two are your standard 'complete the related dungeon, complete the campaign', which will require you fill your weekly haul in a similar manner to Chult and Omu, and advance through the campaign tasks. Barovia shares the same type of system that was introduced for advancing the campaign, without the patrols each week and with a significant change to the hunting system, making it MUCH easier.

To start, visit Lord Neverember in Protector's Enclave to pick up the introduction quest associated with Barovia. It will send you to a map that looks suspiciously the same as your Stronghold to talk to the Duchess, then it will send you to Barovia, where you will have to do a few more yellow introduction quests as you get to know the new area. It is important that, when you reach the introduction to hunts by hunting Direfang, you go through with the quest and don't abandon it. If you do, you will need to go along with someone elses tutorial introduction to hunts in order to receive one of the achievements. This doesn't make one of the achievements missable, but if you reach the point where you go into the tent, do not back out and leave, because you will not be able to resume the hunt.

Barovia has a Day and Night cycle, which is a new introduction to the game. If you look on your minimap, above it you will see a rotating wheel with one half a picture of a sun, and one half a picture of a moon. You will see a pointer at the very top that indicates, based on where the wheel is, whether you are in the daytime or nighttime, as well as about how long is left depending on the rate of the wheel spinning. This is only important as some achievements and quests can only be obtained at night. Certain quests might still be in your quest log, but you might be unable to complete them as they might say Day only or Night only.

Scrying Stones

After the tutorial, the first thing to do is collect the three Scrying Stones. Don't put this off until later, as Neverwinter has a habit of randomly breaking the scrying stones for no apparent reason. There are three Scrying Stones within Barovia that we'll be heading around to grab.

1: Barovian Village
Located in the town up on the roofs, this one requires some jumping. Start at (1447, 1396) and jump up onto the roof. You then need to move North along the rooftops, then east, then south again jumping from roof to roof. The scrying stone is located in a balcony you need to jump to at coordinates (1686, 1379)

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2: Howling Hills
Start at (382, 532) and jump up the side of the cliff. The scrying stone is located at (507, 348)

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3: Ruins of Berez
This one is located at (2040, 734) and you need to drop down onto it from up above.

When you collect the third, you will receive:

Heroic Encounters

There are 7 total Heroic Encounters within Barovia that you will need to complete for another achievement. It is important that you check your journal after completing each one, and keep track of which one you have done, every time you complete one. To check your progress, head to Journal --> Achievements --> Heroic Encounters --> Barovian Hero. There are 6 minor Heroics to keep an eye out for on the map:

  1. Restless Dead -- (2458, 763)
  2. Merchant Misery -- (1561, 1904)
  3. Martikov Merchants -- (2028, 800)
  4. The Howling -- (650, 627)
  5. The Taken -- (1660, 208)
  6. Hostage! -- (185, 976)

Currently, you must be solo as you complete these Heroic Encounters, or they won't count. If it doesn't register in your journal, it's because you weren't solo. Make sure you also keep track of which one it was that counted, as there is no in game way of telling which heroic counted and which one didn't, and you have to do all of them, not just any of them 7 times.

The 7th heroic is the Yester Hills heroic, which you will often see called out in zone chat similar to how the King of Spines heroic and the Tyrant heroic were called out in Chult and Omu. This heroic appears sparingly, and just like with those areas, you want to try and join a group of whoever calls out the instance and join their instance to head there. The heroic is fairly straightforward, and involves defeating a certain amount of enemies, then a boss. Make sure you have a group of people with you as, unlike the minor heroics, this one is difficult to solo. Also like the minor heroics, make sure you confirm that it registered.

When you complete all 7 heroics, and they all register, you'll unlock the title and the achievement:

There is another Random Event type occurance on the map, which only happens at night. There is a miniboss that will pop up called the Night Terror. Where he spawns seems to be random, and the only clue is you will occasionally see a voice prompt pop up hungering for your flesh. This means that a Night Terror is somewhere nearby. To get another achievement, you need to defeat this Night Terror. Unlike other aspects of the game, hitting into the Night Terror is not enough. You need to do a significant amount of damage, or be engaged in combat for a significant amount of time, for it to register. It's hard to tell how much damage you need to do, but a good metric is where the Night Terror is in health when you arrive. If it has full health, you should be fine with it registering, however if it's about to die and you only get a couple hits, it will likely not count. Their spawns do seem random and all over the map, but only at night. Eventually when you find one and are able to fight it enough for it to register, you'll receive the achievement:

Hunts - Wanted Posters

Hunts have been dramatically reworked from their Chult and Omu counterparts. Although the tiered structure stays the same, the hunts now take the form of Wanted Posters. When you collect a wanted poster, you and a group of your choosing can head to Madame Eva's tent, where you will enter a private map. You then choose the poster you have with Madame Eva. At this point, she will give you three 'clues'. During the hunt, you will be chasing this creature around a private Barovia map, and the three clues relate to the area the creature will spawn, and in what order that creature can be found. You will proceed through the three areas, with the creature fleeing twice, until you finally defeat it at the third area.

One thing Hunts do have in common with the ones in Chult and Omu are the additional campaign currency you can get outside of your Weekly Haul by completing them. You can get an additional 25 Omens from completing hunts each week, with more omens coming from completing higher tiered hunts.

Tier 1:

There are four Tier 1 hunts that you need to complete, and they are as follows:

  1. Bolgera
  2. Lycosa
  3. Direfang*
  4. Gnarly Jak

Direfang is the hunt you do via a yellow tutorial quest. This creature should already have been defeated during the tutorial. If for some reason you failed, or abandoned and lost the quest, you need to join someone else for their introduction quest. The other three Tier 1 Wanted Posters are obtained either by buying them off the Tarmalune Trade House, or finding them via drops from creatures in Barovia. Creatures such as Witches or Vampires have a higher drop rate of the Wanted Posters, but they have a random chance of dropping from any enemy. There is no specific creature to farm for a specific wanted poster, each creature drops a random poster. Make sure you keep track of which hunts you have completed.

Tier 2:

There are three Tier 1 hunts that you need to complete, and they are as follows:

  1. Nemilos
  2. Puppet
  3. Cusca

Obtaining the Tier 2 Wanted Posters is done by either buying them off the Tarmalune Trade House, or obtaining them upon completion of Tier 1 Hunts. When you defeat a Tier 1 hunt, each person within the instance with you has a chance of randomly receiving one of the Tier 2 Wanted Posters. Once again, it is random which poster they might receive as no Wanted Poster is attributed to any specific hunts, and it's possible that multiple people can get different drops from the same completion of a Tier 1 Hunt.

Tier 3:

There are three Tier 3 hunts that you need to complete, and they are as follows:

  1. The Sister of Fury
  2. Lazaric
  3. Ras Manca

Obtaining the Tier 3 Wanted Posters is the exact same as the Tier 2, only the drops come from completion of the Tier 2 Hunts. In a way, you're working your way up the chain. Completion of a Tier 3 Hunt doesn't drop a Wanted Poster, and just drops gear and rewards.

Fastest Method For Achievement Without Paying

Obviously, if you have Astral Diamonds, the fastest way to get this achievement is to buy the Wanted Posters off the Trade House. This is largely unnecessary, however, and really just wastes your diamonds. The best method to obtaining all ten hunts is to get a group of five people together, either from a Gaming Session or from your guild. Each person ideally should have two or three Tier 1 Wanted Posters to put towards the group. You likely won't need to use all of them, but you want to make sure the group has at least one of each Tier 1 poster so you can get the Tier 1 hunts completed. When you complete a Tier 1 hunt, every person in the group gets a chance at obtaining a random Tier 2 Poster. With five people in the group, this is five chances that you'll get a Tier 2 poster. The drop rate is pretty good, that on average one or two people are going to get a poster from each hunt. The RNG largely comes from whether you get the poster you end up specifically needing, but as there are only three T2 and three T3 options, your odds are fairly good with a full group. Go through and complete the hunts for Bolgera, Lycosa, and Gnarly Jak, making sure you pass Party Leader to whichever person you've determined will be using their poster. Everyone in the group that's in the instance at the time gets credit towards completing the hunt, so only the person set as Party Leader loses their poster.

At this point, take stock in what posters you've received from doing the first three. Ideally, you want the group to have a Nemilos poster, a Puppet poster, and a Cusca poster. It's possible some people will have duplicates, and you will likely have more than three T2 posters as a group, but you want at least one of each for the achievement. If you don't have one of each, you need to do some more T1 hunts untill someone gets the poster you're missing. Go through and do Nemilos, Puppet, and Cusca, making sure people call out what posters they've received.

Just like with T2, you need to make sure you organize your group to find out who got what poster off the completion of the T2 hunts. Ideally, you want a poster for The Sister of Fury, Lazaric, and Ras Manca. If your group has all three posters, you're set, and you only need to make sure you complete each of the T3 hunts once. If you haven't gotten all the T3 posters, either continue doing the T2 posters that you do have, or go back and start from the beginning, doing a T1 posters until people in the group get T2, then doing those until you have the T3 posters you need. As of release, the drop rates on the posters are very generous, so it's not entirely worth it to purchase a T3 poster directly from the Trade House. Do it only if you have a rich player in the group who doesn't mind wasting their diamonds.

When you defeat all three T1, all three T2, and all three T3 hunts, you should receive the achievement. If you don't, it might be because you somehow skipped the tutorial hunt with Direfang. Missing Direfang can occur if you go on a hunt before completing the introduction to hunts quest. To get Direfang, all you need to do is tag along on someone elses introduction hunt, so ask around in your guild or alliance. Otherwise, if you've completed the ten hunts, you'll get the achievement:

Completing the Campaign

The Ravenloft Campaign follows a similar format to the Jungles of Chult. You have a Weekly Haul that fills up by doing blue weekly quests and repeatable quests within Barovia. The left side of the campaign window has a path that snakes upwards, and involves advancing the story of Barovia, unlocking new weekly quests and increasing your Weekly Haul along the way. Just like with Chult, you should advance all the way towards the top to unlock Castle Ravenloft and increase your Weekly Haul before going towards the boons. This will save you time in your completion, as it will increase how many Omens you can collect each week, which is the new campaign currency involved with Barovia. You will reach a point where you have a yellow quest labelled Castle Ravenloft. Note that this is an instanced quest, and doesn't actually require you complete the dungeon with the same name.

The main quest giver within Barovia is Ezmerelda D'Avenir, found next to the well within the Barovian Village. After you complete your yellow introduction quests, you will be able to pick up repeatable quests and weekly quests from both her, and inside the tavern you were directed towards during the introduction. You are able to do these weekly and repeatable quests as many times as you want, however you will only collect omens up to when your Weekly Haul is filled. Unlike with Chult and Omu, there is no seperate hidden pool for hunts. The omens you collect within hunts will go towards your standard weekly haul. You can also receive another 25 Omens from completing 'Storming the Castle', a weekly Stronghold Siege quest that you receive from the Master of Coin in the stronghold, but this also goes towards your standard weekly haul. When you have completed every campaign task, including collecting all of the boons, you will unlock the achievement:

Weekly Routine

  1. Begin by heading to Ezmerelda D'Avenir in Barovia and collecting all available quests that you can, including any weekly quests such as Dark Heroics and Lighting the Fires. Head inside the tavern where you can grab other repeatable quests, including the Shadow of Strahd weekly from Vikov Ulrich if you have it.
  2. If you have 'Lighting the Fires' -Head nearby to Ezmerelda and visit Bildrath Cantemir, who has a box next to him that will let you pick up supplies. You must go around the map to the four campfires and interact with them. The four campfires are found at: (2095, 1854), (769, 1309), (500, 784), and 2076, 161). You will know you have interacted with the campfire as there will no longer be a blue quest circle underneath it. Head back to Ezmerelda and turn the quest in.
  3. If you have 'Dark Heroics' - Wait for people to call out in zone chat that a Yester Hill HE (Also referred to as Yes, Yest, or HE) is up in whatever number instance. Switch to that instance if possible. If the instance has 20 people in it, ask for an 'invite to he' from whomever called out the instance. Accept any invite and switch to that persons instance. You will need to head to Yester Hill at (679, 1561) and you and others will need to complete the heroic. You want a group if possible, and you need to defeat 50 incoming enemies. You then will have 5 druids that you need to defeat as fast as possible. A boss will spawn afterwards, and the faster you kill the druids, the less health he will have. When the boss spawns, defeat him and complete the heroic. Then, you need to do three other heroic encounters around the map. Refer to the minor heroics list above if you're unsure what heroics there are, and find whichever ones are active on the map. Head there, complete it, and the quest is done.
  4. If you have 'Company of Wolves' - Head into the tavern and talk to Szoldar Szoldarovich to go into the instance. Follow the tracks and defeat the enemies along the way. Eventually you'll head into a werewolf den, defeat a werewolf, then come out and have loads of fun defeating some more. Return to the tavern afterwards to deliver the quest.
  5. If you have 'The Old Bonegrinder' - Head into the tavern and talk to Danika Dorakova to go into the instance. Follow the trail, defeating the spiders so you can defeat a witch, then continuing until you can fight another witch and a 'Fearcrow'. Afterwards, head into the Bonegrinder. Find the bucket of water and interact with it. Interact with the cauldron to spawn a creature, then defeat it and the witch. Free the prisoners, grab the plans, head to the exit, turn the quest in.
  6. If you have 'Shadow of Strahd' - The pickup point for this quest is within the tavern. You can only do the first part of this quest during night. Wait for the nighttime, then run around the little town looking for Curious Barovians. When you find one, interact with them to show them the holy symbol. At that point, they will either turn into an enemy via a swarm of bats, or nothing will happen. If they turn into an enemy, defeat them and pick up the item they drop. Do this until you have defeated three enemies. You will then be tasked with traveling towards a part of the map to 'deliver' these items, where you will be able to fight the Master Spy. Defeat him, and the quest is completed.
  7. Grab 'Storming the Castle' from your guild stronghold, and join a sh siege group that are usually advertised within Barovia or Protector's Enclave. This will reward you with 25 additional omens that will go towards your weekly haul. You should try to do this earlier in the week, as there are less groups ran at the end of the week, and public queuing is virtually impossible.
  8. To finish off filling up your weekly haul, you can either continue doing blue repeatable quests, or join a hunt group. As there is no seperate pool like previous campaigns for hunt rewards, the omens you collect from completing the hunts will also go towards filling your weekly haul. You get 5 omens for each repeatable quest, and a varying amount of omens depending on the difficulty level of the hunts you go on.

Defeating Vampires

Barovia adds on an achievement that harkens back to the base game achievement list, in requiring you to kill 100 vampires in Barovia. This is an achievement you quite possibly may get as you progress through the weeks completing the campaign, however it's possible you might miss this if you don't end up spending a huge amount of time in the area. If you want to grind this achievement on your own, head to the SE part of the map, in the Ruins. There are vampires scattered about the ruins that you can defeat. They look like this:

What is a Vampire? We may never know.

You can find them all over the ruins if you travel around for a while, but near to the ruins, the Taken! Heroic Encounter will spawn. If you see this spawn, head over as there will be 9 vampires within the encounter that you can kill. There are also many within the dungeon Castle Ravenloft if you intend on going through that dungeon frequently. If you want to keep track of how many you have killed, go to Journal --> Achievements --> Slayer --> Vampire Slayer. When you reach 100, you'll unlock:

Castle Ravenloft

Coming Soon!

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