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The Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire

Mod 15 introduces Acquisitions Incorporated to the world of Neverwinter with a new campaign, as well as overall changes to the game itself. Unlike most of the campaigns, this one is designed to be progressed through while a character levels up, and can be started very early on and progressed through while going through the rest of the game. This mod doesn't introduce much in the way of new endgame progression content, so for those already at the max level before this mod was released, this will serve as an easy break to allow more focus towards the previous mods achievements, such as Chult or Barovia. This walkthrough page will largely focus on the achievements itself related to this campaign. If you are working on this campaign while still working your way to level 70 but aren't familiar with many of the concepts like Weekly Haul or campaigns in general, please read: Neverwinter Walkthrough The only difference with this campaign largely is that you can start it before you reach level 70 and access the main bulk of the endgame. Most of the achievements for this mod are found in the various weekly quests upon progression.

Beginning the Campaign

Once you reach level 15, you will see flyers variously around Protector's Enclave, including one directly next to where Sgt. Knox stands. Grab one of these flyers to attend a Blacklake Job Fair. This quest, and several other quests, serve as the introduction to the Acquisitions Inc. Story, but don't have any achievements related to them. Skip through the dialogue if you're not too interested, or follow along if it's enjoyable enough.

Upon completion of the introductory quests, you will finally gain entrance to the Acquisitions Incorporated headquarters. Look for the building next to the gigantic airship within Protector's Enclave, down where the marketplace is. Once you're allowed in, you'll get your first opportunity for an achievement. There are three scrying stones withing the AI Headquarters, however you only need one. Upon entering the building, head upstairs and you'll find a scrying stone on the table near the large picture of Jim Darkmagic. Viewing this stone will grant you the first achievement for the mod:

Orientation (Dungeon Maintanence)

The first major task you are given is to go through the standard orientation process for AI. This will be the first weekly repeatable quest to collect campaign currency. You're supposed to progress down a ride, but the ride breaks down and you have to go on foot. There are two achievements within this quest, one being near the beginning and the other being closer to the end. The first involves picking up a cursed sword, which you will find in the first room you have to enter after the ride breaks down. The sword will be on your left. Walk up and interact with it to die instantly...but also receive the achievement.

Cursed Blade

The next achievement within this quest occurs once you get to the final orientation room. This achievement is missable in the sense that if you don't do it fast enough, you'll need to restart the quest or come back another week to try again. Once you open the door into the room where the treasure is supposed to be, a goblin will dart from right to left across your screen. You need to quickly kill this goblin with whatever ranged move you have, or disrupt it so you can kill it, before it reaches the tunnel. If it reaches the tunnel and disappears, you'll have to restart the quest from the beginning to get another chance at the goblin. The video below should help show what it looks like so you can be better prepared before opening the door. If you're having a hard time killing the goblin in time, come back to this achievement later on.

Retrieval Operation

The next repeatable weekly quest has another achievement in it, however this achievement requires completing the quest five times to obtain through ordinary means. While there is a way to get around the limitations and obtain the achievement earlier, there is no real need to as you will need to do the weekly five times overall anyway by the time you complete the campaign and get other achievements. Therefore for the walkthrough, we'll only cover the standard way of obtaining this achievement. If you want to get it faster, look up the solution for the achievement.

In Retrieval Operation, you need to drop down into an area with lava, steal three feathers, then coax a Deep Crow out of its nest to steal the egg and escape. The next campaign related achievement requires you collect 15 feathers overall. This means that you need to complete the quest five times, stealing three feathers to progress each time. You can do this over the four weeks it's going to take to complete the campaign overall, with the first week also including the yellow 'story' quest which is the same as the repeatable. This means the first week you unlock the ability to do this quest, make sure you pick up the repeatable version after your first completion and get your second out of the way.

Eventually, after completing the quest for the fifth time, you'll have collected 15 feathers overall and will unlock the achievement:

Convention Infiltration

The next repeatable weekly quest has another achievement within it. You can get this achievement the first yellow quest that takes you into the convention, but if you miss it somehow, you can repeat with each weekly repeatable. The achievement associated with this quest is rather easy and only requires that you don't rush through skipping dialogue at every opportunity. Until you have the achievement, make sure to choose all the white optional dialogue before continuing with red, yellow, or orange.

The quest starts by sending you into the basement to retrieve parts, then sending you off to Mantol-Derith to attend a convention. Before you can get there, you're going to need to speak to the mechanic Mella, and she's going to require you retrieve a certain amount of balloons from balloon vendors and a certain amount of parts from parts vendors. These vendors are all relatively close to the mechanic, and the blue zones on your mini map will give you general areas for them. You can go to different balloon vendors to receive different amounts of the 10 balloons you need, but you will always be sent to the same three parts vendors. One of these vendors, the one near a wall, will want you to tell Mella 'Baryl says hello'. You'll be able to hear this via an audio queue, and within the writing of the vendor. Make sure you go through all the dialogue for these vendors to make sure. When you've gotten the balloons and parts you need, return to Mella. Make sure, when you return to Mella, that you choose the white dialogue option 'Baryl says hello' before getting too far ahead. Once you do, the title and achievement will unlock:

Afterwards, you can continue on the quest like normal, which will take you into a convention of behemoths. Before any of them will talk to you, you need to go to the bartender and get a 'fez' which will make you a member of the convention and get all the behemoths talking. Talk to the three the game sends you to, which are different each time, and then try to leave and fight your way out.

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