3. Neverwinter Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Before You Begin

The story is broken down into different sections and areas that you will progress through as you level, but there are three different types of achievements to mention before we begin. A very large portion of achievements within Neverwinter are what I consider 'On the Way' achievements, in that you will get these without making any effort towards getting them as you work towards other achievements. It is very difficult to accurately predict where and when you will unlock these achievements, as the MMO is rather open in how you can do things. The first type of achievement involves reaching so many 'kills' of different enemy types. While you progress through the game, you'll reach areas where you will find an enemy type, like orcs. Do not waste your time grinding kills in these areas for the kill related achievements. You are going to kill so many of each enemy type while working towards other achievements that most of them don't need to be worried about. The only kill related achievement that you will end up needing to grind will be when you are killing dragons, but that will be explained later on in the walkthrough.

The second achievement is related to Scrying Stones. Each area usually will have three collectibles within it called Scrying Stones. These are purple glowing objects that make a sound when you're near them and, when activated, they show a brief zoom through the area they're associated with. Always prioritize getting these Scrying Stones. For some reason, Neverwinter enjoys breaking the Scrying Stones frequently by either making them randomly inaccessible, or just forgetting about them. They almost always fix the achievement related to them eventually, but it's best to just be proactive in always getting them as fast as possible. Don't ever leave a Scrying Stone Achievement incomplete because they're 'easy and you can do it later'. You risk Neverwinter breaking it.

The third achievement has to do with pieces of Lore. When you receive a new lore, a black box will appear at the top of your screen with writing on it that you can dismiss. Lore can be acquired numerous ways, including randomly when you enter or move around an area, but frequently it is acquired by coming across a shimmering object you can interact with. If you find an object like this, grab it for the lore, but don't feel you need to grind this achievement. There will be FAR past 250 lore opportunities within the game that you will eventually receive the achievement for collecting 250 pieces.

The last thing to mention is in regards to Deeds and the story. When you open your journal and scroll over to Campaigns, you will see all the different 'Sword Coast Chronicles'. Progressing through the story usually means completing these different deeds which require completion of specific quests. Each area really doesn't need a detailed walkthrough on what to do for the quests as they are all typically "Go here and kill/collect/rescue/interact with this thing". They also follow the same type of structure where you will receive some yellow quests in one section of the map, complete them, then return them for more yellow quests where you'll be taken to a different area of the map to complete those. Continue on until you've completed the quests required for the deed and eventually the area is completed. Sgt. Knox in Protector's Enclave is usually the beginning and end point of a deed. If you ever get lost on what to do next, go find him in PE and see what quests he's offering.

Sleeping Dragon Bridge - Tutorial

At the start of the game you will spawn on a beach and go through a few missions explaining the game's controls to you. Throughout the game, there will always be a sparkling line on the ground directing you to the objective of your current quest. This makes missing things almost impossible. The tutorial is comprised of the 4 following quests...

(all quests listed in the following format: Quest name - quest giver - quest location if not in the same zone - quest description)

Signs of Life - Private Wilfred - equip yourself and heal up at a campfire
Battlefield Triage - Lt. Linkletter - give first aid to wounded soldiers
Broken Arrow - Dell McCourt - collect arrows from the battlefield
Sleeping Dragon Bridge - Private Hawthidon - fight towards and defeat the harbinger

You will also be able to complete your first deed in your journal, The Sleeping Dragon Bridge. Make sure you claim your reward for the deed to be completed.

Return of the Crown - Protector's Enclave

After you have defeated the harbinger, you will have gained entry to the games main city and central hub. You will be returning to Protectors Enclave a lot. This is where you get all the quests to travel to new areas, visit vendors, find groups for content, and other such things.

The game will direct you to a character named Sgt Knox, this will be the man you talk to every few levels to obtain your quest to travel to a new area. Before talking to him however, head south of him. Next to the stairs is a man by the name of Gaius Aurulus standing next to a purple orb. Talk to this man after you are at least level 4 to obtain a quest to find all three scrying orbs in the Enclave. The first orb is right next to him and the quest path will guide you right to the other two. There is an achievement for locating all the orbs in the story areas and these 3 are the only ones the game helps you find. Their map locations are as follows...

1061, 926 - next to quest giver
1072, 1284 - out in open
-97, 796 - out in open

Head up and talk to General Knox after locating the scrying stones. He will give you a series of quests to level up a bit and to lead you into the games next area. The missions you will have to complete are as follows:

Rags to Riches - Sergeant Knox - get clothing
The Theft of the Crown - Sergeant Knox - investigate the vault
Finding Honor - Sergeant Knox - locate a thief named Honor
The Trail of the Crown - Sergeant Knox - travel to the Blacklake district

This will complete the first half of the deed 'Return of the Crown'.

Return of the Crown - Blacklake District

From here on, you will have to locate the scrying stones utilizing the game map. To see the in game map, hold cn_LB and hit cn_up. This will show you the area in which you are standing. From here hit cn_back and you will be able to scroll around the map to see farther away areas. All the orbs are listed by their coordinates on the map. If the number you are seeking is not in the range of the map you are standing in, you will be traveling to another map in the same zone with a new set of coordinates later. The Chasm is one such area but most orbs are always on the same map. The locations of the scrying stones in Blacklake District are as follows...

782, 2251 - behind broken wall
260, 1985 - in water behind boat
522, 1589 behind snapped tree

Blacklake is a small area and there are not many quests here. Keep in mind that the listed quests for areas are not the only quests you can receive in any given area. Each area has side quests that do not apply to the main story as well as bonus quests for characters of a certain race, class, etc. The quests you will be required to complete for this zone are as follows...

Seeking a Suspect - Private Hawthidon - search known hangouts
The Dead Rats - Private Hawthidon - raid the dead rats hideout
Nashing of Teeth - Private Hawthidon - fight nashers
Hot on the Trail - Private Hawthidon - meet with ally near nasher safe house
Close to the Crown - Zoey Fargo - raid nasher safe house
Cornering Karzov - Zoey Fargo - recover the crown

Completing the quest Cornering Karzov will complete the deed Return of the Crown.

Benign Order of the Third Eye

This deed doesn't exactly tie to a direct area, and is more done while you progress through other areas. This deed shows you your first taste of what a task oriented campaign will be. This type of campaign will be seen at the endgame, where you need to collect so much of a certain currency before you can complete a task, which will let you move up the chain and perform the next task. This campaign is going to have you collecting various drops within the Tower District and completing a few other quests. When you complete all the tasks within the Deed window, you'll complete the Benign Order of the Third Eye deed.

Tower District

The locations of the 3 scrying stones in the Tower District are as follows...

292, 1195 - on rocks next to tower
738, 1114 - inside ruined building
1298, 394 - on path to dungeon behind banners

There is a lot to do in the tower district. Close to the entrance of the map is a random achievement for jumping into a hole and taking a leap of faith. The location is 320,1168 on the map and you will want to go to the upper entrance around back. Just jump in the hole for the achievement. This is the area where you will start making progress towards killing orcs The quest line to follow in the Tower District is as follows...

Trouble in the Tower District - Sergeant Knox @ Protectors Enclave - travel to tower district
Saving the Guards - Sergeant Creed - rescue 5 captured guards
Ending the Torture - Sergeant Creed - kill 25 orcs
Lost Dispatch - Sergeant Creed - recover lost dispatch
Sewer Crawl - Captain Janros - defeat nasher rebel leader
Bringing to Task - Captain Janros - kill orc taskmasters
Supply Recovery - Captain Janros - recover supply crates
Returning the Pain - Captain Janros - defeat Kartok Paingiver
Spying the Cloak Tower - Captain Janros - travel to meet an ally
Conquest for Gruumsh - Scout Gaelen - gather 3 battle plans
The Eyes have it - Scout Gaelen - kill 5 warders around camp
Fists of the Warband - Scout Gaelen - enter barracks and kill warband leaders

Into the Cloak Tower - This is your first opportunity at a dungeon, and the quest must be completed to earn completion of the deed, so grab the quest and queue for the dungeon. When you've completed the dungeon you can turn the quest in.

If you haven't reached level 10 by now, you certainly will by the completion of this district.

The next 3 will require you to make one or more trips back to the Protectors Enclave as you advance in levels. In your pause screen, under quests, as you hit new level milestones you will sometimes get special quests that teach you about new abilities you have unlocked. At level 11 there will be a quest to learn about invocation. You will have to travel to Protectors Enclave and find an altar at the top of the long stairs and learn to call upon your god of choice for the first time, but afterwards you can pray at any rest area or, if you have VIP, you can pray anywhere. This is very helpful to do while playing as many times as possible, as it's easy and gives you refining stones and other bonuses.

Completing the quests Returning the Pain, Fists of the Warband, and Into the Cloak Tower will complete the Tower District Deed.

The Plague Tower

At level 14, you can receive a quest from General Knox entitled "troubled times". This is the first of 4 side quests referred to as the "spellplague arc". Just follow the quest lines and complete these four missions for the next achievement.

Troubled Times - Sergeant Knox - help spell scarred wife Dorothea
The Wizard's Folly - Sergeant Knox - learn more about Rhazzad
Spellburst - Sergeant Knox - find Josef in beggar's nest
The Plague Tower - Sergeant Knox - kill Rhazzad

At level 16 you will get a special quest from Seargent Knox to obtain your first companion. He will task you with heading to the Grand Emporium in Protectors Enclave to talk to the companion merchant. Companions are NPCs that follow you around and help you in battle. You will be tasked with purchasing one from a store in the Protectors Enclave and you have a choice between a few different ones. The healer is a good option for most classes except the cleric. Don't stress too much about your choice as you will be able to acquire many different companions, and most will be better than the beginning one you receive. Once you pick one, you have to use the item in your inventory to bind them to you, then you can go to the companions tab in the menu to summon them.

Completing the quests Troubled Times and The Plague Tower will complete The Plague Tower Deed

Blackdagger Ruins

The locations for the 3 scrying stones in Blackdagger Ruins are as follows...

728, 161 - in the water
-600, 106 - up in the rocks
511, 1303 - drop onto from ledge above

Blackdagger Ruins is overrun by bandits. This is good news for your 500 bandit kills achievement. Once again, you will most likely get all 500 kills normally but this is the area to be if you end up needing to grind these out later on.
The main quest line you must follow in this area is as follows:

Trouble at the Broken Crown - Sergeant Knox @ Protectors Enclave - travel to Blackdagger
Hunting for a Harper - Seven Toes - examine dead bodies
Light on the Rocks - Old Lenn - light 3 shore beacons
Salvaging Order - Xilliana - recover orders, supplies and equipment
Salvaging Salvagers - Xilliana - kill 5 bandit salvagers
The Sea Caves - Xilliana - search sea caves for clues (
Seeking Goldseeker - Xilliana - confront Melkhor Goldseeker
The Lost Caravan - Melkhor Goldseeker - investigate mine base camp
The Hidden Mine - Sergeant Yates - kill gnoll bandit leader
The Harper's Watch - Sergeant Yates - meet up with a spy
Bloodying the Bandits - Garl Gnarlclaw - defeat some bandits
Grimstone Keep - Garl Gnarlclaw - kill Jareth Grim

There are 2 more level related achievements you can earn here. The first is available when you reach level 20 and this is the ability to purchase a mount. The standard white mount is a horse, but you can always use the Tarmalune Trade House to find a cheap mount that will likely be better, as long as you have enough astral diamonds to cover the cost. To get the standard free mount, however, you can visit Sgt. Knox. Then, all you have to do is head to Protectors Enclave and talk to a NPC about purchasing a mount. You will get a mount token to rent a mount in your level specific treasure chest in your inventory. Having a mount is important as it dramatically improves your movement speed and gets you everywhere faster. The better rating a mount, whether it be blue, purple, or legendary, the faster your movement speed can be.

The other achievement is available at level 21. You will earn an artifact to equip to your character. Artifacts are just another piece of equipment you can put on your character, however they also come with an activate power that does different things depending on the artifact. At max level, you'll be able to have 4 artifacts at once, however only the artifact at the top position can have their activate power used. Open the special quest in the menu and follow the quest path to talk to the artifact vendor in Protectors Enclave. You have 3 to choose from to start. Pick whichever one suits your play style best and the following achievement is yours.

Blackdagger Ruins is the location of the dungeon "Cragmire Crypts" if you would like to continue working on the "Dungeoneering" achievement.

Once you have completed The Sea Caves, Grimstorm Keep, and Bloodying the Bandits, you will complete the Blackdagger Ruins Deed

Neverdeath Graveyard

The locations for the 3 scrying stones in Neverdeath are as follows...

-347, -267 on top of huge boulder
141, -510 among rocks, drop from above
652, 50 jump up in between statues

Neverdeath is where you first start seeing undead and kobolds, and where you will start progressing towards the 500 kills for each of them. You will encounter both of these creature types many times later on in the game as well, but eventually the two achievements will pop.

The final story quest in this area is called the Clockwork Guild Tomb. This is a fairly long dungeon type mission in which you are setting giant clocks to open passageways. During this mission there are 2 enemy types you will want to keep an eye out for. One is the Mimic. There are multiple Mimics in the game but if you make sure to kill the one here you will not have to worry about killing them later if you happen to miss them. Mimics are treasure chests that turn into monsters when you try to open them. Search every corner and open every chest and you will certainly find one, but you will also find these often in later parts of the game. The other creature is nearly unmissable. The quest path takes you right into a Gelatinous Cube. This is a giant green blob in the shape of a cube. Make sure to kill this when you see it for an achievement later in the game.

The names of the quests you must complete for this location are as follows...

Grave News - Sergeant Knox @ Protectors Enclave - travel to Neverdeath
The Missing Doomguides - Doomguide Volahk - find the missing doomguides
The Undead and the Dying - Doomguide Volahk - rescue the doomgides
Rest in Peace - Doomguide Orran - plant banners and slay the dead
Red Rituals - Doomguide Volahk - retrieve and smash amulet
Dragon Attack - Tristopher Chettllebell - rescue Zami Monini
Enter the Dragons - Hareper Windle - collect cultist orders
History Lessons - Tristopher Chettllebell - recover pages and book from tomb
Artifact Snatch - Harper Windle - collect Waterclock guild artifacts
Wheels Within Wheels - Hareper Windle - activate the guild seals
Opening the Way - Tristopher Chettllebell - open the shadow lock
Clockwork Guild Tomb - Tristopher Chettllebell - explore the tomb and kill Shoth

Neverdeath Graveyard is where you will encounter your first dragon, Charthraxas. These dragon encounters are timed events that show up in each instance every so often. These dragons are part of the Tyranny of Dragons campaign, and while there is a kill achievement for dragons, don't go out of your way trying to defeat this one. Many of the zones past this point will have a dragon within them, but there are MUCH more efficient ways to farm your achievement for killing 1000 dragons. So kill Charthraxas if he's there, but otherwise move on.

Neverdeath is the location of the "Cloak Tower" dungeon if you would like to work on the "Dungeoneering" achievement.

Completing the quests Dragon Attack, Opening the Way, and The Clockwork Tomb will complete the Neverdeath Deed.

Helm's Hold

When you hit level 30 you will earn the following achievement...

The scrying stones for Helm's Hold are in the following locations...

1797, 658 - climb broken tree and leap across
879, 1718 - climb building wall
1210, 1851 - leap up side of cliff

Helm's Hold is where you're going to first start seeing Devils as a creature type. While you're going to make heavy progress towards this achievement here, you're likely going to finish it up while you're doing the Maze Engine campaign later on. Either grind here or wait till later for it to pop on its own and you will eventually reach the kills you need.

The quest line to follow for this area are as follows...

Deviltry in Helm's Hold - Sergeant Knox @ Protectors Enclave - travel to Helms Hold
Death to the Devils - Captain Dunfield - slay imps on the battlefield
Thin Their Numbers - Captain Dunfield - slay hellfire warlocks
Take Out Their Leads - Captain Dunfield - slay legion devils
Arms of the Dead - Captain Dunfield - search battlefield for weapons
Healing the Scar - Brother Satarin - purify the wells
Suffer the Poisoners - Brother Satarin - get samples of poison
Escape from Scar Alley - Brother Satarin - help refugees escape
The Treacherous Sucm - Brother Satarin - kill branded zealots
The Underscar - Brother Satarin - slay the shepard of the damned
Heal the Breach - Dassar Truebow - slay erinyes or magi
Shields of Vigilance - Dassar Truebow - recover the shields of helm
Hunting the Summoners - Dassar Truebow - slay summoners
The Crypt of Vigilance - Dassar Truebow - slay Halas the pure
Hidden Council - Dassar Truebow - meet councilwoman Callum
Hell Reaver - Councilwoman Callum - kill hellfire magus and legion devils
Devilish Injustice - Councilwoman Callum - gather wanted posters
The Being from Beyond - Councilwoman Callum - summon Hexabaal
The Sanatorium - Councilwoman Callum - kill the prophet Rohini

Completing The Underscar, The Being from Beyond, and The Sanatorium completes the Helm's Hold deed.

Ebon Downs

The location of the Ebon Down scrying stones are as follows...

307,1633 - under stone pillar
905, 1447 - under the bridge
1304, 1035 - among rocks behind tree

There are 2 quest related achievements in Ebon Downs. When going through the zone you will get a quest called "The Barrow Lords" tasking you with reading the description of 5 barrow lords. There is a 6th description you must read for the achievement that is not part of the quest so it is easy to miss. Just head to 955, 515 on the map to read that description after getting the first 5 so you do not miss it and you will get:

The quest line is as follows...

The Haunting of Ebon Downs - Sergeant Knox @ Protectors Enclave - travel to Ebon Downs
The Ghost of Grimhollow - Melwil Stouthart - summon Galwyn Grist
Fires of Home - Galwyn Grist - light 3 hearth fires
The Pale Shepherds - Galwyn Grist - slay 10 wights
Blessing the Bones - Galwyn Grist - say a prayer for the dead
The Haunted Doomguide - Galwyn Grist - meet doomguide soulhearth
Sealing the Crypts - Doomguide Soulhearth - collect seals and relight braziers
The Dread Horde - Doomguide Soulhearth - destroy 60 zombies
The Barrow Lords - Doomguide Soulhearth - destroy deathknell shards
Lore of the Dead - Doomguide Soulhearth - read the inscriptions outside each barrow
The Drowned King - Doomguide Soulhearth - defeat the drowned king

Completing Sealing the Crypts, The Barrow Lords, and The Drowned King completes the Ebon Downs Deed.


The scrying stone locations in this are are as follows...

2840, 1831 - up in the rock
3091, 2198 - behind tree
2667, 3297 - behind tree on ledge

Vellosk is filled with Werewolves, and going through Vellosk gives you a good chance of reaching your kill count of 500 just from progressing through the area. Unlike the other kill related achievements, there aren't a large amount of areas later on where you will get large amounts of werewolf kills. The only reliable places are Vellosk and completion of the Grey Wolf Den. You can wait if you want until you get enough kills naturally to get the achievement, but if you want to get it faster and more reliably, just come back to Vellosk later when you've reached the maximum level and run around murdering things. Eventually you'll get the kill achievement either way:

The quest line for Vellosk is as follows...

Company of Wolves - Sergeant Knox @ Protectors Enclave - travel to Vellosk
Ancient Heritage - Thalos Oathbreaker - retreive necklaces
The Dark Hunter - Thalos Oathbreaker - destroy 3 shadow totems
Sacred Meeting - Thalos Oathbreaker - meet Kyrn Whitesky
Relic of the past - Kyrn Whitesky - locate and recover relic
Ruins of the fallen - Kyrn Whitesky - kill 12 bandits
Ligntning Strikes - Kyrn Whitesky - collect 5 rattles
Voice of Thunder - Kyrn Whitesky - kill Thunderhowl
Seeking the Spirit - Kyrn Whitesky - meet with Dying Howl
Whisper in the Darkness - Dying Howl - recover 3 soul shards
The Shadow Falls - Dying Howl - kill Markela Whispersoul

At this point, while there is more quests within the area, you don't need to actually complete any of them to complete the deed. Instead, you need to queue for The Gray Wolf Den and complete that dungeon, which will grant you completion in the last part of the deed. If you're ready to proceed, when you claim the deed you can move on to the next area.

Completing Relic of the Past, Voice of Thunder, and The Gray Wolf Den will complete the Vellosk Deed.

Pirates Skyhold

The scrying stones for this area are at the following locations...

922, 1657 - on giant rock formation
2199, 1902 - drop from ledge
3230, 2065 - behind building

This area is where you will start seeing lizardmen. Given how many there are in this area, it's possible you'll get the 500 kills just here alone. Don't worry if you don't, however. There will be many more lizardmen in your future that the achievement will eventually pop.

The quest line for Pirates Skyhold is as follows...

Company Yargo - Sergeant Knox @ Protectors Enclave - travel to Pirates Skyhold
Hostile Takeover - Ranger Leokas - slay 4 greenscale trappers
Every Last Drop - Irrae - collect 5 distilled water
Network Repair - Irrae - repair 5 rope bridges
The Scaled Menace - Ranger Leokas - gather lizardfolk teeth
A Skyship's Remains - Scout Tragold - search 5 piles of wreckage
Reclamation - Scout Tragold - slay the scalefather
Ahead to Skull Fortress - Scout Tragold - speak to ranger Thoros
Search and Seizure - Lili Huntinghawk - ransack 5 hovels
Eviction - Ranger Thoros - slay 12 hunters and darters
Breaking the Blackscales - Shaben Shortcloak - slay 4 blackscale bruisers
Beneath Skull Fortress - Shaben Shortcloak - discover the secret of skull fortress
The Dead City - Shaben Shortcloak - scout ahead to the skyship harbor
Blackdagger Buccaneers - Norver the Cook - slay deathpledged, hexers, and ruffians
Saving the Living - Norver the Cook - rescue pirate mutineers
The Inside Job - Norver the Cook - destroy 4 ballistae
Opposition Research - Shil Yargo - gather 6 pirate hats
Shattered Ships of the Sky - Shil Yargo - search skyship wreckage
Scoundrel's Retreat - Shil Yargo - defeat captain Kayliss

Pirates Skyhold is the location of "The Pirate King's Retreat". You must complete this dungeon once to get credit towards the deed. You will also progress with the Dungeoneering achievement as well, but you need to complete this dungeon at least once for the deed to be completed.

Complete Beneath Skull Fortress, Scoundrel's Retreat, and Pirate King's Retreat will complete the Pirates' Skyhold Deed.

Either here, one before, or one after, you will have unlocked 11 deeds as long as you are making sure to claim the rewards in your Journal, which will unlock the first deed related achievement:

Icespire Peak

The scrying stone locations are as follows...

2342, 810 - atop structure
2648, 3029 - drop from cliff
2163, 3755 - out in open atop cliff

The quest path you should be taking is below...

Peril on Icespire Peak - Sergeant Knox @ Protectors Enclave - travel to Icespire Peak
Winterkill Orders - Bolbin Ironbrow - retrieve winterkill orders
Prisoners of War - Vaile Birchsmith - free the prisoners
Retake Whats Mine - Vaile Birchsmith - reclaim mining equipment
The Goblin Warrens - Bolbin Ironbrow - kill Murgal Mawcram in the warrens
The Forward Front - Bolbin Ironbrow - speak to Garora Oakhew
Strange Alchemy - Garora Oakhew - retrieve viles of ice troll blood
Under Thin Ice - - Garora Oakhew - free frozen dwarves
A Breath of Fresh Air - Belauk Forgearm - clear 3 blocked air passages
The Icehammer - Belauk Forgearm - retrieve the Icehammer
An Axe too Far - Belauk Forgearm - speak to Florin Icehammer
Hrimnir's Hands - Florin Icehammer - kill 3 frost giants
Meltdown - Florin Icehammer - destroy 3 ice spheres
Worlds of Stone - Orreft Mountwatch - find 5 messages
The Final Climb - Florin Icehammer - climb to top of Icespire Peak
A Dangerous Distraction - Erren Rockstrider - slay 6 ice trolls/winter wolves
The Icy Guardian - Erren Rockstrider - slay the Rime Hound

You're going to start seeing goblins in this area if you haven't already, and given their amount you might reach 500 goblins killed by the time you finish this area. If you don't, there's no need to worry, as goblins are everywhere in the endgame content you're going to be doing. Either in this area or later on, you're going to reach 500 kills. Unfortunately by the time you do, 1000 baby goblins will have been born, so the scourge continues.

Icespire peak is also the location of the Frozen heart dungeon if you would like to work on the "Dungeoneering" achievement. Just like previous areas, you will need to complete the Frozen Heart once to complete the deed.

Completing The Goblin Warrens, The Ice Guardian, and The Frozen Heart will complete the Icespire Peak Deed

The Chasm

The scrying stone locations are below...

-13147, -1216 - on cliff edge, jump over wall
50, 704 - inside ruined house. climb up rocks
13387, -1747 - climb rocks on cliff side

This area introduces you to the Foulspawn creature type, which are pretty easy to recognize by sight alone. There are a lot of them within this area, and you need to kill 500. Once more, it's possible you'll get this by the time you complete the area, but there will also be many more in your future if you need to get to 500. If you're short, feel free to return here and keep killing until you reach 500.

The quest line to follow in this are is as follows.

Descent Into the Chasm - Sergeant Knox @ Protectors Enclave - travel to the Chasm
Call to Arms - Captain Markath - recover weapon caches and supply crates
Plaguefires Burning - Captain Markath - extinguish plaguefires
Point of Pride - Lieutenant Trell - recover scar company banner
Quenching the Flames - Lieutenant Trell - kill Trokar the firestarter
Arcane Scryings - Lieutenant Trell - meet with Quorthon
Warped Magic - Quorthon - gather warped magic items
Foulspawn Foothold - Quorthon - shatter plague crystals
Acolytes of Corruption - Quorthon - search for a talisman
Cathedral of Madness - Quorthon - kill Senobith the corruptor
Chaotic Depths - Quorthon - meet Quorthon's astral projection
Crystal Clarity - Quorthon's Astral Form - gather plague crystals
A Well Chronicled Tragedy - Quorthon's Astral Form - gather journals from the human looking aberrants.
Closer to the Source - Quorthon's Astral Form - speak to Quorthon's astral projection
Guardians of the Fane - Quorthon's Astral Form - kill plaguechanged maws
Source of Corruption - Quorthon's Astral Form - eliminate source of corruption

Once you are level 49, you will have access to the dungeon "Spellplague Caverns". There is an achievement related destroying an enemy in this level, so you must play it. Note that the normal version of this dungeon and the epic version you will encounter much much later in the game are different. This achievement is found in the normal version of the dungeon. After you defeat the Plague Reaver within the Spellplague Caverns, grab the "Orb of Blue Fire" hidden on the left side of the room. Continue on and kill the Mouth of Madness and grab another "Orb of Blue Fire" this time on the right side of the room you fought the Mouth of Madness in. Later on you will jump down a cliff to a campfire. Turn around at this point and place the orbs in the wall with drawings of eyeballs on it. This will unlock a secret door that leads to a secret boss named "Oculus the Inflamed". Defeat him and the achievement is yours. The below video shows you the locations of the Orbs and secret door.

Completing Quenching the Flames, Cathedral of Madness, and Source of Corruption will complete the Chasm Deed.

Rothe Valley

The scrying stone locations are below...

606, 1870 - on side of cliff
488, 1673 - up above building (climb rocks, then roof)
426, 453 - just past water, in rocks

Rothe Valley is infested with spiders. This is good news towards your 500 spiders kills, but just like most of the others you're going to get this without trying as you progress through other content. Still, if you want to get it as soon as possible, here is the place. Kill 500 and you've got your achievement.

The quest line is as follow...

A Shadow in Rothe Valley - Sergeant Knox @ Protectors Enclave - travel to rothe valley
Raiders of Rothe Valley - Dassar Truebow - kill drow slavers
Scouting for Rangers - Dassar Truebow - locate rangers
Assassin Search - Imbross Irri'Karr - kill assassins
Pulled from the Webb - Imbross Irri'Karr - open weapon caches
Ledgers of Cruelty - Imbross Irri'Karr - kill slavekeepers to find ledgers
The Night Raid - Imbross Irri'Karr - open slave pens
A Hero in Hiding - Imbross Irri'Karr - meet with Mayor Gunderson
Clearing the Nest - Mayor Gunderson - rescue captive villagers
A Village in the Webs - Mayor Gunderson - kill 20 spiders
The Deathweavers - Mayor Gunderson - slay deathweavers and take their books
Shroud of the Spider Queen - Mayor Gunderson - destroy the shroud spinners
The Edge of the Underdark - Mayor Gunderson - slay Sarkon'Iss

Rothe Valley is the location of the "Temple of the Spider" dungeon, which you must complete to earn completion of the Deed. You will also make progress towards the dungeoneering achievement, but once you've completed the dungeon you will be able to complete the deed.

Completing Raiders of Rothe Valley, The Edge of the Underdark, and The Temple of the Spider will complete the Rothe Valley deed.

Mount Hotenow

Scrying stone locations are as follows...

2523 - 1333 - around edge of cliff
764, 1599 - drop off edge
1168, 963 - drop off cliff by lava

Mount Hotenow is a great place to farm the 50 giants needed for their kill achievement. You will probably not obtain this achievement through your 1st character play through but almost certainly during your second. Feel free to farm giants in this area. The quest line to follow in this zone are as follows...

A Fire in the Mountain - Sergeant Knox @ Protectors Enclave - travel to Mount Hotenow
Missing in the Ash - Vandra Hillborn - find out what happened to the expedition members
Knowledge From the Ashes - Vandra Hillborn - gather 8 work orders
Venting the Underneath - Geologist Darney - clear blocked vents
Shadowfire Cavern - Geologist Darney - slay magma elemental
Seeds from Cinders - Heartleaf the Dryad - collect 4 seeds
Warm Earth - Heartleaf the Dryad - collect elemental clay
Planting for the Future - Heartleaf the Dryad - plant seeds
Seeds of Rebirth - Historian Thrimbul - collect 5 seeds
The Flames of War - Historian Thrimbul - slay 30 archons
History of Hotenow - Historian Thrimbul - recover relics and carvings
Fireguard Fortress - Historian Thrimbul - slay general Ignazar
The Fire Fighters - Historian Thrimbul - meet with surveyor Baera
Watching it Burn - Surveyor Baera - place scrying orbs
The Fire Lords - Surveyor Baera - defeat 3 fire giant generals
Secrets of Fire - Surveyor Baera - misalign focusing shrines
Temple of the Primordial - Surveyor Baera - defeat the giant

Mount Hotenow is the location of the "Caverns of Karrundax" dungeon if you would like to work on the "Dungeoneering" achievement.

Completing Shadowfire Cavern, Fireguard Fortress, and Temple of the Primordial will complete the Mount Hotenow deed.

Whispering Caverns

Scrying stone locations are as follows...

475, 461 - over side of spiked wall
1173, 1124 - climb rocks
5797, 1345 - climb in blocks

If you didn't manage to unlock killing Drow back in the Valley, you will surely get it here. If you somehow manage to be a pacifist and not kill 500 drow here, you'll have more opportunities in the Maze Engine campaign, or you can just run around and grind things out here.

Follow the quests listed below while in the Whispering Caverns...

Into the Underdark - Sergeant Knox @ Protectors Enclave - travel to whispering caverns
Dark Hunters - Davlin Hoth - kill 5 drow huntresses and a drider
Prisoners of the Drow - Davlin Hoth - free prisoners
Xorlarrin Outpost - Davlin Hoth - rescue mandrake deepwise
Delving Deeper - Davlin Hoth - meet with Jasper Steele
The Payoff - Jasper Steele - kill a drow priestess
The Overseers - Jasper Steele - kill a mindflayer overseer
Wrathforge - Jasper Steele - defear the forget master
The Upper Vault - Jasper Steele - locate Soren Ravaris
Thrall Keepers - Soren Ravaris - kill 3 mind flayer masterminds
Resonance Stones - Soren Ravaris - use scroll against stones
Into the Unknown - Soren Ravaris - investigate area
Brain Damage - Wruz Olg'lmar - destroy 7 brain canisters
Unwilling Hosts - Wruz Olg'lmar - kill 3 mind flayer hosts
The Birthing Pools - Wruz Olg'lmar - add poison to birthing pool
Illithid Enclave - Wruz Olg'lmar - slay revered hlorrog

Whispering Caverns also has the "Dread Vault" dungeon if you would like to work on the "Dungeoneering" achievement.

Completing Xorlarrin Outpost, The Wrathforge, and The Illithid Enclave will complete the Whispering Caverns deed.

Hero of Neverwinter

By now, you should have reached level 60, and you may have surpassed it and started progressing towards level 70. If so, congratulations, you've received:

Once you have, another quest for a deed will appear at Sgt Knox. The quest just involves you talking to Lord Neverember and being praised for your service and how important you, and only you, are as an adventurer. As long as you ignore the line of players behind you also wanting to be congratulated for doing the same stuff. When you complete the quest, you'll complete the deed.

An Audience with the Protector - Sergeant Knox @ Protectors Enclave - talk to Lord Neverember

Protector's Emissary

The final Deed related event, which is considered the story, involves both campaigns and reaching level 70. For more information on many of the campaigns you've unlocked, head to that specific page. When you reach level 70, whether by continuing campaigns or just doing the random dungeon queues, you will unlock your last deed related quest. Just like Hero of Neverwinter, this involves going to Knox, then talking to Lord Neverember and receiving a prize.

Protector's Emissary - Sergeant Knox @ Protectors Enclave - talk to Lord Neverember

If you have completed and accepted all the deeds in your Campaigns journal, this should be the 17th deed you completed, and you will unlock the final official story related achievement.

If the achievement Doesn't unlock, you might unlock it on your second character, which you will have to do anyway. You may also still unlock it on your main character as you start progressing through the campaigns, which you'll be completing. Because you'll be needing to start a second character anyway, treat this achievement as another "On the way" unlock.

Now What?

At this point, you can start the massive amount of title updates Neverwinter has to offer. If you're at 60, only a few campaigns are going to be available to you at the bottom of your Campaigns journal. Once you hit level 70, that's when a large portion of the endgame content opens up. Flip over to the Campaigns page in the walkthrough for information on what those are, what ones you should focus on, and just the overall scale of what this completion requires. You're going to need to complete most of the campaigns and reach the true endgame of whatever the latest mod is.

There is one more thing you may need to do, and that's find a Beholder. You will meet several of these later on, but when you reach the top level you'll have an opportunity to do a quest called Vault of the Nine. This can be a challenging quest, but will eventually reward you with a class based artifact that can be claimed by all of your characters. At the end of this quest is a Beholder, which is a giant tentacled floating Cyclops looking creature. If you kill it, and you killed the other two creatures previously in the walkthrough, you'll receive:

The other thing you need to do is create and level your second character, which will be much easier than leveling your first. The achievements require that you have two characters at max level. It does not matter what class you choose, nor do you need to complete all the content your main character did, they just need to hit the levels required. If you want diversity, choose a class you're interested in, or if you plan on fully playing your second character, do some research into what you'll find most worthwhile. If you just want the achievements and don't care about a second character, just pick the same class you're used to playing with your main. Because you're going to be doing so much with your main character already, you don't really need to play your second character. While playing on your main, you're going to occasionally receive things like account bound experience books. You can send these through your shared bank or through a mail to yourself, and then use them on your second character. You can also do the daily dungeon run, which will give you a sizeable amount of xp. Since you're going to be playing on your main for all the other achievements, be more relaxed with your second character and they'll eventually reach the levels required, with only minimal effort on your part.

When they reach level 60, you'll unlock:

And when they finally hit level 70 (As long as your main is also level 70), you'll unlock:

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