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Once you hit level 70, the large majority of the game opens up in the form of Campaigns. Campaigns are how Neverwinter structures its endgame content and content updates. The lower in your Campaign journal that a campaign is, the more recent it typically is, and the harder it will be fight enemies in those areas. Most of the Title Update and DLC achievements involve these campaigns. Usually, when a new Mod releases, a new Campaign will come with it, and more achievements. Because Neverwinter is frequently updating, obtaining these achievements usually means keeping up with your gear and improving your character.

You can do all of the campaigns simultaneously. You aren't locked into needing to complete one before you can begin another one, save for one current instance regarding Chult and Omu. If you're new to the game and you've just hit level 70, it's Strongly recommended that you don't actually try to do every campaign all at once. Each campaign usually involves doing repeatable quests daily to advance the campaign tasks, and the amount of work involved to do every campaign at once adds up. If you're starting fresh and trying to do everything you need to do each day, you're looking at a minimum of six hours of playtime just in campaigns, which isn't feasible for the average player. Efficiency is incredibly important towards completing Neverwinter. This walkthrough is structured and designed to provide the most efficient use of your time when it comes to completing the campaigns, and each campaign has a 'Daily/Weekly Checklist' of what you should be trying to do each day for that campaign in the fastest manner possible without spending any actual money on the game. Each campaign page is also designed to be read once, and then just referred back to when needed. You can choose to do only parts of what's been put down, or do even more, but each campaign page is designed to show you the most efficient path towards completion. Still, the biggest piece of advice is to TAKE A BREAK if you start feeling burnt out, or do less each day, or skip days. Even the most patient grinding achievement hunter will feel the stress of trying to do all the campaigns at once. Most campaigns can't be completed in a week, and are usually locked to where you can only do so much to progress each day.

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Most campaigns have achievements, but all campaigns provide boons, which are bonus stats you can choose for your character (similar to feats) as you advance through that campaign. This walkthrough has included a page for each campaign, but also put a disclaimer for each campaign that does not have achievements tied directly to them. Even still, you should aim to complete all of the campaigns for the boons, not necessarily for the achievements. Because this game is frequently updating, the boons are important to acquire so you can keep up with completing future endgame content. For the campaigns that have achievements, the walkthrough will show you how to get them, but the collecting the boons are important as well for progress towards other achievements.

Campaigns don't update in difficulty when new content comes out, so it's very likely that you're going to 'Outgrow' many of these campaigns rather quickly. This is a positive thing, as it makes completing older campaigns significantly easier. Feel free to put off older campaigns and focus on the newer ones so you can become stronger, so that you can go back and breeze through the older content. It's much less stressful walking through and destroying everything quickly than struggling on an older, outdated area.

Suggested Order to Progress Campaigns

Disclaimer: These suggestions assume you have hit level 70 and you intend on attempting to fully complete Neverwinter. If you want to skip certain DLC updates with campaigns in them, take that into account when following this list. This list is just what campaigns you should prioritize based on how they're structured and their value, feel free to pick and choose.

  1. The Maze Engine - This is an easy campaign to do that contains achievements within it. Completion takes roughly 30 days of repeatable quests, but the quests are short and easy to complete. Try to make sure you're doing this one each day.
  2. Underdark - This is the only campaign that doesn't really have any repeatable quests attached to it, you only have to remember to advance the bar each time you log in.
  3. Dread Ring & Sharandar - These campaigns do not have achievements in them, but they're pretty short and easy to complete. They also provide Refinement gemstones, which is important in progressing your character.
  4. Chult - The Current Endgame Content - Only work on this if you have a guild that can help you get through the introduction and work around the area. This is a weekly haul instead of a daily requirement, so you can only do so much a week instead of a day.
  5. Omu - The Current Endgame Content - You can only work on Omu after you have completed several weeks of filling your weekly haul in Chult, due to how the game is structured. Omu is considered a 'separate campaign', but is found in the same section as Chult and has the same structure.
  6. The Cloaked Ascendancy - This campaign has achievements within it that require about a month of daily work to fully complete. The completion isn't rough, however, if you follow the suggestions given in the page on what to do each day.
  7. Tyranny of Dragons - There aren't really achievements related to this campaign, but the boons are very good for your character, and it's good to progress through it.
  8. Storm King's Thunder - This campaign has a LOT of content within it for its achievements, almost as much as two to three other campaigns. Consider putting this campaign off until you've completed others so you'll have less you do each day.
  9. Elemental Evil - This campaign doesn't have daily repeatable quests, and completion is based on just working your way through the yellow quests in each area. Don't bother doing this campaign until you have more free time.
  10. Icewind Dale - This campaign sucks. It's boring, the boons are fine but not amazing, and there's no achievements tied to it. Still, it's a campaign, so it belongs on the list. Do this last, or even not at all if you just don't care too much. (NOTE THAT THIS CAMPAIGN IS NOT RELATED TO STORM KING'S THUNDER DESPITE BEING FOUND IN THE SAME TRAVEL LOCATIONS)

For information on each campaign, head to its appropriate page in the walkthrough.

Buying a Campaign Completion

There are two more methods that are worth mentioning for the walkthrough, for those players that have money to spend and want to buy their way through Neverwinter. You can purchase Campaign Completion Tokens on the Zen Market for a certain amount of Zen, either by converting your Astral Diamonds into Zen, or straight purchasing Zen. When this is purchased all the tasks in the campaign will become automatically completed, and you will be able to choose all the boons you have unlocked from that campaign. If you're considering this option, the only real campaign that it might be worth it for would be Storm King's Thunder. That seems to be the campaign a lot of people buy the token for instead of working towards completing. If you're thinking of going that route, read the campaign page first, try doing it for a few days, and then decide if you want to pay the money.

The second way is a much easier, and much more common way of progressing in a campaign. There is an item in Neverwinter called a Genie's Gift. These can be found in lockboxes and also purchased in the Tarmalune Trade House. When you acquire a Genie's Gift, you can open up the campaign store menu from certain campaigns and exchange the gift for a certain amount of that campaigns currency. This is another way you can spend your Astral Diamonds towards completing campaigns faster. The only downside to this is that Genie's Gifts can typically only be used on OLDER campaigns, and aren't available for the latest endgame content. When you look at the Genie's Gift item, it will tell you what campaigns it can be used on. It's common for these to be bought to progress in the Storm King's Thunder campaign, as well as to complete the Icewind Dale campaign.

Special Calendar Events

Every weekend, Neverwinter holds some type of event increasing gains in some area of the game. Sometimes these can be double experience, or double refining stones, but every now and then it will include a double currency bonus for one of the older campaigns. Events like double experience can be helpful towards leveling your second character, double refining stones is always popular among the game as it greatly boosts how many gemstones and potency marks you can get, but for achievements you'll want to focus on the events related to campaigns. You can view the upcoming events by going to Social --> Calendar --> Upcoming Events. If you see that a campaign you're working on has a 2x event coming up that weekend, save any weekly quests you get on Monday and turn them in during the double event to get double the weekly currency.

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