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The Maze Engine is the first campaign with achievements directly tied to it, as well as one of the easier ones to complete. This campaign is also timelocked, which means you can only progress so far each day. By just doing the dailies, this campaign will take 30 days to complete. This campaign is broken up into four acts, with various amounts of chapters within each act, and covers the "Title Update - The Maze Engine". Each chapter typically has some achievement directly related to it. There are also two summation achievements, with one requiring you complete the entire Maze Engine campaign, and one requiring you collect all the other chapter related achievements. There is a third achievement that involves getting specific pieces of Lans Thuliaga lore, which you will collect as you progress through the chapters.

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This section will tell you exactly what to do in each chapter, both for the chapter related achievements and the overall Lans Thuliaga lore. You can replay specific chapters only after you completed the Act that chapter is found in, so none of these achievements are considered missable, you just want to do them as you go so you don't have to replay chapters. The only exception is Lans Thuliaga lore. You must collect each piece of lore in order for the next piece to unlock. Follow along with the walkthrough and you'll be fine.

Castle Never is also included on this page, which is an Epic Dungeon. You don't need to wait to unlock this in the campaign, and can begin queuing for the dungeon when you've reached the required item level. Instructions for what to do in the dungeon are found at the bottom. Head to Mantol-Derith and talk to Bruenor Battlehammer to begin.

The Maze Engine

Act I

Chapter 1

The achievement in this chapter requires you pick up two pieces of lore as you travel through. Once you get into the chapter, the first piece is on the right on one of the tables in the corner. Look for the object with sparkles around it. The second piece is after you fight Lans Thuliaga. Look behind him after you win the battle and you'll find the item on the ground. After collecting the second piece, you'll unlock:

Lans Lore - Warrior:

The second piece of lore you collected for the previous achievement also counts as the Lans Lore for this chapter.

Chapter 2

The achievement in this chapter requires you collect four pieces of lore which are acquired by defeating four groups of Fire Elementals. These are additional enemies unrelated to the quest requirements. Make sure that you're the one to kill each group to make sure you get the lore to pop up. Once you defeat the fourth group, the achievement will unlock. Below are pictures of both the locations of all four groups and an example of what they look like.

Maze Engine Ch2 Fire Elemental Locations

Maze Engine Ch2 Fire Elemental Example

Lans Lore - Lord's Alliance

At the end of the chapter you'll confront General Fury. Afterwards, you'll be told to talk to Lucas Shaneway III. Make sure you choose the white dialogue options for additional text and the lore.

Chapter 3

There is no chapter specific achievement in Chapter 3.
Lans Lore - Hero

At a point in this chapter, you'll go through a door and speak to Lans Thuliaga. Make sure you choose the white dialogue options for additional text and the lore.


You've now completed Act I. You want to go into the campaign and complete the task "Aid Bruenor BattleHammer". You will now be working towards completing the campaign task Repel Demons, which requires you complete 5 days worth of dailies. You must complete the quest Supporting the Factions which is given by Bruenor BattleHammer in The Underdark - Mantol-Derith. This quest sends you to a different area each day and usually requires you defeat two groups of demons and collect 5 demon components. Occasionally it will send you to a different instance for the daily. Each time you complete this, you collect 1 Tales of Adventure, which is the campaign currency required for progression. You can only get 1 each day.

During this interlude, there are also several Lans Thuliaga lores you will want to collect. Unlike the others, these three aren't found specifically in chapters, but are in different areas of the game.

Lans Lore - Survivor

To get this lore, you need to talk to Sgt. Knox either in Protector's Enclave or The Dread Ring. If you have The Dread Ring available, seek out Knox there, as the next one will be close by. You just need to choose the white dialogue options related to Lans and you'll unlock the lore.

Lans Lore - Unlucky

To get this lore, you need to talk to any iteration of Makos spread around the game. There is a version of him in The Dread Ring, near Sgt. Knox, so if you just picked up the previous lore there, you can head over and talk to Makos. Alternatively, you can also talk to him at the start of Chapter 4, as he'll be near the beginning of the chapter.

Lans Lore - Slave

For this lore, you want to travel to the Whispering Caverns. Head to the coordinates (1796, 1012) which is in the top right of the map. You will go up an overpass and you'll find a sword you can interact with. When you do, you'll pick up the lore. The sword is shown below.

Lans Thuliaga Sword Location

Daily Routine - The Maze Engine

  1. Head to Bruenor Battlehammer in The Underdark - Mantol-Derith and grab the quest 'Supporting the Factions'. Immediately afterwards, grab the quest 'Defending the Sword Coast'.
  2. Head to whatever area 'Defending the Sword Coast' requires you to do and complete the task, whether it be collecting components and defeating waves of demons, or clearing an instance.

Daily Currency Totals

  • 1 Tales of Adventure (From Complettion of 'Supporting the Factions')

Once you've collected 5 days worth of the currency, you can complete the campaign task Repel Demons, choose a boon, and continue to the next act. It's important to complete the act as soon as possible, as you can't start collecting the daily quests again until you reach the next interlude.

Act II

Chapter 4

This is the most annoying one out of all the chapters when it comes to achievements, and will likely take a few different playthroughs. You'll start by dropping down a large hole and running along a path defeating a few wyrmlings. When you get close to the campfire, you're going to trigger a one minute timer. You need to jump over the stepping stones before the timer reaches zero and Makos opens the portal. I had the best luck just staying to the left. You have about three chances to make it in time before failing. This is largely trial and error, and can be frustrating. If you're a VIP and you fail, you can spawn a travel post and travel to a different map, then come back and restart the chapter. Otherwise, you're stuck having to complete the chapter and come back later after completing Act II to try again. If you know someone with VIP benefits, it's recommended you bring them along with you so if you fail you can travel out and restart. If you manage to get across the lava in time, you'll unlock:

  • Hot Feet

    You jumped across the lava pit in the Old Dragon's Lair in under a minute.

    Hot Feet

Pass or Fail, there's another achievement related to these stepping stones. On one of the pillars there's a chest you want to open, which you likely missed if you were jumping across to try and beat the timer. From the point where you initially started jumping, this chest is located to the right. When you open the chest you'll be given a quest to go back to a Sage shop in Protector's Enclave. After you've completed this chapter, go to that sage shop and talk to the girl within to complete the quest and unlock the achievement:

Continuing on in the chapter, you're going to reach another 'Succeed or restart the whole chapter' achievement. This one involves outrunning the dragon without dying. You'll reach a point where you face down a large dragon. Makos will then cast a spell to boost your running speed and you'll be told to flee. You need to run away down the path while dodging red circles and conal attacks, and avoiding the red danger zone trying to overtake you. There's a lot of telegraphing involved so this shouldn't be too difficult, but if you die you'll need to restart the whole chapter to try again. If you make it to the end without dying, you'll unlock the last achievement in this chapter:

Chapter 5

Once more, you need to collect three lore pieces scattered within the chapter to complete this next achievement. The first one is located just before exiting the cave tunnels, on the ground on the right. You'll see it sparkling with the interact indicator. Shortly after that you'll come to a mini-chasm. There will be a bridge connecting the side you're on to the other. Before crossing the bridge, stay on the same side and keep going past it. Defeat some nearby enemies and you'll find another object on the ground to interact with. The third lore is after you pass through two gates and reach a boss fight. In that same area where you defeated the boss, you'll find another object on the ground near some rocks to interact with. When you've grabbed the third item, the achievement will unlock:


You have now completed Act II. At this point you want to complete the campaign task "Locate Vizeran DeVir". Once you have, you now can start doing the dailies again to collect Tales of Adventure. This time, you need to complete ten days worth to collect your boon and continue on to the next act. Once you have, you can continue.


Chapter 6

This achievement requires you have a non-strength attribute at 25 or higher. This can be complicated if you're at a lower item level. Your primary attribute will depend on what class you've chosen. For example, Hunter Rangers use Dexterity. As long as you've been appropriately putting your attribute points each 10 levels in your primary, you should at least be in the 22-24 range. There are a few things you can do to bump your score up if you need it. The easiest thing to do is go to the Tarmalune Trade House, search under Equipment, then Waist, then type in whatever your primary attribute is. You'll then find a typically cheap belt that will give you +1 to the stat you're looking for. So if you're looking for dexterity, you'll find a "Greater Twined Rope of Dexterity". At Green, it gives you +1 to your dexterity. At blue, you get +2. Blue and Green are usually cheap, and while purple gives you +3, it is much more expensive. When you wear the item, you'll get a higher attribute. If you need another +1, you can stand next to a campfire for a moment, which will then give you a buff of +1 to your attributes for 15 minutes. Combining these methods, you should be able to get yourself to 25.

When you have 25 in a non-strength attribute, continue with the chapter. You're going to reach a point where you face Lucas Shaneway in a drinking contest. You'll be able to choose which attribute to use. Choose your highest attribute. It will tell you if you've succeeded or not. If you have, you'll need to do it again. If you succeed once more, you'll need to perform a third and final check. If you fail, hit B instead of A to back out so you can try again. Otherwise, take the grimoire and unlock the achievement:

Chapter 7

This chapter is similar to chapter 2, in that you need to collect lore by defeating different groups of enemies unrelated to the general quest progression. The first achievement requires you defeat a camp of Kenku. Before completing the chapter and leaving, head to the coordinates (576, 3044), and defeat all the Kenku to unlock:

There are also three groups of Cloud Giants within this chapter that need to be defeated similar to the Fire Elementals from chapter 2. You can find the three groups at coordinates (474, 2726), (1762, 2555), and (1510, 2045). When you have defeated at least one giant in each group, you'll unlock the last lore of the chapter and the achievement:

  • Howling Expert

    You recovered all of the lore and earned all of the achievements in Spinward Rise - Cultist Assault.

    Howling Expert

Chapter 8

This chapter has two groups of enemies to defeat for two achievements. You'll divert just a little bit from the general path to find them. You want to make sure you've gotten both before you complete the chapter. The first group is two Bulettes that are harassing halflings. They can be found at coordinates (960, 1642). Defeating them will unlock:

The second group is directly opposite to where the Bulettes are, essentially on the other side of the path. These are a group of Earth Elementals, and can be found at coordinates (557, 1602). Defeating them will unlock:

Chapter 9

Time to go undercover! The first achievement will be shown on your map. As you progress, you'll see a yellow speech bubble on your minimap. Head to it, and you'll find Gared Chandler. Talk to him, loosen his restraints, and you'll unlock:

There are two lores to find in this chapter for one of the achievements. There are two scrolls on the ground, one at coordinates (260, 302) and another at coordinates (476, 576). Finding both of these will unlock the achievement:

  • Drow Deceiver

    You recovered all of the lore and earned all of the achievements in the Drow Outpost.

    Drow Deceiver

Lans Lore - Baphomet's Pawn

At the end of the chapter, you're going to face Lans Thuliaga again. When you defeat him, he's going to drop a dagger nearby that can be interacted with. When you interact with the dagger, you'll grab the next Lans related lore. A picture of where the dagger will land is below.

Maze Engine Ch9 Lans Dagger Location

Chapter 10

This chapter is pretty short and there's nothing you need to worry about within it.


You have now completed Act III. At this point you want to complete the campaign task "Gather Components". Once you have, you now can start doing the dailies again to collect Tales of Adventure. This time, you need to complete fifteen days worth to collect your boon and continue on to the next act. Once you have, you can continue.

Act IV

Chapter 11

The only thing you need to get in this chapter is the final Lans lore. After you've defeated the boss, you want to go find Lans and talk with him. Choose the white dialogue options like normal and you'll receive the final Lans lore and the achievement:

Chapter 12

You've made it. The final chapter. Of course, there's a boss in this one, and a strong one depending on how well geared you are. Feel free to get someone to help you if you're struggling, as the achievements themselves are pretty straightforward. At about 50% health, you'll trigger a cutscene and Baphomet will put you into a cube and teleport you into a maze. For this achievement, you need to reach the other end before Linu 'finds' you. This really isn't all that difficult. You can get onto your mount, and simply stay on the bottom half of the map, which is to your left after you're teleported. You don't need to fight anyone and can race to the end avoiding the enemies. Once you reach Linu, you'll unlock the achievement:

You'll be sent into the bossfight again, and have to defeat him. Once you have, you'll get another cutscene, and Makos will stay behind to fight Baphomet and let you and the others 'escape'. To get the next achievement, don't rush to the exit. First, you need to let all the other adventurers hobble their way to the exit portal. Once they've entered it and disappeared, turn around and run back to Makos. Interact with the door, and you'll tell Makos it's time to go. He'll enter the tunnel you're in and run down the hallway towards the portal. Once he's disappeared, you'll unlock the next achievement, and can enter the portal yourself:

If you have collected all the other chapter related achievements, you'll also unlock:


This chapter is mainly a cutscene, and will take you into a large banquet hall with lots of people. You'll be congratulated for once again saving everyone and being amazing. Don't exit right away. To get the next achievement, you need to run around and talk to all the principle characters in the room. You can talk to them in any order, but you need to interact with the following:

  • Drizzt Do'Urden
  • Minsc
  • Sgt. Knox
  • Makos
  • Linu La'neral
  • Regis
  • Celeste
  • Xuna

Once you've talked with all of them, you'll unlock:

Make sure you complete the task "Destroy the Maze Engine" in the campaign to receive your final boon and congratulations, you've completed the Maze Engine Campaign!

Castle Never

Castle Never is an epic dungeon with several achievements involved in it. Unlike several other dungeons with achievements, this dungeon has no campaign unlock tied to it, so the dungeon becomes available once you've reached the required item level. There's nothing largely complicated with mechanics in the dungeon, so we'll only cover what you need to do for the specific achievements. You're going to need to be playing this dungeon twenty-five times for one achievement, so you should become fairly familiar with it. For the achievements, there are two sections in particular you will need to pay attention to.

The first achievement area within the dungeon involves the mini-boss Cthylar. One mechanic this boss likes to do is flip the battlefield. Every 35 seconds, you'll be moved up to the ceiling or down to the floor depending on where you are. For the achievement, you need to kill Cthylar five times while you're fighting on the ceiling. Try to coordinate with the group you're running with to let them know you'd like to kill him on the ceiling, as killing him too fast before he switches to the ceiling is a possibility even in random groups. As you'll need to complete this dungeon twenty-five times, you'll have plenty of opportunities to accomplish this.

To check the status of how many times you've killed Cthylar on the ceiling, check: Journal ---> Achievements ---> Dungeons ---> Dancing on the Ceiling

After you defeat Cthylar, you will have a few hallways to run through before reaching a cutscene showing a floating green orb with a red AOE circle around it attacking a man. Your next achievement requires you to get through this section five times without being touched by the death spheres. It's okay if your companions get hurt or die, the achievement only cares about you. The spheres all follow a pattern, and during your twenty-five runs, you'll come to learn it well enough to get the five successes you need. The following is a good path to take.

  1. For the first sphere, wait in the doorway where you watched the cutscene. When the sphere passes to your left, turn right and run around the curve until you reach the next doorway, then wait. Alternatively, if the sphere is just passing you going right, you can follow behind it and duck into the entrance when you get there.
  2. There will be a sphere directly in front of you that will move to the right, then start going away from you. Turn left into the doorway where the sphere came from, and hug the left side of the room. Wait at the partition for that same sphere to loop in front of you and travel the way you came, then head to the next doorway.
  3. Don't linger. If you wait too long, sphere 2 will return and hit you. When you're at the doorway, directly in front of you will be one of two things. Either there is a sphere inside the room heading towards your right and away from you through the next doorway, or the room is empty. Either way, when the room is clear, quickly run forward and jump onto the boxes next to the wooden barrier with holes in it near the next doorway. Press against the barrier as best as you can. The third sphere will be returning into this room via the doorway you need to leave out of, and will go past you towards the door you started this room in. Your companion might die, but that's alright, as long as you aren't touched. When the sphere has passed, quickly run out the doorway you need to go to.
  4. You're now in a hallway with a left turn at the end and wooden planks as the floor. Run straight but don't turn left yet, instead move down the hall to the far corner on your right and look left around the turn where you need to go. You'll either see sphere 4 moving towards you, or sphere 4 moving away from you. You need to follow this sphere, so if it's moving away from you, get up near it and follow along behind it. If you go too slow, sphere 3 will return into the room and give you an unfriendly hug. Sphere 4 will make a right turn when it goes through the doorway and into the next room. As you follow it through the doorway, turn right and hug the right wall, jumping over the candles and staying behind the pews.
  5. Once sphere 4 starts moving back the way it came, the doorway you need to go to is clear and you can move inside, reaching a campfire. As long as you weren't touched at all by the spheres, you have now completed 1 run for this achievement.

You need to do this five times, and since you have to play this dungeon twenty-five times, you have plenty of opportunities to practice and perfect it. This achievement only cares about you, so any group members getting hit doesn't matter. Like the other achievement, you can check your progress under Journal ---> Achievements ---> Dungeons ---> Death Spheres

The following clip shows what killing Cthylar on the ceiling looks like, how to skip the enemies in the hallways afterwards by running on the walls, and the path to avoid taking damage from the death spheres in the room after.

  • Death Spheres

    You reached Orcus's Chamber 5 times without taking damage from patrolling Death Spheres

    Death Spheres

The rest of the dungeon is straightforward, and none of the mechanics are particularly tricky. Completing the dungeon for the first time will unlock one achievement, and completing it for the twenty-fifth time will unlock another. Check your progress by looking under Journal ---> Achievements ---> Dungeons ---> Demon Prince of Being Dead

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