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The Cloaked Ascendancy campaign introduces players to the River District area, and encompasses two different title updates. This campaign can be slightly challenging to people who have just become eligible, so if you struggle too much, check out tips on how to boost your item level and get stronger. This campaign has a summation achievement similar to The Maze Engine, where you have to unlock several in game achievements in various chapters and instances to unlock the actual achievement. This page goes over each specific thing you need to do in every chapter to avoid having to do multiple playthroughs.

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When you complete Chapter 5 of the Cloaked Ascendancy questline, you automatically unlock the Shroud of Souls questline, which covers several other achievements. Be warned that Shroud of Souls is currently the only missable achievements in the game. While usually chapters in campaign questlines can be replayed, the Shroud of Souls quests currently can not. It will take you a few weeks of playing to get to the Shroud of Souls, just be careful to follow the walkthrough so you don't potentially miss anything.

Talk to Neverember in Protector's Enclave to get Chapter 1 and get started.

The Cloaked Ascendancy

Chapter 1

The first chapter has you attending a celebration, and contains the first requirement towards an achievement. Immediately after entering the area, turn around. There will be training dummies behind you and a box you can interact with. Interact with the box and take water balloons. You can then target the dummies and attack them with the balloons, unlocking the title Water Weight.

Chapter 2

The second chapter sends you into the vaults to check on the crown. Progress through the chapter normally until you reach the end. You need to decide if you wish to open the chest or not. If you choose to open the chest, you will receive Hope Over Experience. If you ignore the chest, you will receive Experience Over Hope. You only need one for the achievement, so whichever you go with is fine.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 starts out by sending you to get an appearance change. You can use this as a free chance to change how you look if there's something that irks you, or you can choose to continue without changing your appearance. Afterwards, you'll be sent to Blacklake. There are two upcoming titles you need to acquire.

When you reach the door guard, choose the white dialogue options. Keep choosing white until you reach an option that says "I'll show you a thing or two". This will give you title Kind of a Big Deal. This step is also required to obtain the second title in this chapter.

You will have to make your way all the way into a hideout, and then fight your way back out. When you reach the end, you will fight an enemy called "Door Guard". After the battle is finished, talk to the door guard, who should be lying on the floor. You'll get the option to kick him a certain amount of times, or not. If you don't kick him, you'll receive A Great Person. If you kick him once then quit, you'll receive A Good Person. If you keep kicking him again and again until he knows who you are and won't dare talk bad about you again, you'll receive Just Alright. You only need to collect one of these for the achievement, so the decision is up to you.

Chapter 4

There's nothing to worry about in Chapter 4, just head to the Cathedral of Madness and defeat the Cultist Leader.

River District

After Chapter 4, you finally have access to the main area of this campaign, the River District. Heading into this district, you're going to want to do the yellow introduction quests as soon as you can. The district itself is split into three general areas: Kabal in the bottom left, Gyrion in the bottom right, and Nostura in the top right. Each of these areas has a heroic 'ritual site', which the introduction quest will take you to view. You will also be tasked with collecting Reclaimed items, either Riches, Magic, or Weapons. You always want to keep a couple of each of these on you at all times.

While you're going about with the introduction quests, take some time to find the three scrying stones in the district. You'll find the first in the Tainted Grove at coordinates (671, -396). The second is in the Ember Hollow, inside a building found at coordinates (182, -1169). The third is next to a wall at coordinates (802, -996). Finding all three of these stones will unlock:

The introduction quest will also teach you about vaults. These are instanced quests you access at dig sites with a dig site pass, bought for 1 reclaimed riches, 1 reclaimed weapons, and 1 reclaimed magic at a vendor near each dig site entrance. There are three options for dig sites: Crypt, Dungeon, and Sewer. While the choices at each dig site seem random, there's a trick to it. When you open your map, you will see all the guard posts as well as ladders signifying the dig sites. When you move your cursor to highlight a ladder, it will show you exactly what type of vault that dig site is currently set to. This is how you know where to go when you're looking for a specific type of vault.

There are two achievements related to the daily activities you'll be doing as you work towards completing all three confront tasks and unlocking Spellplague Caverns. One is for collecting 1000 reclaimed resources total, and completing 50 random vaults. As long as you follow the method listed in this walkthrough, you'll unlock these two achievements along the way.

Daily Routine - River District

  1. Begin by collecting the two daily quests available from Ostaram Copperwise after completing the introduction quests: "Mercantile Missions", and from the large list afterwards "The Departed". This tasks you with completing activities around the River District. Each Vault and Heroic Encounter completed is worth 20%.
  2. Open your map and look at the ladders to find which one is labelled 'Crypt'. When you find one, head to it, buy a site pass, and enter the vault. While within, interact with the mission objective to complete 'The Departed'. Then, finish the vault. 20% Done.
  3. Complete another vault at random. This will help towards completing 50 vaults by doing 2 a day. Do this step until you have the achievement for completing 50 vaults. Optionally, you can skip this step and go straight to heroics, and start doing this step later on when you have more time.
  4. Complete the blue Heroic Encounters at the Ritual Sites until you've reached 100%. You will usually find one up at a time, as groups of people typically run between all three available in a train to complete them. Follow along after them. If you want, you can do additional vaults for percentage, but running around the heroics is typically faster when other people are doing them.
  5. When you have reached 100%, head back to Ostaram Copperwise and turn both in.
  6. WEEKLY - If you have completed at least one Confront task, you will have a weekly unlocked. This is called 'A Weekly Ritual' and will be available from Kavatos, tasking you with defeating Gyrion, Kabal, or Nostura.

The currencies that will limit your progress within this campaign are Elemental Evil and Secrets of the Many-Starred. At first, your progress will be limited by Elemental Evil, until you start unlocking the boons. By the end of the campaign, you'll be waiting until you have enough Secrets of the Many-Starred. Choose either Gryion, Kabal, or Nostura, and go up that path first until you have completed the Confront task, then move on to another. Afterwards, complete "Unlock Spellplague Caverns". When those are unlocked, you can start unlocking the boons available in the campaign.

Daily Currency Totals

  • 25 Elemental Evil (From Completion of 'Mercantile Missions')
  • 4 Secrets of the Many-Starred (From Completion of 'Mercantile Missions')
  • (Random Potential) Up to 5 additional Elemental Evil dropped from Heroic Encounters.

Weekly Currency Totals

  • 20 Elemental Evil (From Completion of 'A Weekly Ritual')
  • 28 Secrets of the Many-Starred (From Completion of 'A Weekly Ritual')

The Cloaked Ascendancy - Continued

Confront Gyrion - Behind the Mask

Fighting Gyrion is one of the missions you will be given after completing the "Confront Gyrion" task in the campaign. To access this instance, you need an Abolethic Portal Stone, which you can pick up from Heroic Encounter awards or by opening an Ornately Carved Box, which are given through completion of the Resist the Rituals or Secure the District campaign task. When you want to get into the instance, activate the stone and accept the quest "Behind the Mask", and you'll be able to enter.

There is one title you need within this instance, and can be slightly challenging. You will fight Gyrion several times, and after each time you fight him you'll go through a jumping section. You'll see that your encounter powers have been switched and you'll have a new X power. This is a targeted aoe that, when activated, allows you to jump long distances. During the first section, you need to jump from platform to platform to reach the next arena. If you're in a group of other people, only one person needs to reach the next door and unlock the campfire, then afterwards anyone dying will respawn at the door. At the end of the second section of jumps, don't immediately go through the door. There are three more jumps out of the way that you need to do. Turn around from where you are at the second door, go back outside, and look down and to your right. You need to jump down three more platforms in quick succession. Once you've achieved this, you will unlock the title Better By Leaps and Bounds. An example of the jumps you need to do are in the video below.

Confront Kabal - Trial of Iron and Fire

Fighting Kabal is available once you've completed the "Confront Kabal" task in the campaign. Just like with Gyrion, you need a Fireforged Portal Stone available from Heroic Encounters or the Ornately Carved Box. This will grant you the quest "Trial of Iron and Fire" and allow you access into Kabal's instance.

This instance has two titles to obtain. The first is done right at the start of the instance. You'll be with a group of NPC's. You want to stand there and listen to their entire conversation. Once you do, you'll receive the title Part of the Party.

The second title comes later on in the instance. You will have to run through several jets of fire by timing your runs so you don't get knocked off. Eventually, you will come to a bridge and a campfire. Don't get on the bridge immediately. Instead, travel past the campfire and up onto the rocks, heading around until you see several platforms out over the lava down below you. You need to drop down onto the platforms, and then jump from platform to platform until you reach the very end. Go right when you reach the fork, and dodge all the fire jets along the way. When you reach the end, you'll receive the title Too Hot to Handle. A video for this title can be found below.

Confront Nostura -The Fey Castle

Just like the others, you can do this after you complete "Confront Nostura". You need a Fey Portal Stone, which will grant you the quest "The Fey Castle".

This instance has two titles to obtain, both being done in the beginning of the instance where you're running through the forest on a Stag. Both titles require you avoid obstacles, either by dodging or by jumping over. It's recommended you do this instance alone, as there's a possibility that if anyone in your group gets hit, it won't count for anyone.

Along the path to the castle, you'll come across large circular yellow runes on the ground that you need to avoid. The first one you encounter, you have to jump over. The others along the way you can go around, either by avoiding or by jumping over vines nearby. If you reach the end while not hitting any of the runes, you'll unlock Feymarked.

The other things you'll encounter along the way are large purple orb/portals, many that will be coming directly at you, and others that will be strafing side to side. You need to make it all the way to the castle without getting touched by any of them. This one is significantly more difficult than the other, especially at the part where you need to wait before you can pass. Take your time. There is no rush to make it to the end, so you have plenty of time to wait until you're comfortable before trying to pass a sphere. If you do fail, head to the end anyway just so you know the full path for the next time you try. If you succeed and make it all the way to the doors, you'll receive Highly Skilled, A video of the full run, where all the runes and portals are dodged, can be found below.

Chapter 5

When you have completed the Confront task for Gyrion, Kabal, and Nostura, you will unlock Chapter 5, as well as the campaign task to unlock Spellplague Caverns. The mission itself is straightforward, tasking you with going through and confronting a boss. When you've defeated the boss, search around the area he's in and look for a barrel before leaving. When you find the barrel, interact with it for a short cutscene. You'll then unlock Nostalgic. If you've kept up with the other titles along the way, this will be your final one and you'll unlock:

The Shroud of Souls

Once you've completed Chapter 5 of the Cloaked Ascendancy, the Shroud of Souls questline will become available. Proceed to Sgt. Knox in the Protector's Enclave to receive the quest "The Dead and Defeated". Be very careful to follow the walkthrough for each quest in The Shroud of Souls, as these are missable due to no replay option. If you don't get the achievement when you need to, you'll have to go all the way through the Cloaked Ascendancy on a second character to get another chance. Do these quests solo, as like other achievements it's possible these only count for one person.

The Dead and Departed

The first quest you pick up from Sgt. Knox has the first two achievements you need. He's going to invite you to a tavern to have a talk with him. When you get there, you'll go upstairs and find Knox sitting at a table. He'll invite you to have a drink. As soon as you can, drink three times from the keg on the table. Drinking once will get you the first achievement, and drinking three times will get you Tanked.

  • Tanked

    Indulged in some of the finest drinks of the Sword Coast


River District Hauntings

There is nothing achievement related to worry about in this guest. Go about killing the wraiths, then visit a Crypt and talk to the ghost at the end of the crypt.

The Crypt of Shadows

In this quest, you will receive an optional objective to find the Holy Oil. The oil will be marked on your map, but make sure you prioritize picking it up before lighting the torch. When you have the oil, light the torch, proceed into the next room, and burn the remains through the hidden door. Once you do that you'll have completed the bonus objective and unlocked the achievement.

Necromancer Consultancy, Death Wizards, and the Cult of Orcus

The next three quests involve you interacting with a phylactery, and traveling around Neverwinter, and there are no achievements to worry about.

Descent into Shadow

The achievement in this quest isn't actually missable. While going through this quest you'll be taken to the city of Evernight. You'll speak to a red wizard, then defeat a boss named Kaross. Afterwards, you'll speak to the red wizard again. After speaking to the red wizard a second time, travel a little further the direction you're supposed to go and you'll come to a vendor. Buy and consume a Ghoulish Concoction.

The reason this achievement isn't really missable, is that you can buy the Ghoulish Concoction from the Tarmalune Trade House for very cheap. You can also consume it anywhere, and it will unlock the achievement just fine.

The Shard of Night

This is probably the hardest quest in the questline, as the final boss Morlanth can be challenging to fight. Make sure you get out of her red attacks so you aren't hit. If you're geared up enough, you shouldn't have too much trouble with this. When you defeat her, you'll receive the Shroud as your reward and unlock the final Shroud of Souls achievement.


Instructions coming soon!


Instructions coming soon!

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