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    28 Aug 2020 05 Jun 2021
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    TL:DR Massive improvement to the original Super Lucky's Tale Remade and remastered with all the DLC and free on gamepass! but most importantly... EASY COMPLETION!!!

    New Super Lucky's Tale is both a remake and remaster of the original Super Lucky's Tale which released on Xbox One in 2017. After its release the team at playful released 2 DLC's - Gilly's island (a summer themed adventure where you fight against Lady Meowmalade) and Guardians Trials (a new hub world housing 16 very challenging levels, puzzles and harder boss fights... in terms of the base game anyway).
    Whilst the game seemed a success there were still many flaws and criticism in the games camera, plot and design choices in an other wise mediocre but fun 3D/2D platformer. Then Playful Studios surprised everyone when they released New Super Lucky's Tale for the Nintendo Switch seemingly a remaster on the surface but actually serving as a remade Super Lucky's Tale. And that improved game is now on xbox! History lesson over!

    Improvements and Gameplay
    Firstly, right off the bat the game has added value in having the DLC for the original release added into the base game!
    Secondly, the remake now has full 360 3D sections meaning you have full control of the camera unlike the original only letting you tilt it to either side. This addition makes the game easier, more fluid to play and also allows for the creation of new less restricted levels due to the camera.
    Having played the original i noticed there was a mix of both new levels in each world and old remastered levels as well as the hub worlds being re-done but keeping to a similar layout as the original. In addition, the clover collectibles required progress though the game have been changed to clover pages, which improves the plot of the game as you are literally piecing the book back together in order to get to new worlds. There is also some new mechanics:

    -Sliding which works as the above ground version of burrowing on non-burrow surfaces adding more fluidness to Lucky's movements.

    -Pouncing mid air now will lock onto enemies.

    -You can now spin away bee projectiles making hard achievements like no hit bosses/levels and general combat much easier.

    The core gameplay remains the same, you start in a hub world and must collect pages in levels to open up the boss and go to the next world. there are 4 pages in each level:
    -For completing the level
    -For finding the hidden page in the level
    -For getting 300 coins in the level
    -For finding all letters that spell out LUCKY (collectables)

    There are also burrow hole's in each hub world with either sliding block puzzles that do actually get quite hard in later worlds and marble maze section where you need to collect every coin in the level to unlock the exit.

    Reworks and plot
    The original had 4 worlds: Sky Castle, Veggie Village, Holiday Canyon and Spookington each world having a different member of the antagonist group of the game "The Kitty Litter" (they are cats btw).
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    The remake corrected this issue in remaking Spookington (now called Hauntingham most likely due to not wanting 2 areas having similar names e.g. Spookington and Foxington) from the ground up to instead have Jinx be the antagonist for that world and since all DLC is included, Gilly island has been placed before Hauntingham.
    New plot threads have also been introduced like the adorable mailman golem, who gives you tips and quotes in the loading screens and accompanies you through the book!
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Achievements in this game are the same as in the original (with slightly different names for some) with you basically just needing to collect every page, get coins to buy outfits (comes naturally), miscellaneous tasks in each world particularly in the DLC worlds and no hit Lady M battle and wrigglemaina in foxington are much easier as you can swipe away projectiles from bees! But best of all - NO 15,000 30,000 or 99,999 COIN ACHIEVEMENTS!!! The most you'll need is 12,000 and that comes naturally with getting coin pages. I 100% the game in one sitting lasting about 14 hours.

    The only issues or mistakes I've experienced is:
    -Lucky snapping his model 180 then moving the sticks back and fourth
    -Frame rate drops in levels (however this was only towards the end of a 14 hour non stop run on a launch Xbox One soooo could be a me issue)
    -The price to buy it is quite expensive for a short game (£33) BUT its on gamepass!
    That's it.... literally those were the only problems i faced.

    In conclusion, Amazing looking game, very fun took the problems with the original and fixed them all. Easy completion and is on game pass! Defiantly check it out!
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    Sol76Was expecting a carbon copy of the first game , but next to the Visual improvements , most of the levels are tweaked and changed just enough to feel fresh. Letters are on different places and as far as I can recollect , the worlds are also a bit different.
    So far a very nice game that is too similar to The first game to be a “2” but too different to be a remaster or re-release.
    Posted by Sol76 on 01 Sep 20 at 16:13
    KanchanaburiYes, I am happily surprised that this really isn't the same game. Worlds are tighter and game play is cleaner. this is now what a childrens game should be. fun. entertaining. I love all the edits the game has given.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 18 Oct 20 at 05:20
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    During the review I will not go deeper into storylines or tips and tricks. In my opinion it will spoil the fun factor of the game. If you really want to know all-in and outs, you can always look at the achievements & walkthrough section.
    In order to give a well-argued opinion of the game, I decided to test it against five basic criteria. I weigh each criteria on the basis of 3 options. 0 star, 0.5 star or 1 star. All of this combined will be my total of stars. The idea behind these chosen criteria is that you can objectively judge a game. It is based on all points the game offers rather than it strengths or weaknesses.’

    New Super Lucky's Tale is a platform game in which players control Lucky as he travels across many different worlds contained within an artifact known as the Book of Ages. Each world is presented with its own hub which could be explored and traversed within a 3D space in a non-linear manner. Each world feature levels where Lucky clears various objectives and searches for secrets in order to collect pages which contain a clover emblem, which grant access to a boss fight involving a member of the game's villainous faction, the Kitty Litter, and allow players to progress to the next world at its conclusion. Certain levels place Lucky in a 2D side-scrolling environment, and occasionally these levels have Lucky moving in one constant direction, with a focus on quick reflexes through dodging obstacles which appear on screen through jumping or burrowing. Other levels feature sliding puzzles, and marble puzzles where Lucky is shrunk down and contained in a marble ball; the player must tilt the stage and successfully navigate Lucky in order to progress. Lucky may dispatch enemies by swiping them with his tail or jump on them. Players may dress Lucky in a variety of outfits purchased using coins collected in each level.

    New content
    New Super Lucky's Tale features a reworked story, along with an expanded cast of characters for players to interact with; a fully rotatable camera which can be zoomed in or out by pushing up and down on the right analog stick; and levels designed around the implementation of tighter controls The running order of the worlds that players encounter throughout the course of the narrative have been changed with the integration of Gilly’s Island downloadable content (DLC) as one of the game’s five core worlds the player is tasked with the goal of destroying speaker systems set up by Lady Meowmalade, a member of the Kitty Litter, to liberate non player characters from their trance-like dancing. The hub worlds of Holiday Canyon and Spookington are renamed as Wrestful Retreat and Hauntingham respectively, while the aesthetics and contents of several levels have been altered, or redesigned in its entirety. Foxington is an unlockable post-credit world which offers a series of more challenging stages with a 1980’s theme.

    Playtime... 0/1 star
    Less than 20 hours of playtime

    A fairly simple linear campaign mode. You fly through all the levels in the different worlds without too much effort. You need less than 20 hours to complete the campaign. There are also no side quests, time trials or DLCs that extend the playing time.

    Replayability... 0/1 star
    Nothing to play for

    Unfortunately, the game also scores 0 stars for this in my opinion. There is no multiplayer present in any form. No leaderboards, no co-op or multiplayer mode. There is little to nothing to unlock that would make you want to play longer. No speedrun mode, no collectibles, few cosmetics and no other challenges. There is also no difficulty system that you could change or anything like a New Game plus mode. And the storytelling within the system is far from challenging enough to follow again.

    Achievements… 0,5/1 star
    A decent list with a bit of luck

    (Almost) All achievements within the game are attainable. it's a fairly miscellaneous list, letting you do certain actions within certain levels and the other regular achievement work you expect from a platform game. The half star deduction is in the fact that there are two achievements in which you can not take damage during a certain battle. And the luck factor is of too great importance in this. This has nothing to do with skill, training or timing anymore and I can't stand it.

    Fun to play…1/1 star

    Solid gameplay
    Here New Super Lucky's Tale hits the nail on the head. The somewhat nostalgic design (reminded me of Zelda: the Wind Waker) works extremely well. It's a smooth design in which the camera and the controls work together extremely well, this in combination with the 'normal' waiting times ensures that the hours fly by. Nothing bad has been performed within the game.

    Starter game
    Because the levels are very short, it is not annoying to go through a level again to get all the pages. In my opinion an ideal game to get a new (younger) generation used to a platform game. No deep storyline or complicated character development program, but you just make your way through all the worlds and levels that the game throws at you.

    Recommend to others…1/1 star

    A nice ‘free’ snack

    If it's free to pick up and you haven't played the original Super Lucky's Tale before, this is a pleasant snack in the field of Platform games without too much fuss around it. I had a great time during the game (except for the luck part) and would definitely recommend this game if you like platform games!

    I picked this up while it was free to play in XBOX Ultimate.