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    Premise: Nicktoons MLB is the marriage of MLB 2K with Nicktoon characters in a Kinect motion game. The game itself plays much like any other motion control baseball game in that you swing your arms to hit, pitch, and throw the ball in, but do little else except watch.

    Controls: The controls are spotty at best, and aggravating at their worse. There is the Kinect delay combined with twitchy reading. You can easily get stuck in menus are the pointer jumps around erratically. The batter will sometimes swing when no motion is taken, the same with pitches. Which can lead to frustration as you strikeout or give up runs. However, if you can manage the poor controls, hitting is easier (almost went the cycle before the Kinect decided to misread my actions and struck me out).

    The controls with a controller follow standard MLB 2K setup. This way, you will be required to field the ball and you can take more direct control of your players. This makes certain achievements much easier (win by singles only for example). Pitching is easier this way.

    Graphics: The graphics look standard for 2K sports MLB, but the Nicktoons do not blend well with realistic MLB players. The stadiums vary from MLB greats to themed imaginary.

    Sounds: The sound is what you expect from a baseball game, but is not obnoxious enough to get on your nerves too quickly.

    Achievements: The achievements while mostly easily, can border to tedious.

    Final Thought: This is little more than a throwaway rental unless you have younger kids that like baseball and will enjoy playing as Spongebob. The Kinect controls are terrible.

    Edit: Added info regarding the controller play after trying it.
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    Darkpigeon93"From what I read you can play with a controller, and probably this will make a lot of things much easier."

    A strong argument for just not buying a Kinect
    Posted by Darkpigeon93 on 23 Sep 11 at 22:53
    Optimus AdamI don't feel like writing a review myself for mostly this point, so I'll just say it here - this game is almost exactly like 2k's earlier title, 'The Bigs' and its sequel, just with some Nickelodeon characters thrown in. The controls, the gameplay, and even most of the specific animations of home runs in different stadiums are taken exactly from that game.
    Posted by Optimus Adam on 24 Sep 11 at 04:37
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    29 Sep 2011 29 Sep 2011
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    Every once in awhile a game is released to the masses that makes me scratch my head in confusion and question why the developer went the route that they did to create such a travesty.

    This game is not one of those games AT ALL.

    Nicktoons MLB is a nostalgia trip throughout the many generations of Nickelodeon age groups that will keep the kiddies at bay and the veterans picking it up once they see the likes of Rocko and CatDog while waiting for the game to load.

    In terms of playability, this game shines on the standard Xbox controller. While it also can use the Kinect, I don't recommend it. It makes the game overly clunky and not enjoyable to play that much. Trust me, this game will not make you want to buy a Kinect to play it differently.

    Controls are simple on the standard controller. Pitching is controlled with the left stick to position the shot (normally away from the player's blue HOT SPOT) and the type of pitch is decided with the X, B, A, and Y buttons. Each player has different stats that play an important role across pitching batting and fielding so it's all about experimentation to prosper.

    Then again, this is a kids game.

    Character wise, we have TONS of MLB players to choose from as well as around 25 different Nicktoons from multiple universes. You have obvious selections such as Spongebob and Aang from Avatar, as well as newer Nicktoons (Dudley Puppy from Tuff Puppy and Fanboy and Chum Chum) as well as more fan-based and classic Nicktoons such as Ren and Stimpy and Invader Zim. The announcers also never seem to grate on my nerves, well, Perch Perkins does, GIR will never grate on anyone's nerves unless you don't currently own a soul. But honestly, some of the Nicktoons don't seem to mix well size wise with the players...but who cares? THEY'RE FRICKIN' CARTOONS!

    Field wise there are 12 total, 6 Nicktoon fields and 6 from reality. Each has unique aesthetic changes that creates great variation and you never really get bored of one unless you play it constantly.

    The loading screens are a very small portion of the game but really impacted my overall vote. Each one features at least one cameo from one Nickelodeon show from either my childhood or my younger cousin's childhood. The Angry Beavers, CatDog, Dib, Chickenfoot, The Almighty Tallest, Plankton, Otis (Back at the Barnyard), all of the Rugrats, Rocko, Arnold...the list goes on. NOSTALGIA FUELS THIS GAME TO VICTORY.

    This is a baseball game that I own, and I hate baseball. It's pretty much the game you would pull out when a buddy comes over, he thinks he'll hate it, but he'll end up loving it.

    The achievements are really easy so it's worth at least a rental in my book. They won't take over 7 hours to do, and you can lower the difficulty for all of them as well as decrease the amount of innings for most of them.

    Overall, I had a blast with this game and I highly recommend it to any fan of classic Nick for a nostalgia boost they haven't felt in the longest time.

    Now if only they would release a Kenan and Kel DLC pack....
    16 Nov 2011
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    When I added Nicktoons MLB to my queue on gamefly I really had no idea what to expect. Once I started the game felt familiar, it turns out that it is an easy version of The Bigs.

    To start of you have a few different modes to choose from: Power Derby, Tournament, Pick-Up Game and Showdown.

    Power Derby - It is their version of a Home Run Derby, same mini game from the Bigs 2. You aim for targets to get points, first player to 200000 points wins.

    Tournament - You play a tournament against several teams, you play each team twice.

    Pick-Up Game - This is just a single game. When you pick your team you get to select a few Nicktoons players, the positions are at random with the exception of pitcher (You will select a pitcher everytime). The AI will rotate turns picking players with you but they seem to pick at random.

    Showdown - Is basically a Pick-Up game except you play as either Nicktoons or MLB players. You select your entire team either way.

    There is a large variety of Nicktoons players available to choose from, none of them are given a fielding position so you have the freedom to ue the players as you see fit. I personally am not to familiar with them since my son is still a little to young. There are also Nicktons parks (and every MLB Park) to choose from, each one is designed after the world from the TV shows.

    The gameplay and graphics are 100% like the Bigs. The only difference is that there are some minor animations that were not in the Bigs. For example when Sponge Bob throws the ball there are bubbles surrounding it. The announcers a annoying, they repeat the same two or three lines over and over. A little more variety would had been nice. There are some features that are missing from the bigs though, No Power Slam, Legendary Pitch or Legendary Catch.

    The difficult is very easy compared to the BIgs. I get a strike out roughly 95% of the time playing on easy. If you use turbo and use a power swing you will hit a homerun everytime. In my experience it doesnt matter who your batting with either.

    The best thing this game has to offer are the easy achievements. I have played a total of 9 games and have 750 achievements. The only real difficult achievement in the game is get a double play, I only say it is hard because I cant get the AI to connect with the ball even when I am trying to let them. Getting a cycle is somewhat difficult because triples by nature a little tough. There was no imagination with the achievements but I guess there not much to do in a way of variety.

    At the end of the day Nicktoons MLB would be a good way to introduce your young children to the wonderful world of baseball or to boost your gamerscore but that all it has to offer. I find it to be a letdown that they were not more creative than using the exact foremat of another game. Unless you have kids that love Nick this game is nothing more than a rental, I personally expect this to be a bargain bin game in a couple months.