Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren's Call Reviews

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    19 Sep 2016 19 Sep 2016
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    Nightmares From the Deep 2 : The Siren's Call
    Developer: Artifex Mundi
    Release Date: 26/08/2016
    Price: £7.99

    in nightmares from the deep 2 our Caribbean curator is back again. With this being the second of the series I would usually recommend playing the first one before picking this up, however, there is handy scene at the start of the game summarising the previous adventure. This particular adventure follows Miss Black as she tries to help break the fish curse!

     This guy made me think of Limburger from Biker Mice! This guy made me think of Limburger from Biker Mice!

    We spend the game following our guy in his yellow trench coat (super ominous...) as he guides us in our adventure to save Kingsmouth from Mayor Fishy above! The game follows the standard Mundi formula. Bit of exploration, a few puzzles and throw in some object finders/mahjong games depending on which one you want to do.

     Yellow Coated Friend! Yellow Coated Friend!

    This is a winning formula that has worked in the previous titles and continues to work here. The Xbox One release also contains a bonus stories that cover the events after the game and Miss Blacks efforts to get home from Kingsmouth. All of this was nice but nothing made me laugh quite like the guy below who seemed strangely not with it and only cared about his rum...

     guy just wants his rum guy just wants his rum

    Graphically, Nightmares artwork is brilliant again, with all areas beautifully designed and key moments of the game shown in high res cut scenes. This was a nice way to advance the story and break things up between the puzzles.

     Calliope the meraid seemed at the middle of most of this! Calliope the meraid seemed at the middle of most of this!

    New comers to the series can opt to play the game on normal difficulty which will give you nice pointers about which areas to visit and what contains new puzzles. However there is also the option to play the game on expert which gives much less prompts and relies on you finding your way around by the puzzles.

     This thing is super creepy... This thing is super creepy...

    In terms of achievements, all can be unlocked comfortably in the 6-8 hour time frame without any trouble as most rely on just playing through the game. The few that don't can be picked up relatively easy by following some guides. The game will require two plays through anyway to unlock all achievements and I would highly recommend doing your first run through without the guide for full enjoyment.

    In summary, fans of the series and achievement hunters alike must pick this game up, it's more of the same with another brilliant story to move things a long.
    If you are still not convinced or just want to see more, please check out the release trailer below.

    A copy of this game was provided by Artifex Mundi for the purpose of this review.