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Posted on 09 May 11 at 10:39, Edited on 25 August 11 at 05:31
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The publisher CAVE is famous for their Bullet Hell Shootem Up but this one is a simple Jump and Run Platformer.


Your Nin-Ja a Ninja who are defeating evil Ninjas to rescue the Princess/Hime Sama Sakura. Unfortunatly there is not much storytelling except for some scenes after a chapter is completed.
The ingame voices are completly in japanese with english subs.
The "AdventureMode" consists of 5 chapters with 9 levels each plus a boss level.
In each level you have to collect a certain amount of Ninja Scrolls to open the gate to the next level.
After each chapter you learn a new skill. At the beginning Nin-Ja can only jump, in chapter 2 he learns to use a chain whereby you can pull yourself on walls to reach higher grounds, in chapter 3 he learns to use Ninjutsu power to defeat enemys by simply touching them and in chapter four the Ninjutsu power bar learns to regenerate.
Unfortunatly some Levels doesn´t take really long some only about 3 seconds some more than a minute if your playing it the first time.
Total Playtime with retrys lies around 2 hours tops.

The game is build like an Japanese/Chinese shadow theatre (like that one in Once upon a Time in America where Robert de Niro lies at the beginning) so all characters on screen move a little stiff and the optics itself are far away from HD but it is a very unique style and I found that really swell.

In the backround of the screen are some kids who are commenting if Nin-Ja gets hurt or is beeing followed by the floating death that appears in some levels. I can only guess what they are saying but most likely something like: Oh no! Watch out! Is he going to die!?!?!
Ninja himself screams like villians in good old Bruce Lee Movies: He´s got my nomination for Hero voice of the Year laugh

-Unique style
-Real funny hero and comments from the spectators
-Good Music

-Cost only 400 MSP

-No Leaderboards for each Level only for Score Attack Mode
-Some Level are way to short
-Achievements are to easy for a CAVE game wink

Pretty easy if you ask me. There are 5 for playing through the story, 5 if you beat each chapter in a certain time, 1 for surviving in the score attack mode 3 minutes and the last for very easy collectibles (no guides needed)
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