1. No Longer Home Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hello, and welcome to the walkthrough for No Longer Home. This is a straightforward game about a group of friends moving apart from one another, and onto the next stage of their lives. In terms of achievements, this is another simple one to knock out. Dialogue almost completely doesn't matter, save for a few parts that I'll mention when we get there, so feel free to skip through it to your hearts desire. Beyond that, there are a couple of rooms you'll have to walk into and people to interact with, but that's really the entire game.

You will need to do 1.5 completions to finish this, as the parts with important dialogue choices are important due to branching paths, each path unlocking an achievement. There are 2 branches that happen twice, but fortunately you can get through all 4 total choices within 2 playthroughs, and assuming you miss nothing beyond that you can stop playing once done the 2nd branched path.

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The controls are walk with left stick and interact with stuff using cn_A. Sometimes, it is difficult to get the game to highlight the option you want, which can be somewhat frustrating, but beyond that there isn't much else to add. With all that said, let's get on with the walkthrough!

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