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Welcome to the No Man's Sky walkthrough here on TrueAchievements! I will be your guide, Amlof, and together we will, hopefully, be completing a vast and brilliant game!

This walkthrough attempts to help get all of the achievements in an easy and efficient manner. It is written as if you have never picked up the game before and will help you as such. The world of No Man's Sky is almost endless, so while we will be getting all the achievements, we obviously cannot explore everything. It would take an incredible 585 billion years to discover all the planets.

There are two ways we can approach this; the safe, but longer way, or the quicker but riskier way. In order to obtain all the achievements, you are required to beat the game on Permadeath difficulty. Permadeath is essentially the extreme mode where it's very difficult and if you die, you will lose the entire save file. So there are two options;

Option 1. Two playthroughs of the game. The first playthrough will be on Normal difficulty and will focus on getting all the achievements bar 2, which are beating the game on specific difficulties. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BEAT THE GAME IN THIS PLAYTHROUGH. Then, once you have all the achievements, start a new Permadeath save file and do only the bare minimum to reach the end of the game and claim the two difficulty related achievements. Feel free to swap the order of the two playthroughs, but, I would suggest the easier playthrough first so you can get to grips with the controls, the mechanics, and the optimal way of speeding through the game.

Option 2. Combine both playthroughs into one Permadeath playthrough and get all the achievements whilst being on Permadeath. I would honestly only recommend this to people who are confident in their abilities as it won't be easy. Some planets are very hard on Permadeath, so if you choose to go this way, proceed with caution.

In this walkthrough, I will be writing it as if you decided to do Option 1, but know that if you want to do Option 2, simply play on Permadeath and you can skip the second playthrough.

No Man's Sky is procedurally generated which means that when you play, you will have completely different planets, moons and space stations than I will. As such, I will be doing a playthrough myself while writing this and using my planets as examples. Obviously, you'll have different planets so bear that in mind. As an example, if we need to go to a Freezing planet by chance and there isn't one around you but there is for me, you can either warp to other systems or try and make do without it. I'm sorry that I can't make it exactly the same for all of us, but that's the way the game is coded.

Welcome to the infinite universe which houses, No Man's Sky!

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