10. No Man's Sky Extreme SurvivalUpdate notes

Extreme. Planet. Survival.

'The Sentinel' achievement requires us to spend a total of 32 SOLs (In-Game Days) on an Extreme Planet. You must either be in a safe area such as a Trading Post, or a building that you create. You cannot stay inside your ship as the timer will not count up.

Each planet has different lengths of SOLs so a day might take you 10 minutes, or it could take you 30 minutes.

Time WILL NOT pass while looking at the pause menu, such as Discoveries or the Log, but will pass if you are in the inventory.

An extreme planet is a very harsh planet which the world is rather deadly and dangerous to you. You can find extreme planets by scanning them, as any planet which has the Weather or Security Status in Red Font is classified as Extreme. If you are unsure if it is an extreme planet or not, you can jump out of your ship and walk around for a bit. After some time has passed, simply check the Milestones tab and where it says Extreme Survival, it should be at least at 0.1 SOLs. If not, you either didn't spend enough time on the planet, or it's not an extreme planet.

Once you arrive and have confirmed that it is an extreme planet, bunker down in a building that you quickly create, or find a naturally spawning one. After that you just have to wait for quite a while for the achievements to pop.

Make sure that you don't let your controller go idle, because once it does, the game pauses and the timer will stop.

After waiting for 20 SOLs, you will unlock;

After waiting for 32 SOLs, you will unlock;

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