11. No Man's Sky Misc.Update notes

Onto some miscellaneous achievements.

Some of you reading this may have already unlocked one of these, but for those who haven't don't worry.

The first thing we want to do is to head into space and summon The Anomaly. Head inside The Anomaly. Hop out of your ship.

Now jump back in your ship and leave The Anomaly. What happened here was that we just connected to a few random people who were in The Anomaly at that time too. Head to the closest Space Station and locate the Teleporter. Inside the Teleporter, you should see all of the other Space Stations you've been to. Click on the 'Other Bases' subheading and in here will be random peoples bases. Simply teleport to the base and interact with the Base Computer. It should say 'Logged in as a Guest' and the achievement should pop.

Teleport back to a Space Station, or fly back into space, and summon The Anomaly again. Once you land, head up the ramp on the far left side. At the top of the ramp, turn left and head down to where there is a floating metal sphere. Head over to the middle terminal on the left hand side. It should say Construction Research Station. Note that you will need 4 Salvaged Data to buy this. Navigate over to Transport Modules and unlock the Roamer Geobay.

This will require 5 Metal Plating (250 Ferrite Dust), 2 Ion Batteries (either buy from a Space Station or 20 Cobalt and 10 Ferrite Dust), and 50 Paraffinum (found on some planets in big deposits).

Once you've bought that and gathered the required materials, head to a base that you have previously built, or build a new one. Once you arrive, click cn_up to access the build menu, then go across to Exocraft and place down the Roamer Geobay. Doing so will unlock;

With those miscellaneous achievements mopped up, this is the end of the Normal/Survival difficulty playthrough.

Time to start the P E R M A D E A T H playthrough...

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