12. No Man's Sky PermadeathUpdate notes

Permadeath Playthrough.

In case the name wasn't obvious enough, on this difficulty, if you die, you will die permanently and you will have to restart. You won't have to restart the whole thing, just this page.

The start of the game is rather similar as you'll need to do the 'Tutorial' missions; basically the first page of the walkthrough. Although, on Permadeath, there is a chance that your starting planet is an extreme planet, at which point it's almost easier to quit out and reset right there and then.

Once you've trudged your way through the starter planet and made it to space, its time to make a decision; how you're going to get to the end of the game. There are 3 different methods I'll be explaining here.


  1. TrueAchievements Help Method
  2. Farming Method
  3. Portals Method


This method requires you to seek assistance from another player who will allow you to teleport to their base or space station which is only one jump away from the centre of the galaxy. Now I find this an unreliable method as it requires peoples' assistance. A few people will put their world up to join for a few weeks before they uninstall the game and stop helping. If you want to use this method, you either need to be patient and wait for someone to offer their world up, or have a backup plan in case you don't want to wait.


This method requires you to farm up lots of Units, Nanite Clusters and Warp Cells. What you'll need as a minimum;

  • at least 3 million Units, preferably a bit more.
  • at least 3,000 Nanite Clusters, preferably a bit more.
  • 4 S-Class Hyperdrive Modules.
  • lots of Warp Cells, which means lots and lots and lots of Oxygen, Ferrite Dust, Chromatic Metal, and Condensed Carbon.

I'd probably aim to have around 100 Warp Cells and see how far that gets you before you get too far ahead of yourself.

To get the 3m Units, just follow the Scanner technique we discussed on the Units page. This will also get you the Nanite Clusters you require. The 4 S-Class Hyperdrive Modules you can grab from the Spaceship merchant on space stations. Make sure to only get the S-Class ones as the others aren't worth your time. The Oxygen and Ferrite Dust you can buy from space stations. The Chromatic Metal can either be won by destroying pirates (risky) or mining large veins of ore like Copper or Gold and Refining it down. As for the Condensed Carbon, either mine it first hand using the Advanced Mining Tool, or Refine Carbon down into it.

Once you have all of this, head into the Galaxy Map while in space, and navigate to the Galactic Core. Follow this path all the way to the Centre of the Galaxy, utilising any and every Black Hole you may find along the way.


This method requires you to locate Alien Structures, getting Glyphs and teleporting.

Firstly, head over to your nearest space station and talk to the Cartographer, the alien closest to the teleporter. You want to grab some of the Alien Cartographic Data charts. Then look around the space station for an alien called Traveller. This alien will usually either be wandering around with all the other aliens, or it'll be on the other side of the station, in a small room. Talk with the Traveller. After it kicks you out of conversation, talk to it again. Offer to give them Nanites and it will give you the location to its Grave. Head down to the site and interact with it. Extract the Glyph and this will allow you to use Portals now.

Now head into your inventory and hold cn_X on the Planetary Charts. What you are looking for is an Alien Monolith. It may take you 1 scan, 5 scans, or 20 scans, just keep going and eventually you'll get one. Once you've gotten an Alien Monolith, travel there and complete a puzzle. For the puzzle, just pick whichever option seems right. With the puzzle over, interact with it again, and click on 'Locate a Portal'. You will require a Gek Relic. You can get Gek Relics by searching Damaged Containers, talking to Gek NPCs in small settlements, bought from Traders in Trading Posts, or found via trade from Wandering Traders whilst using the Pulse Engine. Once you have a Gek Relic, click on Locate a Portal. This will spawn a Portal location nearby.

Head over to the Portal and interact with it. A circle with 16 different options should appear before you.

The Portal needs to be charged. You will need to charge up each of the different sections. It will say 'Charge equipment with...' It will either be Organic elements, Catalytic elements, Earth elements, or Stellar elements. These symbols do not represent your Glyphs. Us only having the one Glyph is perfectly fine!

In total, I would recommend gathering up 80 Di-Hydrogen, 80 Carbon, 40 Sodium and 80 Copper. When all 16 sections have been powered up, exit and interact with it again. Click on Activate Portal and then click on the only Glyph you have 12 times. This will activate the Portal. Simply walk up to it and you will be teleported roughly 5,000 Light Years away from the Centre of the Galaxy, which is much closer than you were.

Head up into space, open the Galaxy Map, set it to Galactic Core and follow that to the Centre. Use the Farming Method above to see the best way to warp efficiently.

Each of these methods are fine ways to get you to the Galaxy Centre.

For reaching the Centre of the Galaxy on Permadeath difficulty, you will unlock;

and by doing it on Permadeath, you will also unlock;

Thank you so much for following through this walkthrough! I hope you have enjoyed this stunning game and have immersed yourself in the infinitely beautiful universe. If you have any questions or complaints, feel free to shoot me a DM and I'll respond as quickly as I can. Thank you for reading, I've been Dorkinator3001!

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