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To claim all of the achievements, we'll be doing the majority of two playthroughs; one on Normal to claim all bar two level capped achievements, and then Permadeath to claim the last two. While it is feasible to do just the one playthrough, doing everything on Permadeath is incredibly risky. As you progress, you'll become increasingly familiar with the game's resources, crafting and equipment. Each time we discover or need a new item, I'll link it to nomanssky.fandom.com to show its uses. I'll have a brief description but if you want more information, feel free to check the links out. For now though, I'll leave you with a few key components of each category.


Carbon - Carbon is mined from flora. Carbon can be used to craft Carbon Nanotubes, Life Support Gel, as fuel in the Refiners, and used to charge the Mining Beam.

Oxygen - Oxygen can be harvested from red plants and Oxygen Harvesters. Can be used to craft Antimatter Housing, Oxygen Capsules, Portable and Personal Refiners, the Oxygen Recycler, and used to charge your Life Support.

Di-hydrogen - Di-hydrogen can be found in blue crystals and refined into Di-hydrogen Jelly. Can be used to craft Frigate Fuel and Starship Launch Fuel.

Tritium - Tritium can be collected by destroying asteroids in space. Can be used to craft Frigate Fuel and different Frigate Rooms, as well as Rocket Boots, Phase Beam, and used to charge the Pulse Engine.

Ferrite Dust - Ferrite Dust can be mined from most rocks and non-living mineable objects on planets. Can be used to craft Antimatter Housing, Ion Batteries, Metal Plating and Oxygen Capsules.

Sodium - Sodium can be extracted from yellow flowers. Can be used to craft the Base Teleport Module, Signal Booster and can be used to charge Deflector Shields and Hazard Protection.


Metal Plating - A metal product, used heavily in the manufacture of starship parts and deployable technology. (50 Ferrite Dust)

Carbon Nanotubes - High tensile strength, mild conductivity for advanced technology. (50 Carbon)

Hermetic Seal - High-performance carbon seal, able to survive the harshness of space and high-energy industrial use. (30 Condensed Carbon)

Microprocessor - Compact, low heat microchip assembled from Chromatic Metal. (40 Chromatic Metal + 1 Carbon Nanotube)

Di-hydrogen Jelly - Faintly-glowing jelly, which is highly toxic and flammable. (40 Di-hydrogen)

Starship Launch Fuel - Reactive solid-state fuel, required to launch spaceships. (40 Di-hydrogen + 1 Metal Plate)

Antimatter - Contained negative matter and baryogenesis antiparticles. (25 Chromatic Metal + 20 Condensed Carbon)

Warp Cell - One of the few power sources capable of fueling a starship hyperdrive. (1 Antimatter Housing + 1 Antimatter)


Hazard Protection - Protects the user and stabilises the environment. Charged with sodium-based substances.

Life Support - Continually filters and pumps breathable Oxygen to the user. Uses surplus Oxygen to power other key systems in the Exosuit.

Jetpack - Provides advanced moment capabilities including brief flight.

Coolant Network/Thermic Layer/Toxic Suppressor/Radiation Deflector - Protects the user from extreme Heat, Cold, Toxins and Radiation respectively.

Pulse Engine - Propulsion, boosts and on-demand Pulse Jumps through the current system.

Launch Thruster - Launch and landing gear system. Requires sufficient fuel before activation.

Hyperdrive - Faster than Light (FTL) travel that allows starships to reach warp speed and jump to neighbouring systems.

Deflector Shield - Energy shield which protects starships from lasers, asteroids and space debris.

Photon Cannon - Destructive weapon which facilitates ship-to-ship and asteroid destruction.

Analysis Visor - Specialist Discovery and Survey Unit. Generates valuable data when flora, fauna and minerals are scanned.

Scanner - A Personal Surface Radar augment which scans for critical survival resources.

Terrain Manipulator - Advanced terraforming device. Allows for major changes in the planet's surface.

Mining Beam - Emits a high-energy beam which excites molecules within organic or geological objects.

Advanced Mining Laser - An advanced Mining Beam which allows for the extraction of large and rare resource deposits.

Boltcaster - Weapon attachment for the Multi-Tool. Reconfigures to supercharge metallic elements, and fires them as high-velocity projectiles.

Now that we are familiar with a few of the resources, crafting and equipment, we can now break down the achievements and how we can go about obtaining them.

There are two achievements we will unlock whilst base-building;

There is one achievement we will unlock by visiting another player's base;

There are three achievements we will unlock by collecting alien words;

There are three achievements we will unlock by meeting different aliens;

There are three achievements we will unlock by scanning entire planets of fauna;

There are three achievements we will unlock by warping to different systems;

There are three achievements we will unlock by accruing units;

There are three achievements we will unlock by destroying enemy starships;

There are two achievements we will unlock by spending time on extreme planets;

There are two achievements we will unlock by walking on planets;

There are two achievements we will unlock by reaching the centre of the galaxy in different difficulties;

Alright. So that's all the achievements we'll be getting in the walkthrough. Without further ado, welcome to the No Man's Sky walkthrough!

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