3. No Man's Sky Starting PlanetUpdate notes

For this starting planet, it will 100% always be a hostile planet either being hot, cold, toxic or irradiated. Don't try and reset for a peaceful planet, because you will never get one. I'm going to be writing about the starting planet in A LOT of detail so you can always know how to do everything. As we go through the rest of the pages though, I will be providing less detail as you should get a general idea. So basically I'm holding your hand excessively tight on the starting planet and will still be holding your hand throughout the rest of the game, albeit not as tightly.

We start on the Main Menu screen. Click cn_A to begin. Move the cursor down to Play Game and hold cn_A to enter. Navigate to New Game and hold cn_A to enter. Now we'll select the difficulty.

If you are doing the two playthroughs like is explained in the walkthrough, hold cn_A on Normal.

If you are doing the single, Permadeath playthrough, hold cn_A on Permadeath. If you are choosing this option, beware I don't recommend it as some planets can get really tough.

After picking your difficulty you'll begin hurtling through space until you are faced with a blinding, white screen. Hold cn_X when prompted. You will now be introduced to your planet.

My planet was a toxic planet, but whatever your planet is, our current goal, despite anything the game tells you, is to get our ship operational and functioning as quickly as we can. Now this game can be played in either first- or third-person. It will start you out in third-person, but if you're like me and prefer to play in first-person, here's how to change it.

Click cn_down, then use cn_left to go all the way over to the gear icon, then click cn_up, and cn_right once, then finally click cn_A. You're now in first-person.

The game will now tell you to Perform a Scan with cn_LSc to find and locate Sodium (Na). When you click it, it will say the Scanner is critically damaged and in need of repair. It will tell you to gather 75 Ferrite Dust, which is found by mining rocks. At this point, your Hazard Protection may be very low, but don't worry too much. If you're on Normal difficulty it can get to 0% and you will take some damage but you won't die, well not for a while. If you're on Permadeath, panic and find Sodium. When you have gathered 75 Ferrite Dust, click cn_back to enter your inventory. Here lies your inventories for your Exosuit, Starship and Multi-tool. All three things can have upgrades installed later but for now click cn_A on Scanner. Then press it again on the prompted area. Voila, your Scanner is repaired.

Now you can back out of the inventory, and click cn_LSc to Scan. On your screen you can now see, most likely, that there are three different coloured triangles; a yellow Na (Sodium), a red O2 (Oxygen), and a blue H (Di-hydrogen). If you can't see a colour just rotate on the spot and you should see it. All three of these are important at some stage so if you see it nearby, I'd pick it up. Also, the Sodium and Oxygen are flowers, so you pick them by holding cn_X, and the Di-hydrogen is a crystal so you mine it. The Mining Tool is drained while using it so when it gets low, mine some Carbon to top it up. Carbon is gathered from mining plants and living flora.

The new goal is to gather 10 Sodium and if your Hazard Protection is nearly empty, you best rush over to it. Once you have collected enough Sodium, click cn_back to enter the inventory again, click on Hazard Protection, click on Sodium, and drag it onto the Hazard Protection icon. Trust me, it sounds way more confusing than it is. So your Hazard Protection is topped up to full, or near enough, we can continue on. If you took damage from your Hazard Protection being empty, it will regain by itself in no time.

Shortly after, an icon will appear on your screen which looks like a half-crescent moon in a red triangle. This is an Automated Signal Broadcast and your next job is to venture over towards it. It should be somewhere around 500u (Units) away from you. Start heading over there now. You may have noticed the white bar underneath the Hazard Protection bar. This is your Life Support. You don't want to let this run out. It requires very little Oxygen to recharge so just gather a couple and you'll be okay. Now it doesn't go down while you are standing still, but as soon as you start walking, it'll go down. If you click cn_RS to sprint, it will go down twice as quick and if you click cn_A to use your Jetpack, it will go down three times as fast. Just keep that in mind.

Once you've made your way over to the marker, you'll notice there's a damaged starship and a couple of boxes on the ground. You can loot the boxes if you want, you won't get much, and interact with the Distress Beacon. After skimming through the text, click on Broadcast. The game will now tell you to investigate the crashed ship, your ship. Hold cn_X to enter and behold the starship that you'll probably be using for the majority of the game. You can choose to read the log if you'd like, then click Connect Exosuit. Click cn_X to exit your ship.

We are now going to be fixing the Pulse Engine. Step 1 is to gather 50 Ferrite Dust from rocks. Once you have that, click cn_back. Click cn_A on an empty slot and click cn_A again to open the crafting menu. Move to Metal Plating and click cn_A once again to craft it. Click on Pulse Engine and click on the Metal Plating symbol. The game will now tell you to board the ship and consult diagnostics. So go up to the ship and hold cn_X to enter. After some text, click Request Assistance and when prompted, click cn_X to leave the ship. Wander over to the Distress Beacon, and hold cn_X to talk to it. Take the Planetary Chart, click cn_back and hold cn_X while hovering over the Planetary Chart. A massive circular scan will erupt out of it and you should see another Broadcast icon on the screen. When you take control of the player back again, it's time to travel to the icon again. This one should be roughly 1,000u or 1ks away. Better get moving.

On your way there, don't forget to pick up any Sodium, Oxygen, and Di-hydrogen you come across. You don't need loads but it's always nice to have. There is a high chance that while you're on your way to the icon, that a nasty storm will hit. This will make your Hazard Protection go down three times as quick so either, retreat to the ship to wait it out, try to find a cave or a ravine (hover in by spam-pressing cn_A, don't jump off you may die), or press onwards while using Sodium to refill the Hazard Protection when it gets low. Also, a good tip to know is that while you're in your inventory, the game keeps going but if you pause the game, it won't. Once you arrive, take refuge in the building with the icon. Once inside everything will stabilise and you'll be just fine. Once you're inside, find the yellow terminal on the wall called Holo-Archive and hold cn_X to interact with it. Click Recover Supplies and the Hermetic Seal you need to fix the Pulse Engine will be chucked into your inventory. After you've received that feel free to wander around the little area and explore but there isn't too much here. Now all we gotta do is head back to the ship.

Not so fast though. The game will prompt you to press cn_LT to use the Analysis Visor, but it's broken as well so we'll fix that right now. Click cn_back to enter the inventory and click on an empty spot in the Multi-Tool tab to install the Analysis Visor. Exit out of the inventory and you'll see we need to get 50 Carbon. You can get Carbon by mining flora. Once you have 50 Carbon, simply enter the inventory using cn_back and click on an empty spot and craft the Carbon Nanotubes. After that's crafted, click on the Analysis Visor icon and click on Carbon Nanotubes to install it. You now have the Analysis Visor. The Analysis Visor is like a helmet, which, when activated, provides all sorts of information, ranging from what the targeted thing is, the temperature, the time, how long until your Hazard Protection runs out, your coordinates, and the available resources on the planet. When you look at something unidentified with the Visor on, you can scan it by holding cn_RT and when it's done, you will be rewarded with some Units (NMS's currency) and it will also have various information about what you just scanned.

Once you arrive back at your ship, you can enter the ship and click on Pulse Engine again. Now click on the Hermetic Seal icon to install it and finally fix the Pulse Engine. Now we need to fix the Launch Thruster, but thankfully it doesn't require as much walking. We now need 40 Di-hydrogen so you can go collect that if you haven't already mined enough. A quick reminder that it's the blue H when you scan. Once you have enough, enter the inventory, click on an empty spot and craft Di-hydrogen Jelly. With that crafted, click on the Launch Thruster, and just like the others before, click on the pulsating icon to insert the Jelly.

Now for the second half of repairing, we need Pure Ferrite. As you might have guessed, Pure Ferrite is a purified version of Ferrite Dust. We can naturally obtain it from the planet but for that, we require the Advanced Mining Laser which we cannot obtain just yet. So you'll do it another way. The next step is to construct a Portable Refiner. For this you'll need to gather 50 Ferrite Dust, then craft that into a Metal Plating, and 32 Oxygen from the little red flowers. You obtain Ferrite Dust from the rocks and craft it in your inventory. I've repeated myself to death on how to craft so let's see how you go crafting a Metal Plating all by yourself. Once you have those two things, click cn_up to bring up the base building menu. Aim the Refiner were you'd like to place it and click cn_A to place it. Now that it's placed, you are going to want to have at least 10 Carbon and 50 Ferrite Dust. Don't have that? Go mine it. Now hold cn_X to interact with the Refiner. Once inside, you'll want to click the top slot where it says Fuel Supply. You want to put your Carbon in there. Next, put your Ferrite Dust in the left slot. Remember you must have 50 Ferrite Dust or this process won't really work. Once you've got 50 Ferrite in there, hold cn_X to start the Refiner. It shouldn't take too long. When it's done, grab the now Pure Ferrite and put it in the Exosuit slot (or the Starship slot it doesn't really matter). Exit the Refiner and enter the inventory, click on Launch Thruster and click the pulsating icon with Pure Ferrite on it.

Congratulations! Your starship is now fully operational. But we aren't done just yet.

Walk up to the Refiner and click cn_RSc to pick up the Refiner and anything left inside it. Board your starship and hold cn_RT to take off. Aim upwards towards the vast nothingness of space and hold cn_B until you see the name of the system in very large writing on the screen. Very quickly before you can start exploring whatever, the game will teach you basic controls about spaceflight. Hold cn_RT to go, then hold cn_B to boost, then hold cn_LB and cn_RB together for 5 seconds to initiate the Pulse Engine. As soon as you start zooming off into the distance very quickly, click them both again to slow down. The Pulse Engine requires Tritium as a fuel source and luckily for you, there is an abundance of it. Simply hold cn_A to shoot lasers out of the ship and if you hit and destroy an asteroid, you'll get some Tritium, along with some other goodies occasionally.

Lastly, there will be Communication to pop up on your screen after you've done these things. Click cn_down and cn_A to answer the communication. Choose whichever prompt you'd like to and once it's over, the game fully starts. Congrats! You've essentially completed a rather difficult tutorial if you don't know what you're doing.

Now you can explore and get the rest of the achievements. First, you really should follow along with the next page for the Awakenings quest as it's rather essential but rather long. When you've done that quest, you can fully explore to your heart's content.

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