5. No Man's Sky UnitsUpdate notes

Okay, next up is the achievements surrounding getting mass quantities of Units. Units are the currency in No Man's Sky and to get the three achievements, you are going to need to have 250,000u, 1,000,000u and 2,000,000u. Now you must be holding that amount at one time, it cannot be cumulative.

There are a few things you'll need to grab before maximising the potential profits.

To maximise our profits these are the optimal things you should grab.

  • Around 1,000 Nanites
  • At least 1 S-Grade Scanner Upgrade

Now I'll teach you how to get these, then how to get 2,000,000u quick and easy.

First we'll get the Nanites. The easiest way I've found to get these is to head to the Anomaly, and do missions that reward you with Nanites. You summon the Anomaly when flying in space. Click down on the D-Pad and move across to the circular icon with points coming out of the diagonals. Aim where you want to place the Anomaly, and then click A. The Anomaly will zoom in to the system, allowing you to enter at the door. The Anomaly is where you can meet and team up with other players. Think of it as NMS's online hub.

Once you're inside, make your way over to the green box in the middle of the main area, with a floating robot eye (sentinel). This is the Nexus, and is likely where you'll be spending a decent amount of time. Hold X to enter the Nexus and there will be 5 missions. These missions will ask you to perform certain tasks, such as killing hazardous flora, taming wild creatures, or collecting specific things, along with many other things. Each mission gives out two rewards; an item reward, and a monetary reward. The item rewards are a nice bonus but what you want is any mission which gives out Nanites. Remember that we want probably around the 800-1,000 Nanites mark to be safe as the Scanner upgrade isn't exactly cheap. Don't worry if there aren't any missions which offer Nanites, as the Nexus refreshes it's missions every 10 minutes. If there isn't any missions, simply wait until your console's clock has a 0 at the end of it. For example, 8:00, 8:10, 8:20 etc.

Note: any missions that offer Quicksilver are rather pointless, as most things you can buy with it are cosmetics.

Once you've gotten a mission offering Nanites, click on it and click Initialise Mission. You can either wait for people to join you, or hold X to start the mission by yourself. Be warned that some missions are rather challenging alone, especially missions where you have to kill things. Note that you may get warped to a brand new system for your mission, so remember that going to the space station is the easiest way to go back to your own system.

Go off and do your mission, and when you're done, return to the Nexus to receive your reward. If you have around the 800-1000 Nanites range, then continue on to the next step. If not, do another mission.

Now, when you've got a decent amount of Nanites, you are going to want to find a Space Station. Once you arrive, head over to the Alien who sells Multi-Tool Upgrades. What you are looking for is an S-Grade Scanner Upgrade. It is random whether or not they'll have one for sale so if they don't you're going to have to teleport to another Space Station. You should only have two Space Stations discovered thus far, so check this one as well. If you are unlucky, like I was, and neither one of the Space Stations had one, you are unfortunately going to have to warp to a brand new system. Remember, to Warp, you need a Warp Cell, which costs 30 Oxygen, 50 Ferrite Dust, 25 Chromatic Metal, and 20 Condensed Carbon. Keep warping to new Systems until you find the Upgrade you need. If you were really unlucky and needed to Warp multiple times, you may unlock the "The Stars, Like Dust" achievement, which you get for warping 5 times.

Once you've bought the Scanner upgrade, you need to install it. You need to hold X on the icon in your inventory which will then turn it into an Upgrade you can install in your Multi-Tool. Now there is a chance you don't get what we want here. The upgrade states that this upgrade has the chance to upgrade Fauna and Flora Analysis Rewards, and Scan Radius. You can (and often do) get both but if you don't get the Fauna and Flora Analysis Rewards, I'm so sorry but you are going to have to buy another upgrade. While the Scan Radius is fine, we want the FaFAR so that each animal and plant you scan gives loads more money. Whereas before you were maybe getting 2000u for a scan, you might now get 50000u. For example, my Upgrade gave me, 7,020% increase in Fauna Rewards, 7,371% increase in Flora Rewards, and 40% Scan Radius.

Now just head on down to your nearest planet, scan everything you come across, and voila, easy millions of units! Also, if you happen to scan all of the Fauna on a single planet, go into the Discoveries tab on the pause menu, click on Fauna and then hold A on the paw print in the upper right corner. Or on the tab underneath where it says Fauna. Some people say different things work for different people.

When you run out of things to scan, simply move on to the next planet.

When you have 250,000u, you will unlock;

When you have 1,000,000u, you will unlock;

And finally, when you have 2,000,000u, you will unlock;

Now you know how to make incredible amounts of money fast! One thing I would recommend buying first is a new Multi-Tool with more slots. The alien you bought the Upgrade from always has a random Multi-Tool for sale, which is usually quite better than yours.

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