6. No Man's Sky Space CombatUpdate notes

Onto some Space Combat!

There are a couple different ways to earn these achievements. You can either;

  • Find a sentinel and attack it, then defeat the ships when it calls for backup.
  • Fly around Space and pirates will attack eventually.
  • Get missions from either the Mission Agent or the Nexus and complete them for bonus rewards as well. The Missions will usually be called 'Hunt Dangerous Pirates'.

Personally I like doing the bottom one to get extra rewards on top of what you get for destroying the ship, although it may take significantly longer. I will have a section on each of the above ways (except attacking ships by Space Stations, seriously don't do it).

But before you go out and start destroying ships, you're going to want to make it as easy as possible for yourself. Head over to a Space Station and head over to the Starship Merchant. You are going to want to find both;

  • S or A-tier Starship Shield Module
  • S or A-tier Photon Cannon Module

You will probably need more Nanites by this point so head over to the Anomaly and to the Nexus to do some Missions until you have roughly 1,000-1,400 Nanites.

If you can't find the S or A-tier Upgrades, simply move on to the next Space Station. If you run out of Space Stations, warp to new Systems until you have what you need.

This step is optional, as it only makes you stronger against multiple opponents.

Whether or not you decide to get the upgrades, it's time to move on to where I'll split the guide into 3 sections

  • Sentinel Ships
  • Pirates
  • Missions

I would recommend either having Sodium on you to repair your shields whilst fighting, or fighting near a Planet or Space Station so that, if you get overwhelmed, you can retreat for a moment.

Sentinel Ships

Head down to a nearby planet (preferably one with High Sentinel Activity), and look around for one. When you find one, attack it, and sprint back to your ship. Take off and fly into space. It will say 'Reinforcements in _ seconds' and when it hits Zero, you'll be attacked by Sentinel ships. After all the Ships are defeated, more reinforcements will be called until you either die, or flee, so you can use this to get continuous Sentinel ships and get to 80 ships destroyed.


Whilst flying around space, there is a chance you will be attacked by Pirates, trying to steal from you/kill you. The chances of Pirates attacking you increase the more valuable your cargo is. Simply fly around space for a while with a large amount of cargo on you (Salvaged Data is worth a lot!), until you manage to rack up 80 ships destroyed.


This one is by far the slowest, but by far the best if you want loot as well. Either head to the Nexus in the Anomaly or to the Mission Agent in any Space Station, and look for 'Hunt Dangerous Pirates' Missions. Do the missions, get the rewards, get 80 ships destroyed, easy!

After destroying 5 Ships you will unlock;

After destroying 50 Ships you will unlock;

After destroying 80 Ships you will unlock;

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