7. No Man's Sky Alien Colonists and WordsUpdate notes

Onto some Aliens!

In total, you'll need to meet 80 different aliens, and to learn 150 different words.

The easiest way to meet lots of Aliens quickly, is to travel to each space station you've found. Simply walk up to each Alien (only the ones walking around, the shopkeepers and quest givers don't count) and click on "Request Dialect Help." You should be able to get around 10 Aliens met and words collected from each space station. If you run out of space stations, you can warp to new systems until you get the "What Mad Universe" achievement.

Once you get this achievement, you should need somewhere between 50 to 70 more words found. You can check by going to Milestones and it's the Words Collected one you're after. There are a couple of different options to get words quickly. You can either warp to new systems and visit the new space stations for 10 or so new words per one, or you can visit the Cartographer on a space station. Interact with it and click on Exchange Specific Charts. He sells 4 different kinds of maps. The one we're interested in is the one called Alien Cartographic Data. This will give you a map to an ancient alien structure which houses 1 to 4 words. They cost 1 Navigation Data per map and you can find Navigation Data around the space stations in glowing objects.

If you decide to buy the maps, know that you'll need as many as you need divided by 4. For example, because that was kinda confusing, at this stage I needed 36 more words. If you do 36 / 4 then you get 9. Which would mean all I need is 9 maps.

You may get unlucky and only get 1 word per map but you can just keep buying maps or visiting space stations.

Once you have met 10 Aliens you will unlock;

Once you have met 50 Aliens you will unlock;

Once you have met 80 Aliens you will unlock;

Once you have learned 10 Alien Words you will unlock;

Once you have learned 50 Alien Words you will unlock;

Once you have learned 150 Alien Words you will unlock;

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