8. No Man's Sky Planet Zoology and On-foot ExplorationUpdate notes

Planet Zoology and On-foot Exploration!

I decided to lump these two together as for Planet Zoology, all you do is wander around and look for species of fauna and to do that, you need to walk around a bit.

In total, you need to scan every animal on 10 planets, and walk for 100kms.

By far the easiest way to get the Planets scanned done is by finding Exotic Planets. Exotic Planets are unique in the way that they are very weird and share one amazing thing in common; they all only have one species of fauna. You can recognize that it's an Exotic Planet because the description of the planet will be more about the landscape, than the weather. Some examples of Exotic Planets are;

Anomaly Planet

Columned Planet

Fractured Planet

Rattling Planet

Doing it this way can shorten your need to walk around searching dramatically. However, we need to walk around a lot. Whichever way you decide to look for fauna, be it Exotic Planets or not, you will still need to walk the 100kms. At the time of getting all 10 planets, I had only walked around 50kms. So half. How you decide to walk the remaining kms, is up to you. You might want to build a house and walk around in circles for a while, or maybe you actually want to walk around and explore. Whatever you decide, I hope it's not too tedious of a task because there are some even worse achievements coming up.

Once you have scanned every animal on a planet, head into the start menu, then the Discoveries channel. Click on the planet you are on, and then on Fauna. There should be an icon that says 'Fauna Discovered' 1/1 or 10/10 or whatever your planet has. Then directly right of that, there should be a thin bar which says 'Upload and Receive _ Nanites. You must do this for every planet you fully scan or the achievements won't track.

Once you have scanned 1 planet of all fauna, you will unlock;

Once you have scanned 7 planets of all fauna, you will unlock;

Once you have scanned 10 planets of all fauna, you will unlock;

Once you have walked 40kms, you will unlock;

Once you have walked 100kms, you will unlock;

Next up after this will be Space Exploration!

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