9. No Man's Sky Space ExplorationUpdate notes

Space Exploration Time!

Now to get the 3 achievements linked with Space Exploration, you're going to do a lot of warps. That can be quite tedious so the more warps you do while actually completing other achievements, the better. In total, you are required to do 75 warps. At this point in my own game, I had warped 13 times. So that meant I had 62 warps remaining.

To make Warp Cells, you are going to require mass amounts of Ferrite Dust, Oxygen, Chromatic Metal, and Condensed Carbon. You can buy the Ferrite and Oxygen from Space Stations for quite cheap, but the Chromatic Metal and Condensed Carbon you will have to gather yourself. Each Warp Cell requires 1 Antimatter, and 1 Antimatter Housing. The Antimatter Housing is much easier so I'll start with that.

Firstly, figure out how many warps you need to do. For each Antimatter Housing, you'll need 30 Oxygen, and 50 Ferrite Dust. Multiply both of those numbers by your warp number to figure out how much you need. I had 62 warps to do, so I required 62x30 Oxygen (1,860) and 62x50 Ferrite Dust (3,100). You can buy those from a Space Station, and with the money making technique we used in the Units section, it should be rather cheap. Make all your Antimatter Housing and then we can move on to Antimatter itself.

Antimatter requires 25 Chromatic Metal, and 20 Condensed Carbon per each one. Again, I had 62 warps left, so I needed 62x25 Chromatic Metal (1,550) and 62x20 Condensed Carbon (1,240). There are a couple of ways to get the Chromatic Metal. You could either head to a planets surface and mine the special resources, then Refine them into the Metal, or you could fly around space attacking Pirates. Either way is fine, feel free to pick either; or both! The Condensed Carbon though, you're going to have to mine all that yourself. Try to find the bigger plant-like stuff on the planets surface because sometimes they drop Condensed Carbon already, so you wouldn't have to mine regular Carbon, then refine it. With all of those resources collected, craft your Antimatter, then craft your Warp Cells.

Now you can warp all around. Whether you want to keep warping to systems and get as far away as you can get, or if you simply want to warp to a system, then back, etc. They both work. Although things such as Base Teleporters and Space Station Teleporters do not work.

Once you have warped 5 times, you will unlock;

Once you have warped 40 times, you will unlock;

Once you have warped 75 times, you will unlock;

Next up is definitely the most tedious pair of achievements, so brace yourselves.

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