OMG: Our Manic Game (WP)

Windows Phone

OMG: Our Manic Game (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Killing Spree
Killing Spree15 (15)You killed 3 enemies in 5 sec.
Jackpot26 (25)You've won more than 2000 points on a single enemy.
Cold Blood
Cold Blood16 (15)You've stayed still for more than 10 seconds.
Rainbow Warrior
Rainbow Warrior11 (10)You upgraded your laser to the maximum level!

Least Earned

Fan15 (10)You've already spent 3 hours on the game.
Annoying34 (25)You riled the bosses!
OMFG(WTFBBQ)41 (30)You beat Arkedo's best score! Congrats!
Hyperactive13 (10)You covered a mile during a game.
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WP7 DotW: May 18th, 2011

Get a cheap dose of top-down shooting on Windows Phone 7 this week. OMG: Our Manic Game (WP) - $2.99 - £2.49 $1.99 - £1.99 In Our Manic Game, it's all about bullets. And risk. And reward. But mainly

Posted 8 years ago by Suyomizzle, 28 comments