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Posted on 24 June 19 at 16:56
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When I last reviewed a Sometimes You published game, it was the retro, Gameboy looking Awesome Pea. It was a game I had enjoyed. Well who would believe the next time I felt like reviewing something coming from them it would again be so positive.

NOTE: A code to stream this game was provided by the publisher, Sometimes You. All thoughts contained below are my own.

When I looked at Ovivo, I was instantly drawn in by the game tile. The simple black and white art was so inviting and appealing. Little did I know how true that initial thought would be.

So what is Ovivo? Well it is a momentum based platformer. You control a little ball who can move left or right. The thing is that you can't really climb any slope. Any incline is mostly impassable for you. Instead, you need to switch your dimension which will allow you to go downhill along the slope you were just faced with.

From here the game is just about trying to get to the end of each level. Along the way you'll be trying to collect dots and story symbols. For the most part, these collectibles are directly on your path or can be seen in the distance. It then becomes a question of trying to figure out how best to collect it. There were a couple times these collectibles were on a slightly branching path and thus you might miss them, but nothing so obscure. The levels are fairly linear so if you think a collectible is in a nearby crevasse, feel free to drop into it and check. Worst case, it's a endless pit and you'll be put right back to where you were because of the very forgiving checkpoint system.

There are 9 levels to complete. Each one has 3 story symbols and a number of dots. Levels focus on you having the momentum to move between platforms. Sometimes you'll need to look around you to find the best to have the speed to move while others will have you just spamming A as you go back and forth. Even these little swaps can give you a slight boost to jump from platform to platform.

Now that we've gone over the basics of the game, let's talk about my thoughts on the game:

Positive - The Art
I said this throughout my stream and in a series of tweets later, but the game really has nice art. During the levels, you might notice some of the black and white is shaping to look like other things. It's not a ink-blot test though. When you finish the level, it will zoom out to show amazing pieces of art. The game really takes advantage of the simple aesthetic. Even when playing the level, there are great moments of art scattered throughout the levels.

Negative - Difficulty Curve
I'm not saying all games need to have this ramping up of difficulty, but this game's difficulty curve peaks during Level 6. This has a chase sequence in it that really felt tense. After that though, Levels 7 through 9 really dropped the difficulty down. Everything began to feel more linear and easier. Level 6 had me prepared for something a lot more complicated and I was left wanting more as a result. Maybe that is a good thing then?

Positive - Achievements
This is up to the player, but really, the list for this game isn't difficult. It feels like you get something done, but not as much of achievement-shovelware you might see elsewhere. You will play the whole game on your way to the completion.

Neutral - Control Crispness
While the game controls quite well, there were definite moments where I thought I had entered the opposite color palette and then didn't. I'd end up back where I was and fall to a quick death. I don't think this is on the game as I think it followed it's logic, but sometimes I felt cheated by it. Like I said, because I couldn't tell if it was on me or the game, this is a neutral thought about it.

Positive - Checkpoints
As I mentioned in the sections above, the game has a lot of checkpoints. You don't know when you trigger them, but they are quite forgiving. As such, you never really lose much progress and only have to try again on the obstacle currently giving you trouble. A more punishing system likely would have hurt the game, but in this form it works well to keep you going.

Overall, this is a decent game. I've seen momentum based games like this before, and this game executes on it's concepts fairly well. While short (less than 3 hours), I think that time frame is enough to give the experience desired. Too many more levels likely would have worn out it's welcome or became stale without additional mechanics or a higher difficulty.

If you have time or the money (it's not too pricey), I think this one might be worth a look. In my thoughts about all games under the Sometimes You publishing umbrella (nearly 20 games on Xbox One now), this easily cracks a Top 5 (likely alongside Awesome Pea, Grab the Bottle, State of Anarchy - not sure of the 4th right now).
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