1. OXENFREE Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the TA walkthrough for Oxenfree, a 2016 adventure thriller from Night School Studios. You play as Alex, a blue-haired high school junior, as she joins some friends for an overnight party on the mysterious Edwards Island. Equipped with a radio, Alex finds that she is able to tune into strange signals across the island, the effects of which you'll experience. The game's title comes from "olly olly oxen free", a phrase hide and seekers use to tell hiding players that it is safe for them to reveal themselves. I'll let you discover how that concept plays into the story.

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This game will require a minimum of three playthroughs, which I outline at the beginning of the story walkthrough section. A quick playthrough will take about 3 hours. The playthrough where you pick up collectibles and otherwise explore what the game has to offer will likely take 4-5 hours. You can expect to spend just over 10 hours for completion.

The three playthroughs are nearly identical aside from what type of dialogue options you'll need to lean toward so I'll run through the story once and point out the few moments where your choices are particularly important as we go. Although I'll cover the collectibles in the story walkthrough, I'll list them once again with images on the Easter Eggs and Collectibles page, where we'll also briefly look at some of the game's secrets. These have been confirmed by the developers to lead to a real-world item.

I hope you enjoy this game and that you find this walkthrough helpful.

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