2. OXENFREE General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Oxenfree's gameplay is very straightforward with lots of walking and talking. One thing to keep in mind is that your actions often interrupt any ongoing dialogue. There will be moments, for example, where you're walking while having a conversation with another character and then when you hit a certain point in the path, a new comment is triggered, cutting off what was being said before. Interacting with items also cuts off dialogue. If you're interested in what the characters have to say -- and there are some great lines written into the script -- consider standing still or reducing movement during conversations.

The game is also available for Windows 10, but the achievements are not stackable because the two platforms share the same list. You can use an Xbox One controller on both versions, but I'll give keyboard controls as well.

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cn_LB and cn_LT open the island map (control on the PC), which will be helpful in your search for collectibles and story objectives. Every collectible and many points in the story require you to use the radio with cn_RB or cn_RT (shift or right-click). It doesn't hurt to keep it equipped as you explore, but it isn't necessary. The left stick controls movement (WASD keys) and the right stick is used to tune the radio (hold left button and drag mouse). Press cn_A to interact with objects (space or enter), and cn_X, cn_Y, and cn_B (left click) to choose between dialogue options as they appear.

Lastly, keep in mind that you'll need to get all collectibles in the same playthrough. There are two types of collectibles in the game, one of which you can keep an eye out for starting early on. They are rock formations (the game calls them anomalies), much like the ones you'll interact with early in the game, but a bit smaller. Simply walk up to them and tune the radio to the right frequency to collect them. The other type is letters, which appear as sparkles on the ground when you're near. You won't be able to get these until you find a second radio with an increased frequency range, which comes quite late in the story. Tuning to 140.1 FM in an area will give you a hint about the location of any letters in that area. In general, there is one anomaly and one letter per area, with some exceptions, at a total of 12 anomalies and 13 letters.

On to the story!

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