1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough Overview

Welcome guys, girls, and gamers to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion!

Before we begin, let me take the opportunity to offer my grateful thanks to Starlight126 who co-authored this walkthrough, and without who's invaluable assistance this walkthrough would not have been possible.

Let us start by saying that you are about to play one of the best games ever released for the Xbox 360. This role-playing adventure is an epic journey in an immense and incredibly detailed world in which you can literally spend weeks exploring and dungeon crawling. You can be the knight in shining armor, you can be the evil villain, or you can be anything in between. Everything is up to you, and a huge world of adventure is waiting for you. This game will be what you make of it. You can burn through it in about 25-30 hours, but you'll miss out on an astounding amount of content. On the other hand, you could spend about 300 hours in this game and probably still not see and do everything there is to see and do.

Now that our sales pitch is out of the way, we can talk about the achievements of this game and this walkthrough. Oblivion is organised in quests, and all the achievements are related to these quests. There are six quest-lines in the main game, and another quest-line on its own in the DLC "The Shivering Isles", worth an additional 250 G spreaded among its 10 Achievements. The quest-lines of the main game are:

- Main Quest (16 Quests; 6 Achievements, 360 G)
- Arena (Organised in fights; 9 Achievements, 130 G)
- Fighters Guild (18 Quests; 10 Achievements, 140 G)
- Mages Guild (18 Quests; 10 Achievements, 140 G)
- Thieves Guild (11 Quests; 8 Achievements, 120 G)
- Dark Brotherhood (19 Quests; 7 Achievements, 110 G)

Although you can can complete any of the quest-lines whenever you want, it's advisable to focus on the Main Quest first, then the Arena, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and lastly Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. It's particularly important to join the Fighters Guild early in the game, since joining requires you to have an Infamy lower than 100, a requirement that you may accidentally miss if you free-roam doing evil deeds too much (more info can be found in the General hints and tips page). This does not prevent you from joining the Fighters Guild, since you can still join if also your Fame is higher than 100, but it would certainly cost you a massive time investment to fulfill this alternative requirement (more than it would take to start a new playthrough).

It's important to know that all the non-Main-Quest quest-lines (Arena, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood) have rules that you must follow to avoid being expelled. If you in persist violating the rules your expulsion becomes permanent, and you must restart a new playthrough to join again. This means that, virtually, all the achievements related to these quest-lines are missable. Technically speaking, this is not entirely true for the Thieves Guild, since only the last of its achievements is missable (you can be expelled permanently only if you fail the last mission, which earns the last achievement of that quest-line).

More info on the Shivering Isles will be provided in the introduction of that page.

The next pages of this walkthrough are structured as follows:

- General hints and tips: all you want to know to understand the game better
- Character creation and leveling: informative page on the character creation and character leveling system (speed-runners may skip this page, since it's dedicated to those that have a more passionate interest in the game)
- Exploitable glitches and 100% Chameleon: page dedicated to some cheap tricks that you may want to pull off to make your achievement hunting easier and faster, at the cost of a more entertaining game experience
- Story Walkthrough - Part 1 and Part 2: the Main Questline is covered here
- Arena, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood: the respective quest-lines are covered here
- Shivering Isles DLC: the Main Quest of the DLC is covered here

The walkthrough will focus on the most important aspects of the game, particularly for what is important to proceed with the achievement hunting as quickly and efficiently as possible. Oblivion is a giant game, and a proper "trimming" of the secondary aspects is fundamental to keep the walkthrough as direct as possible. If you do want to explore the full game, you'll have a better time doing it on your own than you would if you followed a walkthrough.

Regarding the "spoilers" issue, you won't find major story-related spoilers in the pages of this walkthrough. However, keep in mind that for obvious reasons sometimes it's necessary to refer to the name of locations, NPCs, and solution of puzzles -- just in case, you've been warned.

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