5. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Story walkthrough - Part 1


In this and the next page of the Story Walkthrough you will find a walkthrough of the main quest of the game. The pages have been divided in sections, quest by quest, to give an essential (but comprehensive of all the necessary info) guide to the completion of the Main Quest of Oblivion.

Keep in mind that there is a lot of multi-choice dialogues in the game, and most of the time what you choose doesn't affect anything (the typical choices are between some optional info and the choice that makes you progress; the latter will continue to appear until you pick it), or don't have an impact on the main quest development anyway. In the main game none of the choices you make will affect the achievements, and the few times when a certain answer may cause a slightly different development of secondary events you can choose whatever you prefer (the gamer's logic is enough to make a better choice; if someone asks if you want help then you should probably say "Yes" -- it's not rocket science).

The walkthrough will not contain major spoilers about the story events, but you should expect some minor references about the places to visit and characters to deal with. There won't be unnecessary references or anticipations in any case, so you'll be fine even if you read ahead.

Make sure to follow the section "Preparations for the adventure" (shortly after the first quest), since it provides useful info on items that you probably want to get before focusing on the rest of the adventure (including the secondary quest-lines and the DLC).

If you need to find a specific quest in these pages, use the CTRL+F search function of your browser to type in the name of the quest preceeded by a " # " marker (like "# Tutorial"). Here is the quest index (Part I):

- Tutorial
- Deliver the Amulet
- Find the Heir
- Breaking the Siege of Kvatch

Story Walkthrough

# Tutorial

The adventure starts in the Imperial Dungeon, and the first thing you have to do is create a character. For every player of Oblivion, the character creation is one of the "hardest" things to do, since it's easy to get lost among all the possible options given. You can find more info on character creation and leveling in the correspondent page of this walkthrough. Also remember that you can change your choices (including the appearance) before exiting the Sewers, the last portion of the first dungeons that you're going to explore soon, so don't worry if you change your mind after the first choices made now. If you can't decide which class to use, then a good choice for the average player can be the Redguard class.

Approach the cell door and an unpleasant conversation will start. After a short while, someone will come and visit you: turn around and head for the wall opposite the door to let them in. Another conversation will trigger afterwards; pick all the options available until you can progress with the story. Note that you can play in third-person or first-person view. To change between the two, press RS. The first person allows you to be more accurate, especially when interacting with the environment (a cursor clearly displays what you are "aiming" at; in third-person this is not available).

Imperial Prison

Follow the soldiers and at one point you'll be assaulted by some enemies. You can't really fight right now, so let the NPCs do the job for you. Then loot the bodies of the dead enemies to find some useful items, including a Steel Shortsword and a Torch. Equip them both before continuing: press B to access your journal, navigate with LT/RT to select the second tab (the one with a "fist" icon; it's the one for the equipment) and also navigate with LS or the D-Pad to check among the different categories of equipment instead of the all-inclusive tab (the left-most). The sword will be found in the second page of the equipment tabs, among the other Weapons, while the torch is one of the Miscellaneous items of the last tab.

While you are navigating in the menus, take a look at the rest of your inventory/journal too. The four main tabs you can choose from, with LT/RT, are: the main character's status, the equipment, the spells, and the proper journal with a record of your active/current/completed quests. Each of these has its own sub-tabs which deal with different things. Explore the menus to get acquainted with all the features available, and in particular make sure to check out the in-game maps (fourth tab, the same of the journal). The game even provides two different maps: one is the "local" map of the dungeon/city/house where you are, while the other is the world map, in its full extension.

Note that you could also loot other enemies' bodies to get extra resources, but although you might be tempted to mop up everything you find it's better to not do so to keep your total carried weight low (they do have some useful potions if you want, but definitely leave their robes on the ground). You can check the weight in the equipment tab of the menu; it's a number represented near a feather symbol and it's very important to keep it low. There are no particular consequences of carrying a lot of weight, but if you exceed your weight allowance you will be over-encumbered and become unable to move. Also,having too many items means being always on the edge of having the necessity to drop the surplus in the future. Long story short, instead of picking up all the garbage you find, try and save the weight capacity for the important stuff. You can drop the surplus items at any time from the equipment menu though, just select the item you want to drop and press X to drop it (special items like story-related items cannot be dropped, but they typically weigh 0 to avoid issues related to their presence).

Once you are done getting familiar with the game menus, follow the guards near a gate; they will proceed onwards and leave you behind a locked door! Worry not though: some rats will break a wall, thus allowing you to proceed into another area. To fight the rats press X or RT to enter "combat mode", and then use RT to attack and LT to defend. There is no need to defend against Rats of course, so just defeat them with a swing of your new sword.

In the next area you will find the first chests of the game. If you stick to the East side you will find a skeleton on the ground: loot it to get 6x Lockpick and another Torch (ignore the rest of the stuff). Near the skeleton there is a locked chest. You can use one of the lockpicks to open it, though the lock-picking is quite tricky to learn and understand at first. The basic idea when you are prompted with the screen of lockpicking is to move the lockpick to the left/right in correspondence with the gold tumblers that are lowered, and then move LS_Up to push them up. As you do so, the tumblers will stand still on the top (aligned with the tumblers in position) for a few instants; press A to "stick" them in this position. Once all the golden tumblers are in position the lock will open. In these first easy locks there is only one tumbler to reset in position, but later things will get much more complicated, and the tumblers will also not stand still in position that easily. This will cause much labor with the lockpicks, to the point you will probably want to just use the automatic lockpick function (press X and the game will randomly try to open the lock for you) that, even though it will probably break several lockpicks every time, at least guarantees you to open the lock sooner or later without too much effort. Note that you break a lockpick every time you fail to stick a tumbler in position, even if you do it manually.

The chest near the skeleton, once open, contains 10 Gold and a Sapphire. On the West side of the room there is another chest to loot for some extra Gold. On the East side, South of the previous chest, you can also find a barrel with some more Lockpicks.

Continue Southeast towards a door; before it and on the left there is a dead shaman: loot the body to find a potion, your first two "scrolls" (Books, as the game calls them) "Chameleon" and "Flash Bolt", the Iron Key and 3x Lockpick. Thanks to the Iron Key you'll be able to go through the door Southeast without having to break through it with a lockpick. As for the "scrolls", or Books, they are "usable" spells. In other words, if you have a certain scroll you'll be able to cast the spell imbued within that scroll (Chameleon and Flash Bolt, in these first examples) even if you don't own those spells (so you wouldn't be able to cast them on your own). The scrolls, however, will be consumed upon using them.

Imperial Substructure

Make a few steps forward as you enter and loot a chest on the right side to find 5x Lockpick, 3x Torch, a potion and some "apparel" pieces of equipment (Rusty Iron Cuirass and Rusty Iron Greaves). You can also find a bunch of Arrows and a Bow, if you like to play the game as an archer (it will require a lot of patience and practice to create your own Robin Hood though; for simple gameplay it's better to stick with the swords and a few spells).

As you go on the game suggests that you start casting some spells. You can do so by pressing RB. In particular, you will cast the spell that you see displayed in the bottom-left part of your screen. You can change the selected spell in your spells menu (third section of the journal), but there is an even easier way. As a matter of fact, while navigating the journal you can associate equipment/spells to the "Hotkey", a sort of shortcut to some items of your inventory (up to eight items). What you need to do is to select a spell (or a piece of equipment, or even potions) and then press and hold Y; the "wheel" of the Hotkeys will prompt, and you'll be able to associate the selected item to one of the eight spots on the wheel by pressing D-Pad in the direction where you want to assign that item. Once it's done, close the journal and use the D-Pad (while playing the game, "out" of the journal screen) to quickly select/equip/use the item that you associated with a certain spot of the Hotkey wheel. For instance, you could put the Healing spell "Heal Minor Wounds" on the left-most spot of the Hotkey wheel, and the "Flare" spell on the right-most spot of the Hotkey wheel -- if you need to quickly select Flare in combat then you will press D-Pad_Right, while if you need to quickly select Heal Minor Wounds you will press D-Pad_Left.

After messing around with this other feature of Oblivion, keep following the tunnels to reach another room. Here you can open another chest to grab a couple of more potions and 2x Lockpick. Follow another small tunnel to reach the next room. Before going downstairs you may want to go on the left to find, on the ground "inside" a broken wall (it's quite hidden, but it's there), a locked chest. This is not only hidden, but also very well secured for the second area of the game, since it's a lock with three tumblers to set in position (it's "Average" level of difficulty). If you want to attempt opening it, save the game first, so you can reload and get your Lockpicks back in case you fail. It's worth trying to open this chest not only for the rewards inside, but also to start taking a look at how things work when they are more complicated. In this case you want to try pushing up the three tumblers repeatedly until they remain on the top for a longer period than usual (most of the time they will just fall down again though), and then stick them in position one by one by pressing A when you have a chance. This process requires more timing and reflexes as it progressively gets harder with more advanced locks. The worst part is probably that if you fail to stick a tumbler in position then all the tumblers will be reset, so you need to succeed with all of them in a row. The bounty is not very exctiting (20 Gold, 3x Lockpick, 2x Torch), so don't worry if you can't do it.

In the middle of this same room you can also find a bunch of stuff on the ground. It varies from food to pieces of equipment, and there are even some skulls and bones to pick up! Of course all the garbage should be left where it is, but you may want to grab the helmet and shield, other than the "Iron Warhammer" weapon. Further on still in this room you can find another open chest with a Rusty Iron War Axe and some Gold inside.

Continue through more tunnels. On the left as you continue there is a very small sack that you can open to find a potion and 3x Lockpick. Further on you can find a hidden barrel inside a broken wall, but it only contains 4x Ale.

Keep going on and at one point you will clearly see a skeleton on the ground and a chest on the right. Loot everything you can find, including the small red "Flawed Ruby" on the ground. Keep going on a bit further and you will find the door to the next area.

Natural Caverns

By this point you should have understood what we meant in the previous pages when we said that this game is HUGE. The amount of items found in every area is enormous, and collecting everything is as time consuming - and pointless, I may add - as it would be to list everything in a walkthrough. Therefore from now on only the most important things of each area will be pointed out: particularly strong enemies, chests with important items, and things like that. We're not going to keep track of all of the remaining smaller things that you can find, since that kind of deep and detailed search can only be left up to the players who want to play in that way.

Go on through the tunnels and rooms, fighting some Goblins (if you can, use sneak mode as the game suggests; if you hit while in sneak mode you will deal much more damage). At one point there will be a pile of logs; if you hit them they will roll and kill the goblins at the bottom of a ramp. Continue in the next room and defeat two more Goblins; proceed to the East side to find two more enemies. Make sure to loot the bodies of these last goblins; one of them in particular (the Goblin Witch) drops the valuable Goblin Shaman Staff. Proceed further on to continue to the next area.

Imperial Subterrane

Follow the passage to reunite with some old (well, five-minutes old) acquaintance of yours. After a fight (your allies will get rid of the enemies for you, but feel free to help them) a dialogue with one of these characters will automatically trigger. Pick the options that you feel most comfortable with; either way you'll be prompted with the "Birthsign selection". Scroll down the list and choose the one you prefer. If you can't choose one, The Atronach might be a good choice if you plan to either "cheat" your way through the game by exploiting a few glitches (especially the item duplication glitch) or if you actually plan to get the most out of this game by maxing out the stats and keeping a lot of good effects on (including, potentially, an immunity against magical attacks).

Some other good choices are The Mage (good Magicka boosts), The Thief (nice attributes boost which are particularly handy to max-out the attributes, if you plan to ever do so), The Lord (excellent healing spell for a playthrough where you don't want to work too hard for the best effects), and lastly The Shadow (its Invisible-effect spell can be a good alternative if you don't plan to exploit glitches and you are not committed enough to get the 100% Chameleon effect legit). There is much to customize and the picture will be more complete once you get to choose your class, which will happen soon. As anticipated earlier, you can change these choices before exiting the last portion of this first dungeon, so don't worry if you change your mind in the near future.

After more dialogues with the NPCs you will get a free Torch. Follow the story events, there is little to do but continue on the only possible path, defeating some other enemies as they spawn. At one point you will also enter a room that, on the Northwest side, has a locked door. This door requires a special key that you don't have now, so don't bother with it and keep following your comrades into the next area. Note that if you wander off too far away from them they will stop proceeding, so try to stay close to the group. When they unlock the correspondent door, continue to the next area.

The Sanctum

Continue with the story as it comes natural. You will receive the quest item Amulet of Kings (in theory it's a piece of equipment, but practically you can't equip it), as well as the Baurus' Key, which will allow you to exit this area. Moreover, it's time to choose your Class, the last of the steps to finally create your character. As for the previous choices, you can check the page of this walkthrough dedicated to this subject to find some info that should help you make your decision.

You may want to create a custom class instead of those available (which are not bad on their own). If you plan to make a quick level up early on to exploit the glitches to be done with the game, you should create a custom class like this:
- Specialization: Combat
- Favored Attributes: Strength and Intelligence
- Major Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Blade, Hand to Hand, Illusion, Security, Speechcraft

On the contrary, if you are planning a more "legit" playthrough and you think your goal will be to max-out the attributes, then go with:
- Specialization: not very important, but Magic is a slightly better choice
- Favored Attributes: Endurance and Luck
- Major Skills: Alchemy, Alteration, Hand to Hand, Sneak, Speechcraft. Last, pick Light Armor and Armorer if you plan to equip Heavy Armors in the game (trust me, it makes sense); otherwise (if you prefer using Light Armors) pick Heavy Armor and Acrobatics

Many other combinations are possible, and they may work even better for you than this set-up. I can't stress it enough: there is a lot of way to get the best results, or simply the results that you want, and this game offers a ton of choices for everyone's tastes. If you don't have a particular "taste" then follow these suggestions, depending on your approach at the game (speedrunner who does't mind exploiting glitches, average player, "pro" who wants the best on the long term even knowing that the 1,250 G are within your grasp if you remain at level 1 with the original stats). Otherwise learn as much as you can about the character leveling and make your own character creation as a consequence of what you know you want to do.

Phew, let's continue now, through the passage that opened where an enemy came from earlier, to reach a locked door -- use the Baurus' Key on it to unlock it and reach the last area of this place.


Proceed through the tunnels and bridges, up and down the stairs and through some gates. At one point you will finally reach the very last gate between you and freedom. Approach this gate and press A near it. Now a four-choice dialogue box will open, allowing you to:
- Edit Race (also name, gender and physical appearance)
- Edit Birthsign
- Edit Class
- Finished - Exit Sewers

Make sure to save the game on a couple of new slots (press Start to find the Save option). It's a good idea to have a backup of the game here, since if you want to start new playthroughs in the future you have a ready-to-go character just before exiting the Sewers, which still has the power to change all his general traits but doesn't have to go through the first areas of the game again.

After double-checking everything, and after saving some back-up data, pick the last option to exit the sewers. You will unlock:

Escaped the Imperial Sewers

Escaped the Imperial Sewers, Main Quest Beginning

Escaped the Imperial Sewers
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Preparing for the adventure

There is a whole new world to explore now that you are outside of the Imperial Sewers. Your next story-related task is to deliver the Amulet of Kings to someone near Chorrol, a small town located somewhere West (and a bit North) of the Imperial City. The fact that you've been committed this task doesn't mean that you're bound to complete it now though. On the contrary, you can proceed with all the optional things this game has to offer without progressing one bit towards the main quest. This includes starting (and completing, why not) the quest-lines of the guilds, the Arena fights, or even the secondary quests that are not related to the achievements. However, keep in mind that your allies, unlike your enemies, do NOT level up with you in the game. Therefore if you over-do the optional things in the game (and in particular if you over-level; staying lower than level 20 is ok, but don't go over that point in any case) you may find yourself in the embarassing situation where your enemies are stronger, you are maybe as strong as your enemies, but your allies can't keep up with the opponents. This problem can typically be bypassed by lowering the difficulty in the Gameplay options of course, but completing the main storyline is a good thing to do before progressing too much with the optionals.

Note that you can fast-travel to the locations already "found" on your map (those that have an icon): open your journal and check the zoomed-out map (the one which displays your position on the world map, not the actual dungeons around you); navigate with RS and move the cursor on the icon of any location that is displayed on the map. The "Travel" button will prompt on the right; press A to fast-travel there. Note that fast-travelling is not possible if there are enemies around you, which is probably the case as soon as you exited the Imperial Sewers.

Without wandering off too much, a good preparation for the upcoming journey is necessary if you don't want to fall behind. Depending on how you feel about playing the game, you may or may not want to make some "legit" and/or "glitch-exploiting" preparations.

General preparations

Regarding the "legit" preparations, you can get some good free equipment to get started: a weapon, a couple of armor sets, and a useful helm with handy passive abilities. Moreover you may want to start grinding some level-ups before proceeding with the quests. In particular, if your goal is to create an "ultimate" character with maxed out stats, you should probably level up at least to level 5-6 before progressing any further with the adventure, so that you don't waste the level-ups of some passive skills such as Athletics, Acrobatics or simply Blade and Light/Heavy Armor (see the Character Creation and Leveling for more info).

Umbra Sword and Heavy Armor set

One important thing that you want to do is getting one of the best weapons of the game (yep, already), the Umbra sword, so you can use it to ravage across the lands of Cyrodiil more easily than ever. Fast-travel to the Imperial City Waterfront (the South-west most of the icons around Imperial City), and then proceed directly Southwest from it. You'll need to swim in the water; make sure to have the camera towards the sky, so you don't drown (not a problem if you are an Argonian since they can breathe underwater). You are looking for some small ruins called Vindasel, located just West of a bridge:


Enter inside and save the game, just to be safe. Vindasel is a very small dungeon with a rather powerful enemy (a humanoid) that you will find in the last room. This enemy, Umbra, will not be aggressive against you, but of course will react when you will try to kill her to get her precious sword. She also has a good armor set, but the armor's quality depends on your level and won't be as good as it can be if you attempt this at level one (it starts being the "good" set if you are at level 15 or higher; lower than 15 will get you a good, but not "that" good, armor set).

Killing Umbra to get the sword is also part of one of the optional quests of the game, but that quest is not important right now. What matters is killing Umbra and then looting her body to get the goods available, especially the main reason why you are here: the Umbra sword. Beware that Umbra is a rather strong opponent, so save the game before battling her (or be ready to lower the difficulty if necessary!). She is particularly weak against magic attacks, so abuse your spells to keep some distance from her and deal more damage. When you defeat her you may also notice a message on the top of the screen saying that "your killing has been observed": this actually means that the Dark Brotherhood will send you an invitation, and in particular a NPC will come and talk to you in the middle of the night if you go to sleep in some bed. It's only one of the many ways of getting an invitation, and we will discuss the topic of this brotherhood in its specific page.

The Umbra sword is an excellent weapon other than a quest item; as such it doesn't have any weight, which is an additional bonus. It's also very powerful and, if that wasn't enough, it has the ability of capturing the souls ("Soul Trap" effect) of the killed enemies to trap them into the "Soul Gems" (see General hints and tips). This will prove particularly useful if later you will decide to get the 100% Chameleon status, since trapping at least five Grand Souls is necessary to achieve such results the legit way. Make sure to loot her body completely before exiting back outside, so you can get a full gear of good-quality Heavy Armor: Umbra's Ebony Boots, Umbra's Ebony Cuirass, Umbra's Ebony Gauntlets, Umbra's Ebony Greaves, Umbra's Ebony Helmet, Umbra's Ebony Shield.

Light Armor set

Another thing you may want to do, if you prefer to get a good starting Light Armor instead of the Heavy Armor of Umbra's (which, regardless of the level you pick it up, is still a good set for a starter, except that it will make you move incredibly slow if you still haven't leveled up the Heavy Armor skill), is to loot another optional dungeon to get a set of Light Armor. Note that you probably can't carry both the sets right now, since all the pieces of equipment would probably weigh too much for you at this point of the game. So you should probably stick with Umbra's armor if you want to use Heavy Armors, or alternatively leave Umbra's armor in Vindasel (you can always come and get it in the future if you want) and go get the "Brusef" armor set in the Amelion Tomb.

Open you map and search all the way South and also a bit East of Imperial City to find Leyawiin, another small city. Reach the "North East Gate" of the city, and then head North of it. Before long you should find another small ruins, located just a bit above and to the left left of the "L" letter of the "Leyawiin" word on the map:

Amelion Tomb

Once you find it, locate the wooden door embedded in a rock wall and enter inside the dungeon. Here is a map with the important items that we are here for.

Inside the first area ("Amelion Tomb"), continue until there will be a fork (South, which leads to another split, or West). Go West first; an earthquake will trigger and some rocks will fall from the ceiling, blocking the way. Just before the blocked path where the rock fell, look on the ground to find a pair of shiny gauntles: grab them, they are the Brusef Amelion's Gauntles.

Then take the path South. At the next fork (Southwest or Southeast) take the path more on the West first, and follow it to find a sarcophagus. You can open it (it's an Average-lock container, but doesn't have anything particularly important), but the interesting stuff is hidden behind it: look carefully and you will see the Brusef Amelion's Boots on the ground.

Now take the other path (more East), go all the way South as far as you can, and then proceed all the way East when you can't go South anymore. In the Southeastern-most point you will find, also on the ground, the Brusef Amelion's Shield. Then continue North to find a door to the second and last area of this dungeon, the Sarcophagus Chamber.

Reach the main room (North) in the Sarcophagus Chamber; defeat the ghost floating around the place and search the Northeast corner of the room with the coffins to find, on the ground as always, the Brusef Amelion's Greaves. Lastly, still in this room, check the lower of the tombs to find Brusef Amelion's Cuirass and Brusef Amelion's Sword (the sword is a nice unique piece, but it still doesn't hold a candle against the Umbra). Note that the Cuirass and Sword are two items related to one of the Fighters Guild quests ("Amelion's Debt"), so you may want to get at least them now to save a trip later. After looting everything, take the door North of the room with the last items to reach a secondary zone of the Amelion Tomb zone.

In this last secret zone you will find a chest near a rock and some plants. It's rather well hidden, but behind the plants and the rock you can find the last piece of this collection: the Brusef Amelion's Helmet. This is all -- fall in the hole in the ground to return to the main area of the Amelion Tomb, and then exit outside again.

Fin Gleam

One last thing you want to get is a helmet which has two very useful "passive abilities" when you equip it: Water Breathing (gives unlimited time to stay underwater) and Night Eye (very useful in dark dungeons; no need for a Torch if you have this); it also has a third ability (Detect Life - 20 Feet) which is not bad at all. The helmet is the Fin Gleam, and it's found underwater somewhere West of Anvil. More precisely, West of Anvil (the West-most city on the map) you can see a small island. Then, West of this island, on the game map you can read "Abecean Sea". The Fin Gleam is located underwater just a bit West of the island, near the first bigger rock which is West of the island (you can detect the rocks better if you check the first map of the journal, the zoomed-in one) and next to a skeleton:

Fin Gleam

Optional - Exploiting glitches

If you decided to exploit the glitches to make your playthrough easier, then you can start with the first exploits now (check the page dedicated to this topic for more info).

In particular, you can travel to the Imperial City Market District (it's the Northeast section of Imperial City) and visit the shop called Edgar's Discount Spells. Inside the shop you can find four "Book" (scrolls) items called "Minor Heal Other" which you can use for the duplication glitch. Beware that as soon as you exit the shop some guards will arrest you -- be ready to drop the looted items on the ground and decide to go to jail and pay your fee. Then go back to where you dropped the stolen scrolls, pick them up again and start duplicating objects. Here is a video that shows the whole process.

With the duplication glitch you can then duplicate a bunch of items that sell for a good price, like the Sapphires or even the Goblin Shaman Staff, so you can get a lot of Gold (actually 10,000 is going to be more than enough). With the Gold acquired, visit the shop "The Gilded Carafe" and purchase the Strong Potion of Healing and Strong Potion of Sorcery (one of each is enough); duplicate these items (about 100x of each) and set them both in your two of your "Hotkeys" buttons.

You also want to level up your Major Skills (Speechcraft is the easiest of all) until you make a total of ten level-ups across all of them, so you can go to an inn (such as "The Merchant Inn" of the Market District) and rest in your bed to level up and, consequently, exploit the level-up glitch (here is a video about this other process). You want to reach level 15; not more, not less.

If you wonder about the 100% Chameleon effect, you first need to progress a bit before getting your hands on the first Ascendent Sigil Stone.

When you are done with the preparations and decide it's time to continue with the story, reach the city of Chorrol to continue with the main quest.

# Deliver the Amulet

Make sure that the currently Active Quest is "Deliver the Amulet" (you can check the current quest in the third portion of the fourth tab of your journal, the one after the maps); if it's not, scroll to the Current Quests tab and press A on "Deliver the Amulet" to activate it. Once it's done, fast-travel where the game has put a handy red icon for you, that is to say to the Weynon Priory.

Weynon Priory

Help yourself with the "local" map (the zoomed-in one) to find the exact spot where the red marker is. It will be a house: enter inside.

Weynon House

You'll be welcomed by Brother Piner. Say that you're looking for Jauffre; depending on the time of the day he will tell you where he can be found. Note that in this house, like in every house or shop of the game, the chests are not there to be grabbed by you! The original owners simply put their items in there, but getting them equals stealing, which means making the NPCs hostile, angry, even at the point of becoming violent and summoning guards to hunt you down. Therefore try to avoid unnecessary fights and don't steal, especially not from some poor monks now that you have some golden shiny armors.

Once you find Jauffre, speak with him and deliver the Amulet of Kings to continue with the story. Pick whatever option you want in the following dialogues, since it will just lead to different answers and info but essentially the story will proceed the same way. At one point you will receive a "quest" message, and another bunch of options will become available: if you want pick them all to gather even more information, otherwise simply press B to end the conversation. You will complete the story quest "Deliver the Amulet" and automatically start the next one, "Find the Heir".

# Find the Heir - Part I/II

Weynon Priory

Exit Weynon House and return outside. Open the world map to take a look at the next destination: it's Kvatch, a place located far Southwest of Chorrol. Thankfully there is an already discovered place near the spot, named just "Kvatch". You can fast-travel there if you want, but there is something else that you may want to do here first.

If you head behind (just a bit Northeast of) Weynon House you can find some stables. Here there are some horses, and you can get one of them for free. Simply press A near a horse to ride it; press A again to dismount. Note that while riding horses you won't accumulate experience to level up the Athletics skill, which is a very good thing if you are aiming for a controlled level up to maximize your stats. Moreover, the horses can fast-travel with you: if you ride a horse and then select a new destination the horse will spawn alongside with you. Horses are, of course, a faster way to move across the lands, and they work best if you follow the tracked paths on the ground instead of going in the wild forest. They are by no means necessary, but it doesn't hurt to speed up a bit!

In any case, fast-travel, or ride, to Kvatch to proceed. If you have troubles locating the exact spot, from Chorrol go all the way South to find Skingrad, and from Skingrad go almost directly West (just an inch South too) to find Kvatch.


As you arrive at the bottom of the hill of Kvatch a NPC will run towards you to tell you about the recent events of this place. Make your way to the top to find some soldiers. In particular, Savlian Matius will talk to you when you approach him (actually he will approach you). Ask the usual questions to learn more about the story events and start another story-related quest ("Breaking the Siege of Kvatch"), then quit the conversation menu when you are satisfied.

# Breaking the Siege of Kvatch

At this point you have to proceed through the dimensional gate to the world of Oblivion. No, not the game: the hell.

Oblivion Gate of Kvatch

There are many Oblivion Gates scattered throughout the land of Cyrodiil for you to enter and attempt to close. The farther you proceed into the game, the more gates will start appearing. You will recognize when you are close to one by the red tinge coloring the area, and you will encounter Daedra in the area as well. We encourage you to find and close as many of these gates as you can, or want to do. You can not only gain a lot of levels by doing so, but you can find many types of rare loot, equipment, weapons, and alchemy ingredients in the Plane of Oblivion, including Daedric weapons and armor which are some of the best in the game. Not to mention totally badass looking. We will not be covering any of the other gates in this walkthrough, with the exception of the Oblivion Gate of Kvatch, The Great Gate and the Gate at Bruma, which are the only three necessary to complete the main quest line. Please don't let that stop you from exploring these unique and dangerous realms on your own.

Plane of Oblivion

This area is a very large land with lots of hazards (lava, for instance, but even landslides with huge rocks falling from everywhere and plants attacking you on sight) and enemies. It's a good idea to defeat the enemies you find on the way, since the more you leave behind the worse it gets to defeat them all if they manage to corner you. They also can use ranged attacks (cast spells) against you, so running past them isn't really an option.

Your destination is far North of the plane. You can't take the long bridge in the middle of this place to cross to the other side of the lava, since the gates on the bridge are closed right now. Therefore, take the path on the West side of the bridge to find a way through the many dangers of this place. You will eventually find a very large set of three towers, one of which (the middle one) is particularly big. Approach its door (South side) to enter.

The Blood Feast (level 1)

The in-game map isn't very clear in this place, because it has multiple levels one above another. Moreover, the "red marker" on your map will always point at the middle of The Blood Feast area, even though to proceed you need to pass through other areas as well. The best thing to do is ignoring the red marker in this case.

It's not hard to find the way through though, since your ultimate destination is the top of the tower: if you find a staircase going up, take it; if you find one that goes down that's the way you came from.

On the left of the entrance there are two "Magicka Essence" fountains; examine them to recover some Magicka and spawn a few enemies. Now open the in-game map and locate the two "Rending Halls" exits. They are the two that are outside the circular boundaries of this place. Take either exit, since they both lead to the same place.

Rending Halls

Follow some hallways to reach a larger area with some enemies. Defeat them and examine the red "Blood Fountain" to recover some energies. Then go through either of the two doors of this larger room to return to the Blood Feast, but this time to the upper level.

The Blood Feast (level 2)

On your left and right there are some ramps that lead upwards to the next floor. Go up to find two more doors: once again it doesn't matter which one you choose, since they take you to the same place.

Corridors of Dark Salvation

There are several doors that you will see if you open the map. Two of them are where you come from; the other two near them are currently unavailable from your side of the room (they can be accessed from Southeast). Go through a hallway and defeat some enemies. You will find a locked door if you try to proceed North (also if you try to take the path that goes Southwest). The only thing you can do is exiting West through the only open door.

Plane of Oblivion

You'll find yourself on a high suspended bridge. Cross the bridge to reach the Southeast tower.

Reapers Sprawl

This place is a multi-level spiral ramp. Don't go downwards: it's a dead end. On the contrary, follow the voice of someone calling you from upstairs to find a man trapped in a cage. Near him there is an enemy: defeat this enemy and loot his body to find the Sigil Keep Key. Thanks to this key you'll be able to open the two doors of the previous area.

Before backtracking there, speak with the man in the cage, so he officially tells you that your destination is the top of the central tower. Return from where you came, crossing the bridge back to the main tower.

Corridors of Dark Salvation

Now that you have the key you can open the doors Southwest and North. The doors Southwest allow you to reach the two doors that take you to a balcony of the area The Blood Feast (level 3) where there are two "pods" that contain some items to pick up (some Gold and common scrolls). Feel free to ignore this path and simply go through the door North. Beware the spike-traps as you continue: they are displayed as tiny lines on either side of the corridor on your map, and you must hurry past them if you don't want to get stabbed/killed.

Shortly past the first spiked trap there is a door which takes you to The Blood Feast (level 4). This is where you want to go, but you can also detour further on to find another door to the Plane of Oblivion. It's not necessary, but if you detour there you will reach the Southwest tower. It's a place called "Meat Harbor", very similar to the tower Southeast, which has a spiral ramp that takes you to a couple of pod-chests that contain common stuff. Other than this, it's nothing worth the disturb, so you can simply proceed through the "correct" door on your right as you find it.

The Blood Feast (level 4 and above)

Ascend with the ramp to the upper level. Defeat a wizard enemy if you want, and then step on the red platform. Press A to activate it and use it as a teleporter for the upper levels.

After teleporting, loot a pod-chest on the left and continue up more ramps on the right, defeating more enemies as you go. At one point you will reach the upper level available from here. Here there are two doors that you will open with the Sigil Keep Key; both lead to the Sigillum Sanguis (Latin for "seal of blood") area.

Sigillum Sanguis

Almost there! Follow the only possible path, stopping by a Blood Fountain as you go, to reach the middle of this area. There are two Magicka Essence fountains here to use if you want. Then take either stairs to go up and defeat more enemies on your way to the desired top of the tower. Here you will find the first Sigil Stone of the game. Save the game now!

When you "activate" a Sigil Stone you will receive a Sigil Stone which can be imbued with all sort of different power (read: associated with different spell effects). The Sigil Stones can be used to enchant pieces of equipment with the effect of the spells. The most notorious case is the Chameleon effect, which can be added to your equipment so that you become invisible when you wear the enchanted robes, but this applies to other effects too (increasing attributes, giving other particular powers, etc.). The Sigil Stone will be more powerful if you are at higher level, and its effect caps (reaches the highest quality) if you are at level 17 or above. There will be more Sigil Stones available in the future, and there are other ways to enchant your equipment anyway (though the Sigil Stones *are* the most effective way, not to mention that they are the easiest too).

Note that to get 100% Chameleon effect it's enough to be at level 13 of higher, since at that point you get the "Ascendent Sigil Stones" (which, if the effect associated to them is Chameleon, are worth +25% Chameleon effect on your equipment); at level 17 you would get the best ones, the "Trascendent Sigil Stones" (which would give +30% Chameleon Effect), but it doesn't make getting 100% Chameleon easier (you need four pieces of equipment with +25% to get a total of 100% Chameleon, and you still need four pieces of equipment with +30% to get a total of 100% Chameleon; technically speaking you get +120% Chameleon with four +30% effects, but anything over 100% works just like 100% anyway).

After saving the game, interact with the Sigil Stone to receive a Sigil Stone. If you don't get the stone that you want (assuming you want a particular stone in the first place), open the menu and reload the save before touching the Sigil Stone: the chances are reset and you'll be able to try again to get the one you want.

Note that the enchanting effect of a Sigil Stone is the second thing you read when you select it (the first line is the effect it has when used; the second line is its enchanting effect). There are many nice effects that you can check out other than the popular Chameleon, including the Spell Absorption effect (which if you are an Atronach means getting quickly close to immunity against spells, which will be absorbed most of the time as recovered Magicka) and many others. If you don't know about it yet, check the "100% Chameleon" section of the "Exploitable Glitches and 100% Chameleon" section to find more info about enchanting items and how to proceed now that you have the Sigil Stone (Ascendent Sigil Stone in your case since you should be at level 15 or at least level 13 as suggested earlier).

After some fireworks you will find yourself back in Cyrodiil, on the top of the Kvatch hill, with a fresh new achievement added to your tag, and a new achievement unlocked:

Closed an Oblivion Gate

Closed an Oblivion Gate, Main Quest

Closed an Oblivion Gate
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Kvatch Hill

Once you arrive back on the now Oblivion-Gate-less hill of Kvatch, head back over and speak with Savlian Matius and inform him of your success. He will suggest that you launch an immediate counter-attack on the city (you don't have to do it right away if you don't want to). When you're ready for the attack, speak with him again and tell him.


Enter the city gates with Savlian and his men, and clear out the Daedra infesting the southern plaza. When you've killed everything you will receive a quest-update message. Report back to Savlian to decide what to do next. Follow Savlian into the chapel where the survivors have taken shelter to complete the "Break the Siege of Kvatch" quest.

If you want, speak to Savlian again once you are inside to receive the quest "The Battle for Castle Kvatch", but don't set out for the castle just yet. In fact, you don't need to complete this quest in order to progress the main story line. For this reason we won't deal with it, but feel free to complete it on your own for a more complete gaming experience.

# Find the Heir - Part II/II


Set your active quest to "Find the Heir" and locate Martin. He may still be inside the chapel, or he may have gone back outside with the other survivors. Once you locate him, convince him that he needs to come with you back to Weynon Priory. Fast travel there (Martin will also fast-travel with you), or otherwise make your way back to Weynon Proiry on foot.

Weynon Priory

Once you've returned to the Priory, you'll find it under attack by the Mythic Dawn -- this will start the Weynon Priory quest.

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