3. Octodad: Dadliest Catch Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Wedding Bells

Before you even take control of Octodad, you can pause the game, go into settings, and change the difficulty to easy. This will make it much easier to beat the game without getting caught, which is required for an achievement.

The short tutorial in the beginning will show you how to use your tentacles. Move your tentacles with cn_LS, and grab the cushions with the cn_A. Then pick up the key. Next use the both cn_LS and cn_RS to move the key to the cabinet. This is going to be awkward your first time. The best way to think about it is that the cn_LS moves it in the XY plane which is the plane that is parallel to the ground. The cn_RS moves it on the YZ plane, which would be like a plane that is parallel to the wall in front of you.

Another way to explain it is if you were to stand a book or other flat surface at a right angle on a table. If you were to put your finger on the table and move it around, that is the movement with the cn_LS. Then if you put your finger on the book and move it around, you are moving with just the cn_RS. To move in the air, you would have to use a combination of movement above the table and along the book. If you are still having some difficulty moving your hands, use the cn_LS for most movement, and just use the cn_RSu for up and cn_RSd for down movement.

Play around with the key to get a feel for the controls. Once you get it to touch both keyholes, then you can pull the mirror off, and the whole wall will fall down in the process. Now you will have to the chance to start walking, which has its own difficult controls. One easy way to walk is to hold the direction that you want to go on cn_LS and just alternate pressing the cn_LT and cn_RT for 1-2 seconds. It takes a while to used used to, but you don't have to be able to move quickly until the end of level 3. In the first level, you can take it easy and learn the controls properly.

Once you make it to the door in front of you, grab the tie on the doorknob with cn_A to pick up your first tie. Tie 1 of 39, Classic Red. These are throughout the game so be on the lookout for them. They are for the achievement "Dadliest Wardrobe." Now when you get close to the doorknob, you will notice that it slowly turns green. This means that this is the object that you will grab once you press cn_A. Once you grab the knob, push it in to open the door, and let go by pressing cn_A again. In this room is a large wedding cake which you will have to pull off the table, revealing another tie. Tie 2 of 39, Wedding Cake. You can just grab the bottom piece, and the whole thing will come off of the table.

To the left of the table with the wedding cake is a door that leads to your tuxedo. Grab the tux and then the key underneath the tux. Now head out of this room and to the opposite side of the larger room to the locked door over there. If you're facing the table with the cake, it would be to your right. Now head up the hallway past the sign-in book and through the double doors. There is your tie up on the window! Here it will teach you the throw technique. Try using it with the presents here because you'll need it in a short while. Throw the present by picking them up, then press cn_LSd. This is the wind-up. Then press cn_LSu and tap cn_A to throw it straight forward. This may take some more practice, so luckily, there are plenty of presents here. You can throw just about anything that isn't attached to anything else.

Once you break the window, pick up the tie, and put it on. Go right, where there is a gate that needs to be lifted. Press cn_RSu after you grab it to lift the gate. There will be 3 doors in front of you opening to a wedding. If you haven't set the game to easy, now would be a good time to do that. If you left it on normal or put it on hard, there is a better chance that you get noticed and "lose." Since there is an achievement for beating the game without losing, you'll want it on easy.

Now there are 3 achievements and a tie in the church. The first one is for knocking down one row of the flowers on pedestals like they are dominoes. Get close to the flowers, and slowly push the middle of the pillar forward. If it doesn't knock them all down, you can always try on the other side. If that side doesn't work as well, you can press cn_start and load the checkpoint again. This might take a few times but just make sure you are lining up the push and slowly pushing the middle of the pillar. Eventually, you will unlock the achievement:

Next, head forwards and to the left to the organ. On top of the organ is another tie, but is hard to get from the ground. If you stand on the keyboard, you will have a better angle to get it. Tie 3 of 39, Piano Keys. Now head towards the right side of the aisle, which would be the groom's side. About halfway back, there is a fish that is jumping around in the seats. You want to grab him and put him on the altar behind the bride. The fish will flop around and may eventually fall off the altar, in which case you should put him back up there. While the fish is on the altar, go to the treasure chest to the right of the altar and look for the ring. Then head back to the bride and get somewhat close to her. Make sure you are close enough that she extends her hand for you to put the ring on, but not on the stairs with her. I would line up the shot from the aisle as the angle is straight forward. Then windup and throw the ring at her.

If you drop the ring and it stays on the ground for a few seconds, it will disappear and respawn in the treasure chest. If the fish is on the altar and you managed to throw the ring at her, you'll unlock two achievements:

If you miss one of the achievements, you can always replay this level in free play. It's actually quite hard to get both of these at the same time and might be faster to replay the level going for the other achievement. Trickshot-gun wedding is harder, so I would go for the best man on your first playthrough and get trickshot-gun wedding in free play.

Home, Sweet Home

Get out of the bed, and go to the dresser on the opposite side of the room. In the bottom left drawer is a tie. Tie 4 of 39, Number One Dad . Try to just open the bottom left one as there will be a large pile of stuff that you have to dig through to get the tie if you open more than one drawer. After this, leave the room through the door with the yellow knob. Here your kids are playing in the living room. You can just pass through this room into the kitchen.

Once you are in the kitchen, grab the log from the fireplace to your left, and go to the kitchen sink to put it out. It doesn't seem to fit too well if you try to drop it, so it's easier to push cn_RSd and put in it the water while it's still in your hand. This will unlock another achievement for you:

Now head over to the coffee machine in the corner. Grab the bag from the shelf, and hold it above the coffee machine. Then grab the coffee pot and put it into the machine. Now all you have to do is press the button to make the coffee. Your wife will now give you the task of getting the milk for Stacey, your daughter. Open the fridge and grab the milk. Then walk into the living room and hold the jug of milk above her glass. Now you can go back into the kitchen and drink some coffee.

Next walk to the backyard. While you are out here, you don't want to go for the achievement, "Trim your Moustache." The reason is that you have to die to get the achievement, and in this playthrough, you don't want to die at all. That means that when the birdhouse falls out of the tree, don't throw it back on the hook. Just place it on the hook.

The first place you want to head is to the flower bed in the back right. For the achievement, you have to pull out the weeds without stepping on any of the flowers. You can tell if you touch a flower if your wife screams "Nooo!" and the flower turns into a darker color. If that happens, just reload the previous checkpoint. If you fail, make sure you don't finish picking all the weeds, or it will automatically save it, and you will have to restart the level to retry. It will also be much easier if you go into the options and turn off translucent body. That will let you see where your feet are better.

To ensure that you don't step on any flowers, move very slowly and do short taps with cn_LT and cn_RT. Once you get close enough, the camera will zoom in a little. Once this happens, don't move at all, because now you are mostly safe and can probably reach the first 3. You are always safe to pick the weeds and throw them. You don't even really have to throw them, but it makes it easier to grab the next one. Sometimes if you stand too close to the edge, you might step on one by leaning, so keep that in mind.

Now that you've got all the weeds that are closest to you, go to the left of the garden, and grab that one as well. Then go back to the front of the garden. Now, slowly and very carefully make your way down the stone path through the garden. If you are not sure which foot you are moving next, one thing you can do is to shortly tap the cn_LT or cn_RT but don't press the cn_LS. This will make you raise your foot but you won't move it at all. this allows you to drop it where you left it and it won't step on anything. It is worth noting that it is still possible to "step" on a flower if you are holding the button to raise your foot, so stick with small steps. You can also walk a few tiny steps with one foot for a while then switch to the other so you don't get confused.

Once you get all the weeds, the task will be complete. If you didn't step on any of the flowers, you'll also get an achievement:

When you're done picking the flowers, pick up the lawn gnome, and grab the tie underneath. Tie 5 of 39, Flower Print. After that, head towards the shed to the left, and you'll see a tie on top of it. You can't grab it from the ground, so what you need to do is climb to the top of the slide a little to the left of the shed. Then reach one tentacle all the way over to the shed and then pull yourself up by moving the other tentacle up there and grabbing the tie. Tie 6 of 39, Sports Print.

Now you can open the shed. There are a lot of balls in the shed, but if you grab the top of the lawnmower, you can leave most of them in there. Once you grab the lawnmower, go to one side of the lawn and make circles with the cn_LS. This will allow you to get most the grass around you slightly easier than pushing or pulling. After you mow all of the grass, you can go to the grill by the door to the kitchen. Push the car hood off the top of the grill and put one burger on at a time. You can try to throw the burgers on the plates, but you'll probably have more luck if you go over to the table and place them on the plates.

Now go over to the chopping block to chop some wood. Grab the axe, and get on the same plane as the wood to chop it. When placing the next log, you just need to put it near the chopping block, and it will automatically set it up straight. Just make sure you chop each one once, and try not to lose track of the ones you haven't chopped. This is hard to coordinate, but there are no penalties for missing or taking a long time.

When you are done with that, the birdhouse will fall out of the tree. When you are putting it back in the tree, make sure you don't throw it at the tree. Just place it in the tree. A chef will bust through the fence and try to suck you up. You don't have a time limit here or anything. Just lift your legs with cn_LT and cn_RT, and try to knock the garden gnomes into his lawnmower. This will end the chapter.

Gervason's Grocery

The first thing that you want to do in this level is go for the "Secret Shopper" achievement. This one is missable if you ever go down the middle aisle, but at least it is close to the beginning if you don't get it right away.

Head to the left and go through the sliding doors. Head down the frozen aisle on the left side. About halfway down the aisle, you want to climb the smaller freezers on the right wall. The camera will shift a few times making it hard to see exactly where you're supposed to go, but you're climbing the aisle divider. Just make sure one of your tentacles has a good grip before switching to it and you should be fine. Once you get to the top, you should see a flashing cereal box.

Once you find it, try to hang one leg off the shelf so you can grab it without touching the floor. If you touch the floor, it will go to a cutscene, and the woman will grab the box. If that happens, just restart the level and try again. For grabbing the box, you get an achievement:

Next you want to fill the carts of the four people shopping in this area for another achievement. The woman that is in the middle aisle has a pretty full cart already so you will have to find something small. It can't just rest on top of the other food. It actually needs to be in the metal part of the cart. There are some cheese wheels in the back next to the deli. The smallest section of the cheese wheel is the smallest item in this section of the store so it's best to put this in her cart. For the other three, you can put larger items like boxes or bags. It is possible that the items might get stuck or glitch when they are in the cart so you might have to replace them with something else. Put an item in all four carts to earn the achievement:

Now you can get a few of the story tasks out of the way.Go back to the freezer aisle, and go into the last door on the far end. Once you are inside, you can start making your way to the left while staying inside the freezer. Go through the hanging bags and go onto the shelves. You will have to use the shelves like they are a ladder. Get a foot to rest on one, and then take the other foot and put it higher. For the next set of shelves, you have to go through the second shelf. Pull out the bag that is already there and inch your way through. A air duct will take you to the freezer further to the left where the pizza is. Grab it.

Go to the dairy section where you picked up the cheese slice. If you're off to one side, you will notice that there is a jug of milk in the top back that is flashing. That's the chocolate milk, and the easiest way to get it is to pull out the jugs out in front of it. Grab it, and then start heading to the deli. In the back left corner, there are three cubes of meat. Put them all into the saw blade that is right next to them, and a tie will appear. Grab it. Tie 7 of 39. Now climb the deli counter on the right and continue to climb on top of the dairy section.

On top of the dairy section, you will see two pipes and what looks like a school bell. You have to lift one of your legs up and onto the bottom pipe. It will kinda drape over the pipe. Then take your other leg and drape it over the second pipe. Up here, you should be able to grab the school bell. Make sure that you have one leg on the top pipe on the left, and try to swing the other one onto the pipe on the right. If you can get one leg to stick up there, switch and try to get the other one. If they both fall and you're still holding onto the bell, you can start by swinging one leg onto the top pipe on the left and try again. Get both of your legs on the ducts to your right, and you'll pull yourself up. Grab the tie just to your right. Tie 8 of 39.

Now drop down and go back through the aisle on the right side. If you haven't been in this aisle while you were filling carts, a cutscene will play that shows the mango soda flying around in a plane. To get up to the soda, you have to climb the side of the miniature skyscraper. Take it slow and make each step deliberately, and you shouldn't have a problem.

After you grab the mango soda, you can head over to the right side of the store, which is labeled "Fresh Produce." Grab one of the lemons, and go back to the beginning of the store where the checkout is. Put the lemon on the scanner, and it will beep and give you an achievement:

Now you can go back to the fresh produce section of the store. You will see a table that is covered in bananas in the middle of the room. There's a banana colored tie in the middle that is hard to see. If you have trouble seeing it, you can start to throw a few bananas, and eventually, you'll pick up the tie. Tie 9 of 39. Now go to the back corner where the apples are. You may notice that one apple is yellow instead of red like the other ones. Try to grab that one. If you have some difficulty, you can always start to throw the red ones out of the way.

After you've collected all the story items, a new task will appear where you have to go to the deli in the back to get the sushi. However, you find that you are soon running for your life from the chef. If he catches you, it will count, and you won't be able to get the "Number 1 Dad" achievement on this playthrough.

Keep running as fast as you can, and you will soon get stuck in something on the floor. Next, quickly grab the mop, and swirl it around to clean up the jam from the floor. Once you go through the double doors, you are safe again and just have to go to the front to check out and end the level. You don't have to bag them or anything. Just scan them and throw them so they are out of the way.

Aquatic Fun Center

This level serves as a hub to many other levels. Since they are their own levels, replayable from free play and they all have their own ties, they will get their own heading. However, they all are accessible from this one story level. Follow along with the guide, and you shouldn't get lost. Also make sure that you have the difficulty set to easy, as the marine biologists will be able to catch you on sight. On easy, they won't be able to catch you.

Once the level starts, you can grab the coupon from your wife and head towards the rope line to the right. There's an achievement for being the last one to get a ticket. So, just be patient for a few seconds until everyone has gone through the line, and then give them your ticket for an achievement:

Next, climb up the ladder to the right of the ticket stall and then on top of it. Then walk over to the ledge on the left side, and shimmy around the edge. After the corner of the ledge, there is a platform that will act as a bridge to the ledge on the opposite side of the room. For this part, just use one leg at a time and only switch to the other leg when your leg is planted on the bridge. If you try to go too quickly, you will probably fall or end up straddling the bridge. Once you get to the other side of the bridge, continue on the ledge and go away from the camera. At the end, there is a tie laying on the ground. You can place the ticket on the ground or throw it off the edge. Then pick up the tie. Tie 10 of 39, Rainbow Dream. Then grab the ticket again and fall off the edge.

Now you are close to the restrooms. Go into the men's restroom which is the one closer to the turnstile. You can't go into the ladies restroom at all. In the middle bathroom stall, stand inside of the toilet and flush it to get taken to a secret level. This level is a little hard and requires the use of more advanced techniques, so if you don't feel up to it yet, you can exit and play it from the free play menu later.

Toilet and Trouble

This level has all three ties waiting for you at the end, but first, you have to navigate an obstacle course to get to them. Start by climbing up the pistons and run over the giant rollers. If you get caught in between the rollers, you won't die, but you'll have to try again. Press the red button which will raise the platform that you are one. After the platform has raised, you have a few seconds to get over to the bridge on the left before the platform lowers again. If that happens, just press the button again.

On the bridge, continue to the left and quickly run across the large rotating platform. Steadily alternate between pressing cn_LT and cn_RT to perform a kind of run. When you get to the left, you will get pulled up by several rollers into another section above. Further to the right, there are several small platforms on the wall that will act like a ladder. Just take it slow, making sure one leg is planted before you move the other one.

Now you need to perform similar steps to the ladder, except this time, it's on the ceiling. To do this, hook your leg into one side of the hanging platform. Then take your other leg and move it to the next hanging platform. Just take it slow and make sure at least one foot is planted before moving the other one. It's possible that you won't be able to reach the next platform. If this happens, it's because your planted foot isn't in the right spot and you may need to go back and reposition it a little. Once you get to the fourth hanging platform, you should be able to reach the red button and press it. This will reposition the rollers so that they will take you further up.

At the top area of this level, go to the right, take the steam vent up, and have your feet on the small platforms to the right. Now run to the left over the rotating "square" and over the three steam vents. Here, there is something that acts like a rope ladder that you have to climb. This is somewhat hard and will take several tries to do correctly. Every three "rungs" is one section. One thing that will make it a little easier is if you put a leg into the bottom rung of a section, because this will make it sway less. If it starts swaying too much, you can steady it by holding your arm out and holding the bottom section until most of them aren't swaying as much. To get to the top, you have to place your foot without making it sway to much and quickly switching up to the bottom of the next section. If you grab onto the top of a three rung section, it will just slip out from under you.

With some trial and error, you will get better at it and eventually to the top, where you will be rewarded with three more ties. Tie 11 of 39, Zebra Stripes. Tie 12 of 39, El Tigre. Tie 13 of 39, Pie Tie. Continue on to complete the level. If you played this from story mode, you will be back in the bathroom. If you played this from free play, you will be back at the menu.

Aquatic Fun Center, Continued

After the secret level, you will be back in the bathroom. Leave the bathroom and go to the turnstile. Walk through the room with the marine biologist taking pictures and continue up the stairs. This will take you to a room with access to many different levels. You can play through them in any order that you want to but they will all be listed here counterclockwise from the entrance. Before going to any of the levels, go to the bottom of the stairs towards "World of Kelp", and then go slightly clockwise around the aquarium. Behind you here is a vending machine which has another tie in it. You can get it by reaching your hand into the machine and grabbing it. Tie 14 of 39 Shark Attack. Now you can start with "World of Kelp", which is counterclockwise around the center aquarium.

World of Kelp

Once you enter the level, you will come to a large globe with several differently colored circles. There is an achievement for completing this mini game in less than 30 seconds, which is quite difficult. One way to make it easier is to get it rotating the right way. If it rotates a few times and the circles that you are looking for don't show up, try to rotate it in another direction. Once you get it to go on a good rotation, you just have to grab the circles for the round that you are on.

Round 1 is 1 Green circle.

Round 2 is 2 Red circles.

Round 3 is 3 Yellow circles.

Round 4 is 4 purple circles.

If the timer goes over 30 or you're not starting out well, you can reload to the beginning of the level and try again. The green one can be gotten right away, but the other ones will take some practice and a little luck. It also helps to get as close as you can to the globe and have one thumb on cn_RS and the other on cn_A. This will also allow you to spin the Earth better, because if you have one thumb for both of these, it will stop spinning when you switch from cn_RS to cn_A. Try out a few things and go with what works best for you. If you get frustrated, you can always come back and play this in free play, and it will be the first thing to show up:

When you're done playing with the globe, you can go down the stairs, or take the kids' slide. They both go the the same area, but the kids' slide is a lot more fun. When you get down the bottom, you'll have to finish a few games to continue. The first one is the Tilt-A-Quiz. Just stand on it and move to the corners to get the puck to move around to reveal the answer underneath.

Next you can go to the giant wheel, and "power the sun" by running inside of it like a hamster wheel. Once the cardboard kelp rises all the way out of the floor, your son will press a button that keeps it spinning. Go to the right side of the wheel, and reach your legs on it. The wheel will snag your leg and drag you up with it. At the top of the wheel, you will see another tie to pick up. Tie 15 of 39 Sunrise.

Next you can go to the giant fan on the floor. The object of this puzzle is to grab the top of the kelp. Just grab up as high as you can, pull the kelp down, and try to grab as high as you can again. Once you get near the top, it's sometimes easier to wait a few seconds so most of the kelp strand floats back up. Otherwise, it's easy to keep grabbing the bottom ones again. Finishing this puzzle will turn on the fan so you can float on it. If you had trouble getting the previous tie, you can also try to float over there by throwing your legs out far towards the wheel.

Now onto the last mini-game. In this one, you have to move the fan to the left or right to get the spores to land in the three holes. Each hole needs a blue and green spore, and a cardboard kelp will come out of the hole. If you can, try to do the last one first, because the front ones can block the ones behind them. If all else fails, you can always grab the spores and take them over there on foot.

After you're done with the spores, you can take the stairs to the otters' section. At the base of the stairs, there are two small otters and a larger one behind them. He's wearing a tie that you should collect. Tie 16 of 39 Green Paisley. Now you can grab the otter in the back of the room and play the part of a goalie. You start with 20 kelp, and you have to protect them from the spike balls by moving the otter left and right. If you are able to save 16 or more of the kelp you will earn an achievement. If you fail, you can always restart the checkpoint:

Now grab the head from the sea otter you were just holding and put it on your head for another achievement:

After this, go into the next room to see a giant octopus playground! There is a tie on the octopus to collect, but I'll point it out when you're a little closer. As with all of the tricky platforming sections, you want to take it slower and make sure you always have one foot planted so if the other one doesn't plant, you usually won't fall all the way down. Climb up the stairs and then over the bridge to the right. Then go back a little and grab the rope going over the green bridge. There is a board that breaks in the green bridge which can cause you to start all over from the bottom again.

Once you get to the platform to the left of the bridge, you will be right in front of the tie on the octopus. Just walk back and grab it. Tie 17 of 39 Octopus Pattern. Head slightly to the foreground and grab the rope again. This time keep heading to the left, and you will get to some springy platforms with more ladders. Don't land too hard on them. There are three of these platforms so be extra careful because you're always at risk of fall off completely. The best way to go about climbing this is to avoid the springy platforms as much as you can and just climb the ladders.

When you get to the very top, there is a zipline down and to the right. When you hit the bouncy platform, there is a hole above you that you have to try to get into by lifting your legs into it. Then head to the left on the bridge, but be careful because this bridge also breaks. When you get to the top here, follow your son down another slide. Now you're at the end of the level and can exit by going up the stairs on either side of the counter. This will bring you back to the Aquatic Fun Center.

Aquatic Fun Center, Continued

Go counterclockwise around the center again until you get to the "Deep Dark Sea". Go into this exhibit by pressing the red button and riding the elevator down. This exhibit, like World of Kelp, is its own level with its own ties.

Deep Dark Sea

This level is very dark, so try to stay close to the lights, or you can easily get lost. When you start the level, walk forward to Stacy. Then grab the spotlight on the left side and point it to the bottom of the picture frame on the left. You should see a tie sitting on the picture frame, which you should grab. Tie 18 of 39 The Question.

After you get the tie, head back to your daughter and continue forward. Here is a huge dance floor with a 4X5 grid. To get the achievement, you have to step on every square once it lights up. This is quite difficult and involves memorization as much as speed. Practice it a few times to get a feel for it, and you should eventually unlock the achievement.

Here is a video if you want to plan it out a little beforehand:

In front of you, there is a shake light to help you see in the dark. Any time that it goes out, just shake it again to see clearer. Shake it, head down the stairs, and follow along the left wall. You will soon walk over a floor that lights up. Just past this, you will see a guy with a flashlight, and Stacy asks for the shake light. Don't give it to her yet. When you get to this part, before going to the guy with a flashlight, walk to the left a little bit, and shake the lamp. This will reveal a poster and some "Arctic Comb Jellyfish" and get you the achievement:

Now you can start to walk towards the guy with a flashlight. Stacy will take that lamp from you now. Walk up the stairs, and to the back right, there is a maintenance room. In here, grab the middle box with the pink glow sticks. Sort through them to find a tie at the bottom. Tie 19 of 39 Disco Floor. Now you will also notice that there are several huge power cords on the ground. You have to pick them up and plug them in the right sockets.

Blue goes in the back right.

Green goes in the close right one.

Brown goes in the back left.

Red goes in the close left one.

It's pretty easy to get tangled up in all the cords, so just carefully maneuver one foot at a time over or under cords as needed. Once they're all plugged in, you can head back out the to the previous room where the cords lit up panels. Take the spotlights, and shine them onto the numbers that correspond to the numbers on the lamp. Each one is right in front of the spotlight so it shouldn't be too hard to find them. After you do that, you will have to climb the statue to get the last tie for this level. This is easier to do if you climb up the side of his mouth because your legs can reach up higher and grab his upper lip from the side. The tie is on the front of the middle fin. Tie 20 of 39 Pink Plaid. Now continue to follow Stacy.

In this next area is another achievement for climbing the two escalators in less than 30 seconds. When you get to the top of each escalator, also make sure to hit the switch that changes the direction of the escalator. As Stacy says, the key is to take larger steps. You'll have to hold the cn_LT and cn_RT longer than you normally would for regular walking. If you hit the second switch and the achievement doesn't unlock, you can always reload the checkpoint and try again:

Just continue out the door to finish the level. This also brings you back to to the Aquatic Fun Center if you're playing story mode.

Aquatic Fun Center, Continued

Go counter clockwise some more, and go into the Amazon Arcade.

Amazon Arcade

This area is a bunch of simple mini-games. Keep in mind that you have to cheat on several of the games. Once you start, go forward, and talk to Scarlet, your wife. Next you'll have to get some prizes for her. The guide will just list off the games counterclockwise from her, and there will be a * next to the ones you can cheat on and someone makes a comment about. Just to make sure, I would advise that you cheat on all the games that you can, as this area is a little glitchy. Some games won't count and some games the guy doesn't make a comment about so it's just better to cheat when ever you can.

Pump it Up! : Just grab the handle and press up and down on the cn_RS. Try to give larger pumps as the smalls ones aren't enough. Don't forget to give the prize to Scarlet.

*Fruit Blaster: This game you can cheat on, and someone will make a comment when you do cheat. Climb over the counter, and then grab the turtle that acts as a water jet. Then climb under the wooden rungs. Stick your hand up in the middle to knock the apples down. The apples go through the middle of the wood so you might have to weave your hand in one and out the other so that you can knock down two rows at once. Just retry if you fail.

*Dolphin Dunk (Basketball): This one you can cheat on, and someone will make a comment about it. For this one, step into the play area and press the button. Grab one of the balls and just put it in and out of the hoop without letting go. Should be pretty easy.

Drip Dropper (Plinko): You can stick your arm into it to get an advantage, but it doesn't count as cheating. For this game, just drop balls into it. It's mostly luck based, and you only need one ball to make it to the middle to get the prize.

*Air Hockey: You can stand on the table and it seems to count as cheating. Just try to bounce the puck off the side into his goal, and hopefully, he doesn't block it. If he scores, just start it up again.

Chop Blocker: Reach in the machine shaped like the air hockey table. This game is really simple. Just reach your tentacle in as far as you can and sweep it back and forth.

Reel the Eels (Whack-a-Mole): This is one of the few games that is actually a little hard. You have to aim and hit the eels with your paddle.

*Caiman Jaw Claw: This game you can cheat on and actually need to for a tie. Climb up into the machine through the prize hole. In the back right corner is the tie. Tie 21 of 39, Green Stripey. There are also 6 prizes in here, but you can only give one to Scarlet.

*Fish Toss: This game you can cheat on, and someone will comment about it. Just climb over the river of fish and push all the boxes down. There is also a tie up and to the right of this game. To get to it, you have to climb on the whack-a-mole game, then onto the claw machine. From here, you can shimmy along the sign for the Fish Toss. When you're shimmying, make sure you press cn_LSu towards the wall so that your leg stays on the sign. Tie 22 of 39, Fish Pattern.

Test your Strength: Grab the log and start walking backwards until the log snaps out of your hand and gives you a prize.

After you cheat on the games that will let you cheat, you'll unlock the achievement:

Note: After you beat all ten mini-games, a tie will drop on top of the last prize. Make sure that you are looking at the prizes when they come down because you might finish the last game and not even realize it, and it will be hard to find that tie. Tie 23 of 39, Heart Pattern.

After you give Scarlet the seventh gift, the aquarium will start to spring a leak. Take one of the basketballs, and use it to plug the leak for an achievement:

Some more stuffed animals will fall from the ceiling. Just take them and stuff them into the holes that form. It's not too hard, and there's no time limit. After plugging the holes, you are done with the level and just need to leave.

Aquatic Fun Center, Final

After you are done with all of the extra levels on the ground floor, a door for employees only will open up. Go above the stairs for the Deep Dark Sea and into the employee door. Use some large steps to climb the circular stairs to a locker room. There is a group of three lockers on the left side. Open up the first locker in the second group of three lockers, and on the top shelf, there will be another tie. Tie 24 of 39, Coral. Make sure you get this tie in story mode, because it is not available in free play. Now head out to your wife sitting on the end of the walkway to end the level.

Sea Legs

Once you start the level, you will notice that you are naked and can't walk any more. Also be careful not to fall off the ship. You may be an octopus but the ocean will still count as you getting caught. You'll need to find some coffee, because apparently, that's the only thing that allowed you to stand up straight. As soon as you start, you can go to the right, and there are a lot of fish in crates. Take five of them and throw them into the ocean. Make sure that you hear the splash. Otherwise, it won't count. It's little picky on what will count towards the achievement, so if you need more fish, there are some on a conveyor belt behind the wall of boxes:

Across the conveyor belt and around some boxes, you'll see a fisherman drinking some coffee. Steal it, and drink it to finally be able to stand tall again. Then shortly before the fisherman is a ladder that you can climb to get to the next area. Remember that this fisherman is over here because you'll need to come back wearing the captain's clothes for another achievement.

Once you get up the ladder, try to walk across the beam on top straight to the crew's quarters. If you fall, you'll have to walk over the three conveyor belts and up the set of stairs to get to the other side. Once up here, go inside the door in front of you which is the crew's quarters. Then go to the first locker on the right side, and on the top, there is a key. On the opposite side of the room is the lock that the key is for. Open it up, and put on the waders inside.

Then head out of the crew's quarters and back onto the deck. If you try to continue forward, one of the sailors will tell you that you need to "swab the deck", which means to mop it. Grab the large broom that is nearby and use it on all the slippery puddles of water. There are quite a few, and you'll have to get them all. Also in this area is a tie. It's in the crate at the end of the middle conveyor belt. It's probably buried under some fish so start to throw the fish out of the way and pick it up. Tie 25 of 39, Tentacle.

After you're done swabbing the deck, you can also hoist the anchor which is on the opposite side from the crew quarters. If you try to grab the crank, it will just come off, so you need to pull on the chain. Now that that's done you can head towards the captain's quarters. It's on the same side of the ship that the anchor was on. Just keep walking were the sailor was blocking you before. When you get inside, grab the suit, and put on the captain's cap too.

There's an achievement for getting most of the crew to see you while dressed as the captain, so let's work on that now. There's the guy in this room and the four sailors where you swabbed the deck. Then go up the stairs to the crew's quarters. Now step on the beam heading towards the camera. This leads all the way back to the guy that you stole the coffee from. While on the beam, take it slow, and make sure one foot is always planted before moving the other one, or you will have to climb back up there. Once you get to the guy with the coffee, the achievement unlocks:

Now that you have this achievement, you can head towards the control room, which is just past the captain's quarters. Go back down there and past the captain's quarters. At the end of the passageway is the stairs up to the control room. Climb them, and once you get into the control room, you will be tasked with clearing off the map. This should be easy enough. Just try to sweep them with your arm on the map.

Then you'll have to start the engines. Go up to the ship's helm (steering wheel) and push the lever just to the right of it up to start the engines. Next pull the lever on the other side of the helm to swing the crane to the left and smash some boxes that are in your way. Now leave out of the left door, which is the opposite door that you came in. Walk down these stairs, and then walk to the right. Under here, on the edge of the ship, is another tie. Tie 26 of 39, Anchors Away. Go back to the left and past the boxes that you smashed. The last tie in this level is on the top of the crane. Start by climbing up the base of the crane. From here, you can try to walk up it very carefully, but you will probably find it easier to just straddle the crane with a leg on either side. Then quickly alternate using one leg and then the other until you scoot to the top and grab the tie. Tie 27 of 39, Rising Tide.

Now you can drop off the crane and head to the front of the ship. Here you will find a woman, but the chef will find you too. He's not quite convinced you're the captain. The first thing that you have to do is dance the "captain's jig." You can just walk around and twirl and he will be pleased. Then he will want you to tie a sheep shank knot. A real sheep shank knot would be impossible as an octopus and even more impossible with the "rope" provided. So, just mess around with the rope, and he will discover the stowaway. Note: This will not count as you getting caught.

Now go back up to the control room and move the lever on the left side to knock the chef into the ocean. This is the end of the chapter, which also unlocks another achievement when the next chapter loads up.

Shark Naked

Ah, just the way nature intended it. Time to spread those tentacles and swim. For this level, you are on rails the whole time and only one button moves you. Hold the cn_A button for 2 seconds to get a good boost. You can hold it a little longer for the full boost, but that seems to slow you down slightly. After you start swimming, a shark will start to chase you. This shark can kill you if you aren't fast enough. Just keep holding cn_A for 2 seconds and letting go.

Then you will swim into a tunnel with a slow moving piston. These pistons can't kill you. In the tunnel, you might have to charge up fully to get through some of the obstacles. Keep going and timing your bursts so that you get through the pistons and keep going into another tank. Make sure to keep up this speed, as the shark comes back. This level is short and easy.

Silent but Dadly

When this level starts, you slide out of a pipe in a storage closet. Open the door, and walk out of the closet. There are several doors in this hallway, but you have to go through the one with the yellow-gold knob. If you grab any of the grey knobs, they will just fall off. So go straight through the door in front of you into a gift shop. Head towards the gate on the far side, and a short cutscene will show you that there is a hole in the gate. There are three display tables here with stuffed animals on them. The key that you need for the gate is under one of these tables, and it's different for each playthrough. If you can't find it, you can always restart the level. Grab the key underneath and go to the gate. Slip your hand through the gate and unlock it from the outside.

Now you're back at the beginning of the Aquatic Fun Center level, but the lights are dimmed and there are scientists everywhere. To the right, there is a large crate in front of the Ticket Booth. For an achievement, you have to go through the entire level without wearing a disguise, so you'll want to ignore this part and just walk down the hallway where all the scientists are. It's important to have the difficulty set to easy here so you don't have to worry as much about getting caught. After the first two scientists, there are the bathrooms on the right.

First, go into the gentlemen's room. On the left there are several toilet stalls. Avoid the center stall that has the scientist in it at all costs. If you simply push the door open the scientist will see you and you will get caught, voiding the "Number 1 Dad" achievement. On the top of the urinal dividers on the right side of the gentlemen's room there is a tie. Tie 28 of 39, Winter Season. Then go into the ladies' room and grab the plunger. Place the plunger in the toilet in the middle stall to get a tie. Tie 29 of 39, Pi Tie. You may notice that the air duct cover has fallen off in the ladies' room. Go into it to be taken to the break room.

There are two achievements that you can get in here, but it is strongly suggested that you only get one of them on this playthrough. Trying for the other one makes it very easy to get caught, which will mean you'll have to replay the entire game again. The other achievement will be listed under free play at the bottom of this guide. To get the safer achievement, you have to set off the fire alarm three times. Start by putting something in the microwave and closing the door. This sets off the fire alarm. Next, open the small portable grill next to the bananas. Then put a smaller item, like a banana, on it to set the fire alarm off again.

Now put another item onto the stove just to the left of the grill, and then turn on the stove, setting off the alarm again. If you set the alarm off three times, you will get an achievement:

After you get this achievement, you can leave through the vent above the refrigerator, and you will end up in the gentlemen's room. The doors in here only open inward so they can be hard to open. Leave the bathroom, and now you can go through the turnstiles that were closed before. A man will come down the stairs and put his shark costume on a hat rack. There are also two achievements here, and by carefully reloading a checkpoint, you can get them both on the same playthrough. To utilize the trick, walk to the top of the stairs that the man in the shark suit just came down, and make sure you are still wearing nothing. There will be a cutscene that will show around the aquarium, and then it will autosave. If you are wearing nothing when it autosaves, you can get both the achievements.

The first achievement is for wearing the shark suit and having all of the scientists see you with it on. Go back down the stairs and put on the shark suit. The man won't let you grab the suit if he sees you, so grab the folding screen that the man just got undressed behind, and put it between him and the shark suit. Now you can put the shark suit on and open the door just to the right. This is the breakroom that you were in before. Try to get all of the scientists to see you. Then go back up the stairs to the left, to the large aquarium. In this area, there are a lot scientists, and you'll want them all to see you.

Head down the stairs to the right, and in a crate of kelp near the center tank, there is a tie. You may have to pull the kelp out to get to it. Tie 30 of 39, Tropical Night. Now go around the aquarium counterclockwise, and you'll see four scientists. Then there are two more carrying a log. Then up the stairs in front of you, there are two more that need to see you. The achievement should unlock here. If it doesn't, try to go back to the break room through the vent in the ladies' room to get all of them in the room to see you:

Now you can reload the checkpoint to get the other achievement. As long as you aren't wearing any clothes when it loads, it should work. Now you simply need to go down the stairs on your right. Go straight a little and up the next set of stairs. Here there is a "Tray return" that you can crawl through to get the achievement and end the level:

Hot Concessions

If you've made it this far without being caught, ignore all of the ties for this level. It's simply not worth it, and you can easily replay the level after you get that achievement. In the beginning, it's very easy to get caught by the chef if you're not fast enough. If you stand in the fire for too long, it will count as being caught. There are a few other parts with instant deaths, so be very careful!

As soon as the level starts, run as fast as you can towards the camera. Then the tables will turn, and you'll have to walk over some floor that's on fire. You can stand on it for a while, but just be quick and make sure your legs don't get stuck under the table in front of you. Continuing on, there are several bananas on the tables/ You should have a little bit of a lead right now so these should cause too much trouble.

After the section with bananas, you're relatively safe again. Just don't step on the floor for too long. Your wife Scarlet will tell you to keep hurrying but you can take your time. There is a tie to the right on the table. Ignore the tie if you haven't been caught yet because you will probably die getting it! You can try to drop from the rafters above, but if you haven't been caught yet, just come back for this one. Tie 31 of 39, Inferno. Go to your wife, and she will boost you up to the rafters. When you are up here, it's okay to fall down. You will just jump back up and have to start from the beginning of the rafters area. In fact, after you fall around 5 times you will jump up to further section of the rafters. So if you have the ties, it's actually faster to just fall 4 times.

There's also a tie up here which is towards the camera and to the left on the wall. Tie 32 of 39, Sky High. Then just keep going on the rafters, making sure that each step is deliberate and you have good planting before switching feet. You're heading towards the back wall, where it says "Cafeteriyum". Here there is a section of the rafter that is flashing yellow. Step on that to fall down, and Stacey will pull the fire alarm.

Now it will be the final battle with the chef. The objective here is to plug all of the fountainheads with the heads that Scarlet, your wife, throws at you. The chef will also throw throw cleavers at you which will kill you instantly. Just stay behind the fountains, and you should be safe. Half of the time he can't even see you. Before you do anything, grab the tie that is on the support beam to the left of Scarlet. Tie 33 of 39, Zen Tie.

To get an achievement here, you have to get Scarlet to throw the heads right onto the fountains. You can accomplish this by standing behind each one so when she tries to throw it at you, it lands right on the fountain. It might take a few times to line it up just right but she will continue to throw stuff at you. Have Scarlet plug all three of the fountains for the achievement:

Now all you have to do is go up to the chef and grab him, which completes the game:

If you were able to beat the entire game without getting caught, you will also unlock another achievement. If you failed to do so, you will have to start the entire story over again. Since you know the controls better and you don't have to worry about ties and miscellaneous achievements, it will go much faster the second time through. The second time should take around 2-3 hours, and you should do it shortly after the first playthrough so it's still fresh in your mind.

Be especially careful on all the chase scenes. Also in the level where you are on a ship, it is pretty easy to accidentally fall off the ship and die. Then at the final battle, try to stay hidden and in cover as the chef can hit you with a cleaver that will kill you with one hit. The rest of the game, you are relatively safe as long as you are playing on easy:

At the credits scene, you can stop them by walking to the back of the theater and leaving through the exit.

Free Play

Whether or not you get the achievement for Number 1 Dad, you can continue onto free play to get the miscellaneous things you had to miss the first time around.

Home, Sweet Home

For this level, you just have get the achievement for throwing the birdhouse back onto the tree. Just play the level normally until you are done with all of the chores and the birdhouse falls out of the tree. This time around, you will want to throw it back into the tree. For this one, you can be a little closer and it will still count as a throw. An easy way to do the achievement is hold the birdhouse right under the hook and then throw it straight up. Doing it successfully will earn you an achievement:

Silent but Dadly

Replay this level normally until you get to the break room. This time, don't burn anything to set off the alarm. Instead, go into the vent over the refrigerator. Inch your way closer to the ledge but don't step off onto the scientist or you'll get caught. Instead reach one leg all the way over to the left stall. Then drop that leg into the stall and pick up the other one so it doesn't fall on the scientist. Then you can just leave the bathroom and earn another achievement:

Hot Concessions

If you skipped the first tie so you wouldn't get caught, this is a good time to go back and get it. Just run away from the chef for a short time. Then go towards your wife. Instead of talking to her, go to the table to the right of her and grab the tie. Tie 31 of 39, Inferno. You can try to get it from the rafters by falling down and quickly grabbing it before you automatically jump back up.


These are two extra levels that were added to other versions as DLC, but on the Xbox One, they come with the game. Here you can play them once you are done with the story. There are no achievements for them so you can just get the ties and exit.

Dad Romance

Go through the door and speak to the host. He will hint that he needs a tip to give you a table. Grab the jackets by the door, and one of them will drop some money. Pick it up, and give it to the host. Then sit down with your wife. Grab the menu and then raise your hand. Don't move for a little while, and then drink some water. Clink your "juice" glass to your wife's and try to drink some. You'll end up spilling it all over yourself, so you'll have to go to the bathroom to clean up. The bathroom is next to the kitchen with the letter WC on it. Grab both of the faucets and stick your hand underneath the water.

Now leave the bathroom, knocking over a waiter in the process. Now you'll have to go to the kitchen to mix the sauce. After this, you can get all of the ties in this level and not have to finish it. The first tie is in the sauce, so just reach down and grab it. Tie 34 of 39, Pizza Pie.

Behind the stove vent next to the chimney is the second tie. You will have to climb up the chimney and onto the stove vent to get it. Tie 35 of 39, Brick House.

Go to the dining room, and in the middle, there is a table with a mom, a dad, and their son on a high chair. Grab under there for the last tie. Tie 36 of 39, Cheesey Checker.

Feel free to keep playing the level, or you can just quit now, and the ties will save.

Medical Mess (In the tie menu this is called Nurse Dad)

Once you're in the hospital, go to the right and up the counter which is the nurse's station. In the back of the nurse's station are two filing cabinets. In the bottom right drawer, there is a tie behind the drawer. So pull the drawer all the way out and put your hand behind it to pick up the tie. Tie 37 of 39, Lime Time. Now open the drawer above that one to find the patient records.

Go to the first room to your left, which is room number 205. First pull out the end of his bed to adjust it. Then pick up the fork, and feed him 4 slices of watermelon. Then he'll want a book. Grab one from the waiting room where you start and bring it back to him. Then go to the medical cabinet to the left of his room, take out an IV, and put it where his current IV is.

Next go to room 203 where there is a scared patient. Take her blood pressure by repeatedly grabbing the brown bulb. When that's done, you can grab the flashlight, which is flashing on the table, and shine it in her eyes. Next she'll want you to draw on the whiteboard. Pick up one of the markers and draw anything. You'll be done with this patient.

Now go to room 201 where the patient is very nice. Grab her pillow, which may have fallen behind the bed, and shake it up and down. Then go in the corner to turn on the TV. Then take her money, and go to the vending machine in the waiting room. Put the money in, and try to press the top button for donuts. If you hit one of the other buttons, just keep pressing, and throw out the bags that aren't donuts.

Now go back to the nurse's station, and answer the phone. Your patient in 205 is having a heart attack so you have to get them to the Operating Room (OR). He's fallen out of bed so you have to lift him back into bed. This borders on being creepy. Then raise the side flaps, and take him to the prep room, which is down the hall from room 201. The bed gets stuck, so grab the crowbar in the next room, stick it in the door, and wiggle it back and forth.

From this point, you can actually get all of the ties and leave the level (although it feels pretty irresponsible). Go to through the doors on the right, and in the first medical cabinet on the wall is a tie. It's on the bottom right behind two rolls of paper towels. Tie 38 of 39, Boo Boo.

Then continue through this room to the right, and you will be in the prep room. There's an X-ray machine in the back right. Turn it on, and stand underneath it. An X-ray will pop out as well as a tie. Tie 39 of 39, Bones. If you've been following the guide, you should unlock an achievement:

This should be your last achievement if you've been following the guide. I hope you enjoyed the game!

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