Oh My Godheads Walkthrough

3. Story walkthrough

The first achievement you can pop will be an easy one. You'll want to start a new game and use the cn_dpad to select the mode HeadHunter by pressing cn_A. Press cn_A to join and select whoever you want. Press cn_LT and cn_Y to add one CPU. Hold cn_A to go to stage select and press cn_X. Change the match settings to the following:

  • Kills: 99
  • Time limit: 10:00
  • Items: "Do not spawn any items"

Leave the remaining settings alone. Press cn_B and select Egypt. You can play 10 minutes properly just make sure you don't win/lose the match or prop your controller so you run straight towards the pit above you. This will minimize deaths, and 10 minutes later you will unlock:

For God's Sake in Oh My Godheads
Play a match longer than 10 minutes.
  • Unlocked by 303 tracked gamers (67% - TA Ratio = 1.22) 451

This achievement has been reported to unlock with a slight delay for some people, so be aware it may not pop instantly.

Now for another easy one. Once again select HeadHunter and this time use cn_LT to add three computers all with cn_Y so they are all on the same team. Set the match settings to:

  • Kills: 1
  • Time: 1:00
  • Items: "Do not spawn any items"

Press cn_B and select Mexico this time. We want the match to end in 4 seconds. As soon as you spawn and the game start, charge at your enemies and kill one by mashing cn_X, then run away from the others and avoid them others by dashing with cn_LB. The match will end and you'll pop two achievements:

I Work Alone in Oh My Godheads
Win alone with a perfect score against 3 CPU rivals that are on the same team.
  • Unlocked by 325 tracked gamers (72% - TA Ratio = 1.17) 451

No Color in Oh My Godheads
No Color86 (75)
Win a match that lasts less than 5 seconds.
  • Unlocked by 342 tracked gamers (76% - TA Ratio = 1.14) 451

Now it's time for the real game. Go back to the main screen, where you selected Headhunter, and this time, you'll want to select Trial. Just before we head into this, it's worth noting that you're aiming to get the gold emblem for each trial. These may all take a few attempts but are needed for an achievement. I will list the requirements for gold at the start of each challenge description.

Tower 1:

Kill 'em all: Gold requires 3 kills in under 5 seconds.

Before the match starts, while it counts down, aim towards the top guy. When it starts spam cn_RB and you will throw an explosive pie. Immediately turn around and stand in between the other two. Look at one, throw the pie, turn around and spam it till you kill the other. 4 seconds and it took a few tries.

Golden Trialist in Oh My Godheads
Get a gold emblem in any of the trials.
  • Unlocked by 391 tracked gamers (87% - TA Ratio = 1.07) 451

Killing Machine: Gold requires 25 kills in under 1 minute by any means.

This is a good level to start getting good with your dashes cn_LB. It's an attack, not a way to get closer. If you get the angle right you can charge through them. Pay attention to the direction they are going and try to cut them off and dash. This took about 10 tries for me getting 21 and I found it frustrating just trying to throw pies and swing with cn_X. If you aren't doing great by about 30 seconds, just aim for jump kills or throw pies. You need a lot of trial runs anyways.

Deflect Pies: Gold requires 3 pies deflected in under 20 seconds.

This is an easy level and makes for an easy achievement. Deflecting a pie is done by pressing cn_LB to dash into an incoming pie. You need to deflect 3 for the gold emblem. You can do this and then simply repeat the level to grind out the remaining pies you need. After deflecting 10 pies, you'll pop:

Skinny Princess in Oh My Godheads
Deflect 10 pies.
  • Unlocked by 337 tracked gamers (75% - TA Ratio = 1.15) 451

Kill 'em all with pies: Gold requires 12 kills in under 25 seconds using pies.

Aim to run immediately to the centre of all 6 enemy spawns (Red circles) You have a bit of grace but not much. They spawn randomly so just keep up a good pace and get some practice. Don't hold cn_RB or the pie will be thrown too hard.

Serious Baker in Oh My Godheads
Throw 99 explosive pies.
  • Unlocked by 348 tracked gamers (77% - TA Ratio = 1.13) 451

If you don't get this now you will get it on the next trial

Pie Tossing Machine: Gold requires 20 kills in under 1 minute using explosive pies.

The faster you kill them, the less likely they start running around the freaking arena! I found this really easy, compared to 25 kills in 1 minute, do to the unlimited pies. I also unlocked

Exterminator in Oh My Godheads
Kill 4 rivals in 5 seconds.
  • Unlocked by 416 tracked gamers (92% - TA Ratio = 1.04) 451

Jump Attacking Machine: Gold requires 10 kills in under 1 minute using jump attacks.

Press cn_A and tap cn_X and ignore the ring that stuns them, you need a direct hit with your weapon. The consistency is garbage so try to remind yourself you need 100 kills for an achievement and that it took me 51 kills to get this trial done. Sometimes you might not jump with a single cn_A, it's better to tap cn_A a few times to make sure you jump

Aerial Rave in Oh My Godheads
Kill 100 rivals with the jump attack.
  • Unlocked by 290 tracked gamers (64% - TA Ratio = 1.24) 451

Survive: Gold requires you survive at least 1 minute.

Every 20 seconds a new enemy will spawn. They may appear to be gaining on you but when they jump they will slow down and if they seem to get too close start turning. Aim to go around the outside of the arena without actually touching the edges. I found this easy but I may have gotten extremely lucky.

Dashing Machine: Gold requires you to get 10 triple kills, using dash, in under 1 minute.

It sounds way worse than it is. There will be 4 groups of 3 that will form lines for you. Make sure you press against the first while looking at the last and tap cn_LB. They move every 5 seconds and sometimes two groups line up nicely. This took a few tries because of bad aim, lol. If you happen to hit one of one group and 2 of another it still counts. Does not have to be 3 of one colour. I found it better to just rush through and not mind if I missed. Aim for the ones going straight up and down or side to side.

Grab the Head: Gold requires you to grab the head, thrown by a CPU, in the air 8 times in 90 seconds.

You first must grab it and get close enough to tap cn_RB to throw it to him. He will then aim in a random direction but the second he grabs it at the start, start counting and stand in front of him. Around 4 seconds by my count, I would tap cn_A right on the 4 and catch it as he threw it. Then you can get it back to him faster and this is done with 30 seconds to spare giving you room for a few miss counts/jumps. Jump towards him like you were gonna land on him. I found it more difficult to throw than catch but results may vary.

Capture the Head: Gold requires 3 goals in 30 seconds.

Run forward and dash just before the head so you grab the skull and kill him or at least dash pass him. Tap cn_RB to throw it, then pick it up and run it in for a touchdown. Repeat two more times. Took 15 seconds.

Press cn_RB at the trial screen to move on to Tower 2. Note I was at 70 trials played by this point.

Tower 2:

Skadi's Trial: Gold requires you to freeze 12 enemies in 90 seconds using the head.

Grab the head and after a few seconds, he starts to swing his arms and glow. You can throw him at that point or do what I did which was to charge them and accept being frozen. Eventually, the 3 were clustered together and it made it even easier.

Namazu's Trial: Gold requires you to grab the head 12 times in 90 seconds using the head.

Run towards the head and before you get it, dash into it. Immediately throw it and dash into it again. Repeat x12 and just run back and dash into a guy if you happen to die. They seem to just stand still with it or kill each other.

Zeus' Trial: Gold requires 6 kills in 90 seconds using the head.

Just grab it and try to run in an oval. I had 6 kills in about 20 seconds. Could easily get your achievement here

The Dice of Zeus in Oh My Godheads
Kill 10 rivals with Zeus.
  • Unlocked by 329 tracked gamers (73% - TA Ratio = 1.17) 451

If not, there is a strategy to get this fast later in the guide.

Gaia's Trial: Gold requires you to hold the head for 30 seconds out of 1 minute.

Grab the head with the usual dash right before you all get there. This head weighs you down and your ally is nearly useless. Throw the head if they get close then dash to kill them and grab the head again. Try to get in a corner on your side to minimize your walk back and maximize their walk back. Took multiple tries

Bastet's Trial: Gold requires you to cross the finish line 10 times with a shortening time span between each.

The head will cause your directions to reverse so if the head changes colours, switch your controls. DO NOT DROP THE HEAD. For the strategy, I figured out a pretty cheap way of doing this. Following the solution I crossed at the bottom for the first 4 laps, which at the top will say 4/16, with 12 rounds left, I just stood next to a line and waited for it to switch. This got me 10/16 which is gold and I only raced the first 4 times, dodging all pies and having the maximum amount of time to cross the line.

TLDR: Cross the finish line 4 times, wait beside the last line you crossed and in a few seconds it will reappear. Repeat until 10/16

Agyo's Trial: Gold requires you to kill 12 enemies in 1 minute using the head.

Much easier than it sounds. Grab the head and charge the middle guy. When the head starts to glow it's gonna blow and they will start running but tend to cluster. Follow them and blow all 3 up. As long as you can blow up 2-3 sets of 3 then you still have time to target 1 or 2. They stand still if you are nowhere near them so the ones who run away can also be easy to tag for the final kill(s).

Tezcatlipoca's Trial: Gold requires you kill the enemy carrying the head 6 times in 1 minute.

You have 10 seconds in between each grab to dash and kill the guy. Found the dash to be the most reliable since he slows down when he has the head. Throw the head at his spawn point when you have it. Had 17 seconds to spare on my first try using that strategy. The smoke makes it a little difficult, but try to aim for the centre.

Kill 'em as a Team: Gold requires you to kill 9 enemies, in under 1 minute without dying.

Don't listen to the advice they give you. You want to charge and kill one with cn_X. Then switch and kill the other before the other guy even respawns. This will give you a chance to reach the first guy you killed before he runs back to where he died. He won't attack while he runs back. Repeat on all and that is the only way I could manage it. They can dash and bomb you so once in a while you are just gonna lose.

Item rain: Gold requires you to survive 90 seconds while under a barrage of items from 4 CPU.

I suggest you dash whenever the foot appears above you, I suggest you freeze your self as much as you can and don't stop moving. Smoke seemed to help as well, but I didn't trust it. You should hit 100 trial runs by this one if you're unlucky.

Deadly Mission in Oh My Godheads
Play 100 trials.
  • Unlocked by 253 tracked gamers (56% - TA Ratio = 1.33) 451

Master of Items: Gold requires 20 kills, using items, in under 2 minutes.

For some reason, you don't actually need to use items. I just spammed cn_X and cn_LB for 20 quick kills. Easy level after the last few, thank goodness.

Trialist in Oh My Godheads
Trialist98 (75)
Complete 20 trials. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 267 tracked gamers (59% - TA Ratio = 1.30) 451

Ultra Trialist in Oh My Godheads
Get a gold emblem in 20 trials. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 221 tracked gamers (49% - TA Ratio = 1.43) 451


Select Last Man Standing. Settings, set to 99 rounds 10:00. Stage Egypt.

Strategy 1: Using 2 controllers sign in as a guest on the second one. Have a rubber band on the controller so it runs backwards off of the screen. On your main controller hold the menu button down and it will speed it up. Either watch TV, do chores or play on the computer while your game auto-completes this as fast as possible. Takes roughly 12 minutes for 99 kills. Release the menu button, Press cn_A twice and then cn_X to restart. 1 hour later the achievement pops. Better if you have the controllers plugged in.

Strategy 2: Using 2 controllers (or 1 vs CPU) actively walk the second controller off or actively kill the CPU. Repeat 5 times and a little bit into a 6th time (5 x 99 = 495). If you are going against a computer I suggest charging him and dashing cn_LB into him. He should charge you anyways and you should win 99% of the time. This will take over 1 hour if you are fighting the CPU and lose at all.

Can also be combined with jump kills.

God Favored in Oh My Godheads
God Favored107 (75)
Win 500 points between all game modes.
  • Unlocked by 223 tracked gamers (49% - TA Ratio = 1.42) 451

For another grinding achievement, you'll want to die by pie. Set up a game with yourself and your second controller, then put the settings as follows:

  • Kills: 99
  • Time: 10:00
  • Items: Set Pies to have an unlimited number.

Start the game on Egypt, then use your second controller to run a bit in front of you and then use it to throw pies at your main controller. After finishing the trials, you'll have made some progress towards this. Once the match ends, simply boot it up again and keep dying. Once you hit 500 deaths by pie explosion, you'll earn:

Pie Magnet in Oh My Godheads
Pie Magnet100 (75)
Die 500 times from pie explosions.
  • Unlocked by 253 tracked gamers (56% - TA Ratio = 1.33) 451

For this final achievement, you may already have unlocked it, but if you weren't able to get in in the mission, I have provided a better method for popping it here:

Select Capture the Head. In the settings, set them to 9 points, 1 round and time to 10:00. Stage Egypt. Items, None. Select the map "Zeus' Head".

Strategy 1: Using 2 controllers, grab the Zeus head and stand next to the spawn. In a minute or two, you will unlock the achievement. If it's you vs a CPU it will take longer but it's very doable under the same parameters.

Strategy 2: Face off against 3 CPU and make sure you are the first to grab it. Should easily get it by running in ovals away from them all.

The Dice of Zeus in Oh My Godheads
Kill 10 rivals with Zeus.
  • Unlocked by 329 tracked gamers (73% - TA Ratio = 1.17) 451

And if this (or any other) was your last achievement you will unlock:

Godhunter in Oh My Godheads
Godhunter239 (160)
Unlock all other achievements.
  • Unlocked by 201 tracked gamers (45% - TA Ratio = 1.49) 451

Congratulations on another 1000G, now onto the next one. Thanks for using my walkthrough!

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