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Posted on 30 January 18 at 19:03
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'Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator' is easily one of the most enjoyable indie games I've played in a long time, although it's sadly lacking in depth and replayability.

The concept is really simple and the gameplay is easy to pick up. You go head to head with an opponent (either AI or via local or online multiplayer) trying to out-insult each other by taking it in turns to pick from a choice of words and phrases to build the ultimate insult. The more insulting the insult, the better you score (especially if you can find out your opponent's weakness!)

The game is packed with British humour and unashamedly rips off Monty Python (one scenario sees you going to a pet shop because you have concerns about a bird you just bought...) and there is good variation in the words and phrases you can pick, with each character and scenario bringing something new into the mix.

The design of the game is deliberately quite simplistic, with retro graphics and a pleasing soundtrack of classical classics. All the characters are fully voiced, although your insults will come out sounding like you stuck random words together (probably because you did!)

Although this game is great fun, unfortunately, it simply doesn't have enough depth. You can unlock some extra characters and scenarios, but not many (there are five scenarios and 11 characters in total) and this really isn't hard to do. The AI opponents are generally quite easy to beat once you get the hang of the game and because there aren't many characters it doesn't take long to learn each one's weakness. There is a tournament mode, but this just consists of playing five back-to-back matches. Playing with someone else (either locally or online) is much more fun to do, and you can't help but feel that this is the whole reason they made the game.

And, sadly, that's about it. One of the achievements is called 'It Gets Boring After an Hour,' and while it might take more than 60 minutes for the enjoyment to wear off, this isn't a game you'll come back to time and again, unless you need some entertainment at a party.

This game is a great concept and a truly unique experience, but it could do with a lot more content and replayability. However, since it's only a couple of bucks, it's well worth trying out, especially if you want an easy 1000G. And if anyone wants to argue with that, I have just one thing to say to you:

"Your cousin's car and your sister wanted to be a cheese shop and Satan bothers me, and I have proof!"
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