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Posted on 01 August 19 at 20:11
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Old Man's Journey:

Old Man's Journey is a heartwarming and heart-wrenching 2-D point and click adventure puzzle. As the Old Man, you receive a letter from your local postman and voyage upon a journey through the scenic landscape, manipulating the lands and navigating through costal towns, sheep and waterfalls alike.

The journey itself is a peaceful and slow paced with an almost childlike demeanour contrasting the theme of old age. The slow pace holds excitement as a Old Man can only move so fast. The puzzles are of novice quality and easily enjoyable by all with little room to get lost or stuck. Not to steal your intelligence but to simply have you carry on moving. With no voice-over acting or dialogue within the game. Being the Old Man, frequently resting up, reminiscing the highs and lows of his life to paint the events of his story with some room for the player to imagine the dialogue by themselves.

So how does it play?
Before loading the game, extra permission is needed to play. Which is always a eyebrow raised at an developer. But with no Main Menu, the touching experience starts instantly, a rollercoaster of emotions with no threats and only one fast paced puzzle section. You can really take the time to appreciate the vibrant pastel colours, the subtle attention to detail of effects (and secrets of course) added into the game. There's a couple of spots where I experienced glitches and got infinitely stuck on a piece of land and needing to restart the chapter. Fortunately. The chapters are immensely short and each chapter having its own unique music to enjoy along the way. Sadly, there's no inverted controls for those tho play with such and no option for sensitivity; not that it's exactly game breaking content. The sensitivity is only a preferential convenience. The game is designed for you to relax and take your time which is perfect if you're seeking a small game to fill in your day or night without the need of much thought to understand. The entire game is styled within a painting come to life and it's just fun to be a part of. Overall, a brilliant addition to a gamers' collection.

The Brief:
- A touchingly controversial and somewhat predictive story that provokes your morals into questioning. Regardless of prediction. Still executed very well.
- Low 1.1 Ratio with a estimation of about 90 minutes to complete 100% Only one achievement requiring a few attempts and would be easier with a mouse than controller.
- £8.39, commonly on Sale/Available on Game Pass.
- Tiny 588MB Download.
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