Omensight Achievements

Full list of all 33 Omensight achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore. It takes around 8-10 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Xbox One.

  • Flurry Master

    Use Lethal Flurry 20 times.

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  • Mobile fighter

    Use Phantom Dash 30 times.

  • Tactician

    Throw a bomb towards a column while inside Delay of Fate's sphere.

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  • Boing!

    Jump on the head of all your companions.

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  • Phantom Combo

    Launch a Phantom Blast on an enemy thrown with Phantom Grasp, while inside Delay of Fates' sphere.

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  • Flurry of Death

    Execute two Lethal Flurries in a row.

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  • Masterful denial

    Break a barrel thrown by a Shark while it's in the air, by throwing a barrel at it.

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  • Barrage of Blasts

    Launch 4 Phantom Blasts while inside Delay of Fate's sphere.

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